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Sat, 04 Apr 2020
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Earth Changes


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Unusual atmospheric events over deserts and seas

Tornado in Oued Zem, Morocco on March 15

Tornado in Oued Zem, Morocco on March 15
Changes happening in the atmosphere and becoming more visible planet wide over Morocco double tornadoes sighted in the desert. Double typhoons slamming Australia right where the new Chinese cattle ranches are setting up in N Queensland. More greening areas on the way. Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) levels decreasing in both Italy and China, deceasing factory and vehicle traffic. Carbon Black shortages as N. Italy shuts down. Rich locked down and cant get flights even in their private jets, no permissions given for landing.

Comment: Several tornadoes filmed across Morocco


Ten million Americans are hit by severe storms as tornadoes flip cars in Texas

A tornado flipped cars when it roared through Abilene, Texas
© AP
A severe storm system is making its way across the middle of the country, bringing blizzard conditions, tornadoes and thunderstorms. A tornado flipped cars when it roared through Abilene, Texas Wednesday night
A severe storm system is battering the country, bringing blizzard conditions, tornadoes and thunderstorms, disrupting the lives of more than 10 million Americans.

On Wednesday night, several tornadoes hit towns in Texas, flipping cars and damaging homes.

The National Weather Service confirmed at least two tornadoes hit the Abilene area, west of Dallas, while another tornado later hit near the town of Alvord, 150 miles north.

While no fatalities were reported at either location, the damage was clear in Abilene, where where a van and SUV were seen stacked atop other vehicles in a parking lot on Thursday morning.

The tornado also ripped the roof off one home, according to Fox 4.

Meanwhile, aerial footage from Alvord showed the area scattered with debris and downed trees.


Storm continues to drop heavy snow on northern Arizona on first day of spring - 25 inches in 5 days

Snow in Northern Arizona.
Snow in Northern Arizona.
Plows were clearing roads on parts of northwest Arizona on the first day of spring after a storm dropped heavy snow and created backups on one major highway.

The Arizona Department of Transportation said roads across the region were snowy and icy Thursday morning.and drivers were urged to postpone travel.

The National Weather Service reported 11.5 inches (299 centimeters) of snow in Flagstaff through 5 a.m. and said snow showers would continue through Thursday.

ADOT said Interstate 40 was open in both directions near Williams about 35 miles (57 kilometers) west of Flagstaff but that it would take time to clear miles of traffic backup.


100 cattle egrets and 9 crows found dead in Uttar Pradesh, India

dead birds
Nearly 100 cattle egrets (birds) and nine crows were found dead under mysterious circumstances at two different sites in Aligarh's Sasnigate and AMU campus in UP on Thursday morning.

Following the reports, the university directed their provosts to stop serving chicken in dinning halls amid fears of bird flu.

Talking to TOI, district magistrate CB Singh said that after receiving information, forest officials rushed to the spot and sent one of the dead birds for post-mortem and buried the remaining. He said the exact cause of death will be known from the autopsy report.

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Signs and Portents: Snake gives birth to two-headed baby in Australia

2 headed
© Direct Vet Services
A local man who caught a snake and took it to his local vet for a check over has made a creepy discovery after the reptile gave birth inside the bag in which it was being carried.

Steward Gatt, known to Wyndham locals as Stewy the Snake Catcher, captured the Tiger snake earlier this week.

However, when he opened the bag to release the animal he found it had given birth to a bunch of slithering babies.

But that was far from the end of it, with a closer inspection finding one of the baby snakes had been born with two heads.

Stewart says he took the mother snake and her offspring to a local vet.


All-time record snowfall buries parts of Sweden - 3.25 M (10.7 ft) - Don't tell Greta...

Record snow Sweden

The first flakes of the season in Kiruna, Sweden fell back on Sept 30 and from then on have continued relentlessly, with accumulations now comfortably surpassing the region's all-time snowfall record.

On Thursday, March 19 heavy snow fell over Sweden's northern town of Kiruna further adding to the record-breaking 3.25m (10.7 ft) that has already accumulated this season-accumulations that busted the old snowfall record from 1997-98 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Stefan Sydberg, vice chairman of the municipal council, is reportedly more excited than concerned.

"We have already set a record and we know that it can be another meter before the season is over," he said.


Roads swamped in Fiji after nearly 7 inches of rain in 24 hours - (UPDATE) 3 killed in landslide

floods fiji
Heavy rain of over 200mm in 24 hours has caused flooding in parts of Fiji.

Local media said that hundreds of residents in Nausori, Central Division, on the island of Viti Levu were isolated after flood waters cut roads access. Nausori recorded 222.9mm of rain in 24 hours to 19 March.

Some flooding was also reported in Navua, where buildings were inundated, and in the capital, Suva, where traffic was disrupted.

The Fiji Roads Authority said that a number of roads in the Central Western and Northern Divisions were closed due to flooding.

Flood warnings remain in place for parts of Viti Levu.

Comment: Update: RNZ reports on March 20th:
Three people have died in a landslide in Fiji's Namosi province.

A fourth person is injured.

Police have recovered the bodies where two trucks and a crushing machine were buried in the landslide at about 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office, Vasiti Soko, said the condition of the survivor was not clear.

"Four people were involved in the accident. Details of the incident are still sketchy as I'm still on my way to the site. But I can confirm that of the four people, one has survived while three are dead."

Bad weather in Fiji is likely to continue into the weekend, Ms Soko said

Meanwhile, a heavy rain and flash flood warning is in place for most of Fiji.

The National Disaster Management Office said flooding had closed roads in low lying parts of Viti Levu.

There was a danger of more landslides and the public should notify authorities before trying to clear any slips, it said.


Heavy rains bring floods to Jakarta and surrounding cities, Indonesia

Heavy rains bring floods to Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Cipanas amongst other areas of Java, Indonesia.


Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall triggers flooding and mudslides in southern Peru

flood peru
Days of heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides in Arequipa department in southern Peru.

The heavy rain began around 13 March, 2020, causing rivers and streams to break their banks, triggering mudslides and flooding.

Among the worst hit are areas in the north of the city of Arequipa, where streets were swamped in water, mud and debris.

Media report that at least 100 homes have been damaged and a bridge in the north of the city is in danger of collapse.

Residents in Sachaca district were asked to move away from a local stream that had broken its banks.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in northern Iraq stirs fears of landslides

The aftermatch after a pile of cars were swept away by flash floods in Duhok city, March 18, 2020.
© Kurdistan 24
The aftermatch after a pile of cars were swept away by flash floods in Duhok city, March 18, 2020.
Once again, heavy rain has brought flooding to Iraq. In the northern city of Mosul, during the most recent late winter, or early spring, thundery rain dropped 127mm (5 inches) of rain onto the streets.

This is twice the average rainfall for March in Mosul and equivalent to about one-third of the year's expected rainfall. The result was thigh-deep flooding and boat rescue.

Mosul sits on the Tigris River and no doubt this heavy rain, much of which fell on Tuesday night, brought fears of the destructive events of early spring of 2019. The river then left its banks and caused death and destruction after heavy rain upstream.

In the town of Rabia, on the border with Syria, 187mm (7.4 inches) of rain was recorded on Wednesday.