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Tue, 04 Aug 2020
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16-year-old boy killed on land by crocodile in Odisha, India

The crocodile came out of the river and pounced on him, a forest official said

The crocodile came out of the river and pounced on him, a forest official said (Representational)
A 16-year-old boy was killed by a crocodile in Odisha's Kendrapara district, officials said on Monday.

The incident happened on Sunday when the boy, Rudra Narayan Behera, was taking bath in the Kharasrota river in Parimukundpur village, they said.

The crocodile came out of the river and pounced on him, a forest official said.

The mutilated body was later fished out by fire brigade personnel, he said.

His family will be given Rs 4 lakh compensation as per the state governments scheme related to the death of a person due to attack by protected wild animals, he added.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3 women in Odisha, India

Representational image
© WUSF News
Representational image
As many as three women have been killed, 3 injured and ten escaped unhurt in Badatelenpali village of Sadar block here today.

According to sources, around 20 people were working in a field in the afternoon, when a lightning strike killed one woman on the spot and leaving two seriously injured.

The other two who sustained grevious injuries were rushed to Bhima Bhoi Hospital in Bolangir where the doctor declared them brought dead.

The family members of the deceased have demanded financial assistance.

The Police have reached the spot and further investigation is underway.

Cloud Precipitation

20,000 affected by floods in Mandalay region of Myanmar (Burma)

Floods in Kachi nState, Myanmar, July 2020.
© Myanmar Red Cross Society
Floods in Kachi nState, Myanmar, July 2020.
Update, 30 July 2020:

Myanmar state media reported on 30 July that the Ayeyarwady (also Ayeyawady and Irrawaddy) River burst its banks in Sagaing Region, prompting the evacuation of 6,516 people from 1,451 households.

In a report of 29 July, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said nearly 7,750 people in nine townships were displaced between 11 and 27 July by flooding in Kachin state.
As of 29 July, some of those displaced had been able to return homes, although 46 temporary shelters were still hosting around 6,650 people.

Snowflake Cold

Parts of Sweden shivering through coldest summer since 1962 - Don't tell Greta

Cold Sweden

The MSM doesn't consider record-COLD newsworthy — it runs against their AGW agenda after all, and so needs burying AT ALL COSTS.

July is usually a toasty month in the Scandinavian nation of Sweden. However, as has been the case in its Nordic neighbor Norway, the summer of 2020 has been "significantly colder than normal ... with record-breaking cold temperatures" registered up-and-down the country, reports thelocal.se.

Northern Sweden has not had a July this chilly since 2015, reports Swedish public radio. While most of southern and central Sweden hasn't suffered a colder July since 2004.

"We have simply not had a favorable flow for hot air to find its way up from the continent," explains SMH meteorologist Carolin Wahlberg. "It has been the low pressures that have controlled the weather, which has also given us cooler and more unstable weather."

In addition, and even chillier still, historic July cold has been registered in the towns of Mora, Sveg and Storlien. According to weather institute Storm, and as reported by Swedish newspaper Expressen, these towns are on for their coldest July's since 1962.

Comment: Meanwhile Norway's cities are set for the coldest July since the 1990's.

Cloud Precipitation

Flood situation deteriorates in Bihar, India - 36 killed in 24 hours, 3 million affected

Flood situation in North Bihar region may deteriorate further as the meteorological department has forecast moderate to heavy rains in Nepal and the catchment areas of different rivers.
Flood situation in North Bihar region may deteriorate further as the meteorological department has forecast moderate to heavy rains in Nepal and the catchment areas of different rivers.
In Bihar, flood situation has further deteriorated following heavy rains in catchment areas of Nepal. 36 people lost their lives in flood related incidents during the past 24 hours.

Water level of Gandak, Kosi and Bagmati is rising all along their course and are flowing above danger marks. Adhwara group of rivers are also flowing above danger mark.

Met department has forecast widespread rain across the state in the next 48 hours. Floods have affected 30 lakh people in 12 districts. Over 11 lakh people of Darbhanga are reeling under the impact of flood.

Cloud Lightning

Summer storms and flooding in Najran, Saudi Arabia


Lightning storms and floods in Najran, Saudi Arabia. July 27, 2020.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall floods homes, roads in central, southern areas of South Korea - up to 2.6 inches of rain per hour

A parking lot is submerged by an overflowing
© Yonhap
A parking lot is submerged by an overflowing stream in the southwestern city of Jeonju on July 29, 2020.
Heavy rains pounded the central and southern areas of South Korea on Wednesday, flooding many homes, roads and farmlands.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) issued heavy rain alerts for parts of Chungcheong, Jeolla and North Gyeonsang provinces.

The heaviest rainfall was recorded in the southwestern county of Hwasun, with 210.5 millimeters as of 1 p.m. Precipitation for other areas ranged from 80 mm to 190 mm.

In Yeonggwang in the southwest, some roads and homes were inundated as downpours measuring 66.4 mm per hour lashed the county in the morning.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Controlling water in Africa, a Grand Solar Minimum cycle

Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
With eyes on China's once in a 400 year flood event ruining the years grain production, we should be looking at Ethiopia's new Renaissance Dam and the implications for food production up the Nile River.

Historically Ethiopia was home to great kingdoms that flourished, controlled trade routes and had the premium weight and measure for gold and silver coinage in the Axum era 300 A.D. China and the western powers are in a match to control that Red Sea access point for new grain growing areas in N. Africa coming on line.

Who controls the water controls food production in N.E Africa for the next 100 years.


Cloud Precipitation

Evacuations after floods in Yamagata, Japan - 8 inches of rain in 24 hours

Housing in the village of Okura, Yamagata
© Mainichi/Yuki Miyatake
Housing in the village of Okura, Yamagata Prefecture, that was flooded after the Mogami River overflowed is seen on July 29, 2020, in this image taken from a Mainichi Shimbun aircraft.
More torrential rain has caused flooding and mudslides in Japan following the disaster in southern prefectures that left over 50 dead or missing earlier this month.

Heavy rain has been falling in northern area of the country since 27 July. Several locations in Yamagata recorded more than 200mm of rain in 24 hours on 28 July, including Tsuruoka, Nishimura, Oguni and Nagai, according to Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Okura village in Yamagata recorded 95.5 mm of rain in 3 hours on 28 July, triggering landslides and rivers to overflow. As many as 540 people were left isolated due to landslides in the area, according to a government spokesman.


Great white shark kills woman in Maine - first fatal attack on record for the state

Great white shark
Julie Dimperio Holowach was laughing as she and her daughter paddled into the water Monday off the coast of Maine's Bailey Island.

Suddenly Holowach, who was wearing a black wetsuit, started flailing, witness Tom Whyte told The Boston Globe. Her daughter swam back to shore, dropped to her knees and screamed for help, he said.

Nearby kayakers brought Holowach's badly injured body to shore. By the time paramedics arrived, the 63-year-old seasonal resident from New York City was already dead, killed in the first fatal shark attack in Maine's history.

Some researchers say the waters around Maine have more white sharks than they used to, as the predators go in search of seal meat.

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