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Mon, 02 Aug 2021
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Girl dies following dog attack at home in Belgium

dog attack
An 8-year-old girl died last night in the Belgian village of Stribe Brackenes after being attacked by a dog. This was reported by various French-speaking media. The girl was alone with the dog at home and was found by her mother when she came home.

The mother found her daughter in critical condition when she returned home around 11 p.m. The girl died of her injuries in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Firefighters and police who arrived at the scene noticed that the dog - the American Stafford - was still very aggressive. According to the prosecutor, the officers had no choice but to shoot the dog.

There were two other dogs in the same house but they did not appear to be involved in the attack. The three dogs belong to the mother's partner. A judicial investigation has begun.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 76 in 3 India states with one bolt killing 18 taking selfies (UPDATE)

As many as 68 people got killed in lightning strikes in different districts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to pay his condolences to the families of the deceased.

41 people were killed in Uttar Pradesh itself, whereas 20 people got killed in Rajasthan.

As many as 7 people lost their lives in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, 10 people got injured in the incidents as well.

Comment: Update: Fox News reports:
Lightning strike in India kills 18 people taking selfies at 12th-century tower

Some victims leapt to the ground from 12th Century Amer Fort

A lightning strike killed 18 people taking storm selfies at the top of a 12-century watchtower in northern India Sunday, according to officials.

There were nearly 30 people at the Amer Fort, a popular tourist attraction near Jaipur, where the lightning strike occurred, BBC News reported.

An eyewitness told Reuters TV partner ANI that "many people died in front of our eyes.

"If people had gotten help and authorities had reached on time then [they would have been alive]," the eyewitness said. "We brought many people down. We rescued the people who were still alive, those who were still breathing and pulled some people out of the gorge."

Law enforcement sources said most of those at the tower during the lightning strike were young people.

Blue Planet

More sinkholes open up at recreation center in Florida


Three large sinkholes have drained a pond near the Moyer Recreation Center.
The Villages Public Safety Department was on the scene Sunday morning at the Moyer Recreation Center where the sinkholes have opened up, draining a large retention pond located behind the recreation center, which is located in the Fruitland Park portion of The Villages.

Three large sinkholes have drained a pond near the Moyer Recreation Center.

Comment: Whilst locals state that sinkholes are not unexpected in Florida, their rise across the planet indicate a greater shift occurring:


The US experienced 8 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in the first six months of 2021

Billion dollar US weather events 2021
  • The eight individual billion-dollar events of 2021 include: two flood events focused in California (January 24-29) and Louisiana (May 14-19); the historic mid-February winter storm and cold wave with impacts focused in Texas; two severe storm events in late-March (24-25 and 27-28) across many southeastern and eastern states, respectively; two severe storm events focused across Texas and Oklahoma in mid-to-late April (12-15 and 27-28); and the expanding Western drought and heatwave that has amplified throughout 2021.
  • In addition to significant economic impacts, the eight events identified during the first half of 2021 resulted in at least 331 fatalities.
  • The most costly U.S. event so far in 2021 was the February 10-19 Winter Storm and Cold Wave with total, direct losses of approximately $20 billion. This is now the most costly U.S. winter storm event on record surpassing (nearly doubling the inflation-adjusted cost of) Superstorm 1993.
  • The January-June 2021 inflation-adjusted costs are at a near-record pace for the first six months, at nearly $30 billion — trailing only 2011.
  • Since these billion-dollar disaster records began in 1980, the U.S. has sustained 298 separate weather and climate disasters where overall damages/costs reached or exceeded $1 billion (based on the CPI adjustment to 2021) per event. The total cost of these 298 events exceeds $1.975 trillion.

Comment: Last year the world was hammered by record 50 billion-dollar weather disasters.

Cloud Precipitation

London roads underwater after torrential rain causes flooding

Footage taken from the top deck of a bus shows cars driving through one flooded road near Park Royal.

Elsewhere, flash floods caused disruption in South Hampstead, Raynes Park and White City.

The London Fire Brigade took more than 150 calls reporting flooding across London and urged the public to take care during severe weather conditions.

Read the story here.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain causes flash floods in Nowy Sącz, Poland


Heavy rain caused flash floods in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska Poland July 11, 2021 - Powodz Tęgoborze


Man dies after being attacked by shark near Recife on Brazil's northeastern coast

The victim had his right hand amputated and a deep wound in his thigh caused by the animal.

A man died after being attacked by a shark at Piedade beach in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, state of Pernambuco, this Saturday afternoon.

Marcelo Rocha Santos, 51, was taken to the Hospital da Restauração, in the center of Recife, but did not survive his wounds - an amputated right hand and a deep wound in his thigh.

The captain of the Fire Department, Joel Fernandes, who participated in the action, told the Jornal do Commercio that the victim was playing soccer when he decided to enter the water to remove the sand from his body.


Rare 'tornado' cloud spotted above County Durham, UK

A funnel cloud snapped over a house in Darlington
© Mark Emmerson /via REUTERS
A funnel cloud snapped over a house in Darlington on Friday afternoon
Residents in County Durham were left "amazed" after a rare 'tornado' cloud appeared in the sky.

The funnel cloud emerged just after midday on Friday and people rushed to take photos and video to share on social media.

More were spotted across the region as BBC Look North's Jen Bartram tweeted: "What I would say is that there are a LOT of funnel clouds around - and the thunderstorms likely to get going a bit more across the North East this afternoon."

Speaking to the Northern Echo, one local said: "This was the first time I have seen something like this.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood in Dharamshala, India - cars washed away, buildings damaged after cloudburst

Cloudburst led to flash floods in Himachal Pradesh on July 12.

Videos of devastation in Dharamshala were shared on social media. Cars were seen getting washed away in the heavy flow of water on the streets.

The heavy rainfall led to swelling of the Manjhi river, as per reports. The overflowing river reportedly damaged buildings in Dharamshala. The Rishikesh-Badrinath National Highway 07 was also reportedly blocked due to debris.

Watch the full video for more.


Severe storms bring flooding, baseball-sized hail, hurricane-force wind gusts to US Plains, Midwest

Severe hail storm hits across Nebraska
© Twitter
Severe hail storm hits across Nebraska with baseball-sized chunks of ice in Alliance on July 9, 2021.
Flooding, baseball-sized hail and hurricane-force wind gusts, oh my! Yes, it was a couple of very active severe weather days July 9-10. A well-forecast upper-level disturbance deepened as it moved through a stubborn ridge in the West and into the Plains. Already working along a frontal boundary, strong thunderstorms quickly developed across Nebraska Friday, July 9, and clusters of storms continued south and east through Saturday, July 10, becoming much more isolated from Texas into the Lower Mississippi Valley July 11.

Residents around Omaha, Nebraska, saw some of the strongest winds as several reports of 75 to 90 miles per hour were sent into the Storm Prediction Center late Friday night, leading to about 200,000 customers losing power. Wind speeds that strong are equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane. Radar imagery showed an impressive and quick-moving bow echo right through town along and west of the Missouri River. Another bowing segment occurred at roughly the same time in southwest Iowa as well. More clusters provided extensive damage and strong wind gusts in central Nebraska and northeast Missouri.

Winds were not the only factor on Friday, though. Hail, some of it as large as baseballs over 3 inches in diameter, fell in a line northwest of Des Moines, Iowa, with more of the incredibly large hail scattered around Box Butte County, Nebraska, and Hancock County, Illinois.