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Thu, 09 Apr 2020
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State of Emergency in Thessaly, Greece after severe weather - 7 inches of rain in 24 hours

Floods affected Skiathos, South Pelion and Skopleos, Greece, April 2020.
© Civil Protection Greece
Floods affected Skiathos, South Pelion and Skopleos, Greece, April 2020.
Civil Protection in Greece has declared a state of emergency in 3 municipalities of Thessaly Region after severe weather from 04 to 06 April, 2020.

Strong winds disrupted sea transport and downed trees. Winds of 100 km/h were reported in parts of Central Greece Region. Heavy rain triggered flooding in Thessaly and Thessaloniki Regions, among others.

Cloud Lightning

Cyclone Harold batters Fiji, flattening homes and flooding towns

The National Disaster Management Office said residents along much of the south coast, home to many of the country's major tourist resorts, should evacuate
The National Disaster Management Office said residents along much of the south coast, home to many of the country's major tourist resorts, should evacuate
A deadly Pacific storm slammed Fiji on Wednesday, tearing off roofs and flooding towns in the capital Suva days after the category-five cyclone hit the island of Vanuatu.

Cyclone Harold passed over Fiji's south at about midday, levelling homes and snapping communications links in the archipelago, which has adopted curbs on the movement of people to rein in the coronavirus.

"We've seen reports of injuries," Vasiti Soko, the director of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), said by telephone.

"As to the number, as well as the intensity, of the injuries, that's yet to be ascertained."

Snowflake Cold

100% fruit losses in many parts of central Europe and the Balkans

Poland frosts
One of the coldest April mornings in decades.

2 Apr 2020 - With temperatures dropping below -5 °C (even to -8 °C in some valleys) during the time of blossoming trees, the damage is almost complete - 100% in many vineyards and fruit plantations.

There are numerous reports of destructive frost to the fruit trees (cherry, peach and almond orchard) and some other crops across Slovenia, northeast Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

Snowflake Cold

Frosts will not stop in Italy - 100% damage to some fruit crops

The wave of night frosts that are affecting much of Italy goes on. In the north, the situation has reached an unprecedented level, with 8 hours below zero on the night of April 2 and minimum peaks of -6 °C. Even the anti-frost systems are struggling, because protecting an orchard with 5 °C below zero is not easy.

After three sleepless nights operating the anti-frost system, Davide Vernocchi, president of Apo Conerpo, is dispirited: "With these temperatures, this defense system is in crisis. We are talking about 5, 6 degrees below zero in some areas of the province of Ravenna. Apricots, peaches, plums, kiwis: in some cases, the damage is of 100%. There will be less work for everyone. Nature has cruelly solved one of our great concerns: the lack of manpower. Paradoxically, several farmers in the next few months will have to go looking for work somewhere else".

Comment: Severe Spring frosts destroy crops across Europe


Shark kills Australian wildlife worker on Great Barrier Reef

Shark attacks
A shark fatally mauled a young Australian wildlife worker on the Great Barrier Reef, officials said Tuesday.

Queensland state Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the 23-year-old victim worked for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

"Once again a family out there is grieving for a young man who tragically has lost his life in this horrific shark attack," she told reporters.

Police said the man was in the water, returning to a vessel chartered by the service when he was attacked Monday near North West Island, 75 kilometers (47 miles) northeast of Gladstone. He suffered extensive injuries to his leg and arm and died at a hospital hours later.


Severe blizzard rattles through Russia's Kurgan region

Kurgan blizzard
© YouTube/Ruptly (screen capture)
A powerful blizzard hit the Kurgan region on Tuesday, prompting authorities to declare temporary restrictions on people's movement. Footage shows strong winds blowing snow over the town of Kurgan, as traffic signs, cars, trees, and bus stops showed signs of heavy damage due to the storm.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that temporary restrictions have been implemented to curtail residents' movement and limit access to public roads. According to weather forecasters, wind speed is expected to hit 20-25 metres per second at night.


4 FEET of spring snow smothers Mammoth Mountain in California

Heavy snow buries empty ski resort

Heavy snow buries empty ski resort
The resort is closed, but the heavy snowfall is good news for the snowpack. Suzanne Marques reports.

Snowflake Cold

Spring snowstorm hammers Kazakhstan

Last night, snow fell in several areas of Kazakhstan, including Aktobe region and some districts of West Kazakhstan region. Meanwhile, a powerful snowstorm hit Kostanai region.

According to the press service of KazAutoZhol national company, the movement on six road sections with a length of 942 kilometers in the region were restricted due to the bad weather conditions. Residents were recommended to stay home.

People post videos of snow and snowdrifts on social media. Meantime, small snow starts falling in Nur-Sultan.


Norway breaks snowfall records: "I have never experienced so much snow in one day," says Tromsø meteorologist

Northern Norway record snow

Northern Norway was practically buried by heavy snow over the weekend, and it's been that way all season, according to state meteorologist Eirik Samuelsen.

While fine (but cold) weather was enjoyed in the south this past weekend, the north suffered a rather different story — official snow measurements in the northern municipality of Tromsø saw 30 cm (12 inches) settling on Sunday alone.

But there were large local differences, points out Samuelsen: "Here where I live, on Kvaløya, it came in more than that. And in Breivikeidet, Tromsø it came to 47 inches [almost 4 feet] of new snow from Sunday to Monday.

"I have never experienced so much snow in one day," says Samuelsen.

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60,000 affected by floods in Papua New Guinea

More flooding has been reported in Papua New Guinea, this time in Gulf Province.

Governor of Gulf Province, Chris Haiveta, quoted by local media, said that as many as 60,000 people have been affected by flooding in 9 Local Level Government (LLG) areas, including the provincial capital, Kerema. Local observers, via Social Media, said that flooding had been affecting some areas of the province since late March after rivers broke their banks. Provincial disaster authorities will complete damage assessments after the flood recedes, the governor said.