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Tue, 26 May 2020
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Video of funnel cloud near Vancouver

Funnel cloud spotted over Vancouver on May 12, 2020.
© @leonard_tang/Twitter
Funnel cloud spotted over Vancouver on May 12, 2020.
Tuesday evening's stormy skies over Metro Vancouver may have produced a funnel cloud.

Photos and a video posted onto social media show a funnel cloud hovering over the Fraser River delta near Vancouver International Airport. The distinctive weather formation was also seen from a distance in the southern horizon from downtown Vancouver.

A thunderstorm cell was reported in the area, but according to The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton it is a tossup over whether this was a supercell, which is commonly associated with producing potent tornadoes.


Thousands of fish found dead at Humboldt Lake, Saskatchewan

Dead fish were found on the shores of Humboldt Lake after the 2020 spring thaw.
© Cindy O'Neil
Dead fish were found on the shores of Humboldt Lake after the 2020 spring thaw.
Piles of dead fish were trucked away or buried on the shores of Humboldt Lake this week, after what the area's reeve is calling a bad winter kill.

Posts on Facebook described thousands of fish being found over the weekend, as winds pushed the bodies to shore.

"In some places (they were) two deep, three deep along the shoreline," said Larry Ries, reeve of the R.M. of Humboldt.

He told 650 CKOM while a winter kill isn't unusual in the small lake south of Humboldt, the numbers this year seemed "severe."

Cloud Precipitation

MASSIVE hail pummels General Terán, Nuevo León State, Mexico

MASSIVE Hail Pummels General Terán, Nuevo León State, Mexico - May 13, 2020

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstones rain down in the dry season in the Philippines

Pellets of ice rained down in Nueva Ecija and Baguio City on Sunday amid the dry season, according to Lei Alviz's Tuesday report on 24 Oras.

In a video uploaded by Princess Kylie Dela Cruz on social media, the hailstorm in Jaen, Nueva Ecija was accompanied by strong thunderstorms.

Dela Cruz said it was hot during the day but that rain poured hard in the afternoon.


Waterspout filmed in Gautier, Mississippi

The moment a waterspout made landfall in Gautier, MS on Thursday May 14 2020 morning.

Incredible video sent to WLOX from viewer Rick Minkler.

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Desert jet streams signal global moisture shift

Shelf cloud near Saudi Arabia
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Dust storms pushing offshore into the Red Sea, 3.5 years worth of rain in a day Yemen, locusts in the trillions feasting on new plant growth in the original Cradles of Civilization. The food supply globally will be more expensive as the U.S. Federal Reserve prints to infinity with all other central banks. Times up, a new turning begins.


May snowstorm hits Murmansk, Russia

Snow and cold in May are not that rare for Russia's most northern region and local residents have long become accustomed to it and take it with a bit of humour.

A heavy snowstorm hit the Kola Peninsula in the far northwest of Russia on 14 May, causing traffic disruptions across the region.

Citizens of Murmansk took to Twitter to share photos of snowy streets.

One user wrote: "Murmansk on air. This is May the 14th and we've been covered with snow again."


May snowfall in Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, a city in northern Norway, is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It's famed as a viewing point for colorful Northern Lights that sometime light up the nighttime sky. The city's historic center, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its centuries-old wooden houses. The 1965 Arctic Cathedral, with its distinctive peaked roof and soaring stained-glass windows, dominates the skyline.


250 sparrows found dead in Maharashtra, India after thunderstorm

Male and female sparrows can be easily
© EPS /Vinay Madapu
Male and female sparrows can be easily distinguished by feather coloration. Females possess brown backs with stripes while males possess reddish backs and black bibs.
The garden in Neri village in Chimur tehsil belongs to Zilla Parishad member Manoj Mamidwar, an official said.

Over 250 sparrows were found dead in a garden in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district in the early hours of Sunday following heavy rain and thunder, said officials.

The garden in Neri village in Chimur tehsil belongs to Zilla Parishad member Manoj Mamidwar, an official said.

"These birds have been coming to my garden for years now and I have placed water pots all over for them. On Sunday morning, after the rain, I came to see if any trees had fallen and I saw over 250 sparrows lying dead. Some 14 birds were rescued," Mamidwar said.

Source: PTI

Eye 2

Teen dead after crocodile lunges from river and grabs her during swim in Indonesia

A large saltwater crocodile. File photo.
© artherng/Getty Images/RooM RF
A large saltwater crocodile. File photo.
A teenage girl was killed by a crocodile after being snatched and dragged under the water while she was cooling off in a river with friends.

The girl named Devi, 17, was swimming in the Sebamban River in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, on May 10 as temperatures reached 34C.

While the four girls were having fun in the water, a crocodile pounced on Devi and sank its teeth into her arm.

The teenager's terrified pals screamed in horror and frantically tried to help but the beast dragged Devi below the surface. They ran up the banks and called for help.

Hundreds of villagers gathered along the river to search for Devi. But tragically, her lifeless body was found five hours later and 100 metres from where she was attacked.

Her body was seen floating on the surface of the muddy water after the crocodile let her go. Locals then pulled the body into a wooden boat.