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Fri, 21 Feb 2020
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Earth Changes


The vanishing of natural wilderness sounds

Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska
© Floris Van Breugel
Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska
A photographer and audio researchers document the soundscapes of remote national parks in Alaska.

We often see images depicting wilderness landscapes, but what do those places sound like? Among the hours and days of remote sound recordings they've collected in Alaska's Arrigetch Basin, researchers Davyd Betchkal and Dan Walsh with the National Park Service have uncovered gems like this duet between a golden-crowned sparrow and an American robin.

Snowflake Cold

San Diego airport just tied a cold record from 1894

San Diego

At least
FOUR San Diego County National Weather Service (NWS) stations reported record-breaking temps Wednesday morning, as brutal Arctic air continues to ravage the Western half of the CONUS.

The frigid air mass currently tearing up record books across the Western U.S. took names in San Diego overnight Tuesday. Record lows were busted across the majority of the county as the mercury dipped into the 20s (and below).

Yenny on Twitter put it best:

I've taken the time to list a few of the new "cold af" records below (data courtesy of the NWS):
  • Ramona's low temperature of 19F (-7.2C) busted the previous record of 23F set in 2002.
  • El Cajon's and Vista's lows of 30F (-1.1C) beat records of 31F and 32F, respectively, set in 1985.
  • While the San Diego International Airport tied its record of 38F (3.3C) set way back in 1894!
A number of freeze warnings will remain in place for the county through Thursday.


6.0-magnitude earthquake hits off coast of Mindanao, Philippines

Earthquake seismograph
The island nation is located in a seismically active zone known as the Ring of Fire, which regularly endures both powerful and minor earthquakes.

A strong 6.0-magnitude tremor has struck 205 kilometres southeast of Davao, a city on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported.

The earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometres at 13:40 UTC. No casualties or damage have been reported so far.​ There has been no tsunami alert issued with regard to the seismic activity.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology measured the quake at 6.1 magnitude. It registered a series of six aftershocks measuring 4.6 magnitude and lower. The national agency said no damage was expected.

In December, at least seven people were killed as a result of a magnitude 6.8 tremor that hit the southern island.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood after heavy rain kills at least 3 in Papua New Guinea

flash flood
Three bodies have been recovered while the search continues for others who went missing after floodwaters swept through a village in Western Highlands on Monday afternoon.

Villagers of Marapana in the Mul-Baiyer district living along the Kuma River were caught off-guard when it broke its banks after heavy rain.

Village leaders Angra Pulga, Andrew Wan and Doimbri Dum, and village magistrate Wani Rumints described it as "unusual" and "unbelievable" because the river was relatively small, compared to the Jiwaka River and Waghi River.

One of the three bodies found was of Bum Piam, an old man from the Nenga tribe of Hagen village who was inside his home when it was swept away.


76-year-old man who used wheelchair killed by pack of dogs in Attala County, Mississippi

dog attack

An Attala County community shocked tonight after a 76-year-old disabled man is mauled to death by four dogs. It happened Thursday on Highway 14 West at a home in the Palestine community.

Sheriff Tim Nail identifies the victim as Harvey Harmon, Jr.

"It hard to imagine you live for 76 years and in an instance like that you die from a dog attack that. I am sure was very horrifying," said Sheriff Tim Nail.

According to the sheriff, two pit bulls and two mixed breed strays mauled Harvey Harmon, Jr. January 30th on Highway 14 in his front yard. When deputies arrived, the wheelchair bound man found on the ground, dead. The motive for the killing is still a mystery.


Ice Age Farmer Report: Plagues of locusts, pestilence, and famine: 2020

Men run through a swarm of desert locusts to chase them away in the bush near Enziu, Kitui County, some 200km east of the capital Nairobi, Kenya.
The worst plague of locusts in a century threatens food security of hundreds of millions of people. They have destroyed 40-50% of Pakistan's crops, prompting a National Emergency declaration.

The media is both promoting AND debunking the "Grand Solar Minimum," sowing confusion.

China's Coronavirus quarantine is eviscerating their agriculture.


Snowflake Cold

Fierce cold, even record cold, in Kamchatka, Russia

The weather in Chukotka and Kamchatka has noticeably deteriorated.

Both in the continental regions of Chukotka and in Kamchatka it is now much colder than it should be on the calendar. The temperature anomaly reaches 6-8 degrees.

In Kamchatka, and in the southeast, the cold reached a record. In Nachiki, on the morning of February 4, the air cooled to -43.4°C. The previous record, -42.7 °C, held since 1973.

Not only cold, but also blizzards with a sharp gusty wind (up to 24 m/s) came both to Kamchatka and Chukotka. And this weather will last some more time.


Hurricane Petra sweeps across Switzerland with highest winds since 1981

A storm sweeps over Lake Geneva
A storm sweeps over Lake Geneva (illustration photo).
Hurricane Petra has swept across Switzerland on Monday night and Tuesday morning, causing damage, electricity shortages and road closures.

The hurricane brought with it the highest winds seen in the country since 1981.

Thousands of damage reports flooded in from across the country, with disruptions to the electricity service as well as road closures across the country.

Police said that the major issues were caused by trees falling on roads and houses, while wind also blew barriers from construction sites, portable toilets and trampolines away.

Although there were some reports of car accidents and injuries, so far nobody has been killed in the storm front.

More inclement weather is predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday as temperatures drop across the region, although winds are expect to ease from Tuesday afternoon onwards.

Comment: Record winds were also recorded in Hungary on Tuesday, with 124kph measured on János Hill in Budapest reports Hungary Today.


Violent storm leaves Italy's Mount Etna covered in snow as temperatures drop by 20 degrees C

snow storm
A storm in Catania, near Mount Etna, has covered in snow as temperatures dropped 20 degrees Celsius in just 24 hours.

Filmed on February 5, the footage shows snow blanketing the nearby region combined with winds up to 130kmph.


6.3-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesia's Bali, no tsunami alert issued

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake jolted Bali resort island earlier Thursday, but there was no potential for tsunami, the meteorology and geophysics agency said.

The quake struck at 01: 12 a.m. Jakarta time Thursday (1812 GMT Wednesday) with epicenter at 69 km northeast Bangkalan of East Java province and the depth at 636 km under sea bed, Jerisman Purba, an official in charge of the agency, said.

"The center of the quake is very deep. It did not potentially trigger tsunami, so we did not issue a warning for that," he told Xinhua by phone.