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Thu, 09 Dec 2021
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Earth Changes


Enormous underwater volcanic eruption creates waves of pumice off Japan

A beach covered in pumice after an underwater volcanic eruption.

A beach covered in pumice after an underwater volcanic eruption.
The biggest underwater volcanic eruption Japan has seen since the end of WWII has left shores covered in pumice stone. In one video, stones are seen covering the waves, while images show fishing ports inundated with volcanic rock.

The volcano, Fukutoku-Okanoba, is situated on the Ogasawara island chain, about 800 miles from Tokyo. It sits about 25 meters below the surface of the sea.

It exploded on August 13, with images showing a huge plume of gas rising out of the sea, into the air. Satellite images from NASA showed a huge bright plume streaming from the vent, stretching for miles.

In a NASA statement, Andrew Tupper, a meteorologist with Natural Hazards Consulting, said: "What was remarkable about this eruption is that it went straight from being a submarine event to an eruption cloud reaching the lower boundary of the stratosphere. That is not very common for this type of volcano. We normally see lower-level plumes from submarine eruptions."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3 people in Malawi

Two people have died after they were struck by lightning at Manoaha, a village near Agotime Kpetoe.

Two people have died after they were struck by lightning at Manoaha, a village near Agotime Kpetoe.
A mother, her son and their neighbour have died after being struck by lightning at Masuku Village, Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in Mangochi last night.

Mangochi Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi has confirmed about the incident.

Daudi identified the deceased as Mussah Dickson, 25, from Bula Village Traditional Authority (T/A) Nsamala in Balaka, Aisha Wyson(mother) 28 and Sainet Wyson (son) 8 both from Masuku Village T/A Bwananyambi in Mangochi.

Daudi said the three were chatting on the verandah while it was raining. Lightning struck all of them and they were rushed to Mulibwanji Mission Hospital where they were pronounced dead upon arrival after sustaining serious burn wounds.

"Postmortem for the three conducted at the same hospital showed that they died due to cardiogenic electric shock caused by the lightning," she explained.

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At least 4 dead in avalanche on Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador

Chimborazo volcano
At least four people were killed on Sunday by an avalanche on the Chimborazo volcano in central Ecuador, said the country's Integrated Security Service ECU 911, Xinhua reports.

The avalanche fell on a group of 12 hikers as they were climbing the volcano at an altitude of about 6,100 meters, the agency said in a statement.

After the incident reported at 06:30 local time (1130 GMT), the Special Operations Group of the National Police, the local fire department and a police helicopter were sent to rescue the hikers, whose nationalities have not been revealed.

Cloud Precipitation

Damaging floods and landslides in at least 3 departments of Colombia

Landslide and floods damaged homes and infrastructure in San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia, October 2021
© Alcaldía San Carlos
Landslide and floods damaged homes and infrastructure in San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia, October 2021
Heavy rain has taken its toll in at least 3 departments of Colombia over the last week, with damaging floods and landslides reported in the departments of Antioquia, Meta and Putumayo.

Antioquia Department

Heavy rain from late 26 October caused flooding in the municipality of El Retiro, Antioquia. Civil Defence said the La Agudelo stream broke its banks, with the ensuing floods damaging over 130 homes and affecting around 600 residents. Search teams were deployed to the areas after two people were reported missing. Officials later said all residents were accounted for and there were no injuries or fatalities to report.

A few days earlier heavy rain caused landslides and floods in San Carlos municipality of Antioquia. Roads were blocked and at least 2 houses and a bridge were destroyed. No injuries or fatalities were reported, although 65 families were severely affected.


UK weather: Flooded roads and swollen rivers in Cumbria as some areas get up to 13 inches of rain

A broken-down car in floodwater near Derwentwater

A broken-down car in floodwater near Derwentwater
Flood warnings are in force in Cumbria as heavy rain continues in the northwest of England, southwest Scotland and Wales.

Thirteen inches of rain (332mm) have been recorded at Honister Pass in the Lake District in the last 32 hours, and 10.7 inches (271mm) at Seathwaite, said the Environment Agency.

An amber Met Office warning for rain - indicating potential risk to life and property, travel disruption and power cuts - is in force for much of Cumbria on Thursday.


One hurt, dozens of homes damaged as storms roll across Texas, Louisiana

Dozens of homes were damaged by a tornado in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.
© Brett Adair/Live Storms Media
Dozens of homes were damaged by a tornado in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.
At least one person was injured, dozens of homes damaged and tens of thousands of power outages reported as severe storms with tornadoes and high winds rolled across eastern Texas into Louisiana Wednesday.

Here's a look at what happened.

Texas County Declares State of Disaster

Orange County, Texas, issued a disaster declaration, citing "extensive and widespread damage to public and private property."

Drone video showed homes torn apart in the town of Mauriceville, about 95 miles northeast of Houston.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe rainstorm hits Asir, Saudi Arabia

Incredible in the Saudi desert ! ⚠️ Severe rainstorm and waterfalls hits Asir.


Record rain brings cockroach infestation to surface in Sacramento, California

There is a creepy-crawly side effect of last weekend's storm. As Sacramento dries out, the cockroaches are coming out.

After record-breaking rain soaked the Sacramento region last weekend the last thing Bill Adams thought he would have to worry about is a cockroach conundrum.

"I have never seen nothing like that in my life," explained Bill Adams. "They are going everywhere, and they are so fast, it was like oh my goodness," he said.

Heavy rains brought close to a hundred creepy crawlers out of their hiding spaces at the Arcade Creek Kennel that Adams owns.

"It was hard to understand because I had never seen anything like that before. I wasn't sure what was going on or how to handle it," he said.


Captured on video a Tornado moving across I-10 near Orange, Texas - tossing an ATV into the air

Severe weather moving through the area has left damage in the western portion of Louisiana.

As storms passed across the Texas-Louisiana state line earlier on Wednesday, a tornado was captured on video moving over I-10.

The video courtesy of Mary Phan shows traffic stopped on I-10 and a tornado moving across the road, tossing debris as it goes by.

Blue flashes seen in the video are transformers being blown out by the storm.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding and hail as intense storms submerge parts of South Australia

Intense thunderstorms lashed parts of South Australia on October 28, bringing severe hail and heavy rain.

This footage uploaded by Brothers At War Wines shows the town of Tanunda covered in hail, as rain washes the stones down Murray Street.

South Australia's Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Adelaide area on Thursday morning, cautioning locals of large hail and damaging winds.

The severe thunderstorm warning was cancelled by the afternoon of October 28.