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Wed, 05 Aug 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Once-in-500-year storm floods New Zealand's Northland, traps residents

Whangārei floods
© Jesse Matthews
Local 4WD owners came to the rescue of a fire crew who were stranded in floodwaters in Whangārei last night.
A once-in-500-year storm has slammed Northland, flooding shops and forcing residents to evacuate homes.

Fire crews rushed out to 212 emergency callouts as the storm dumped 220mm on Whangārei.

The heavy falls caused slips and landslides that closed roads and limited water supplies.

Whangārei residents were this morning being asked to conserve water after the city's water treatment plants were "struggling to cope with the intense rainfall", Whangārei District Council said.

Residents in Onerahi and Whangārei Heads were advised not to drink or use tap water except in emergencies after a burst water main on Riverside Dr drained local supplies.

Comment: Earlier this year the army was deployed to Northland as it experienced its 'worst drought on record'.


Heavy rainfall causes massive flood in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Flooding in Rostov-on-Don, Russia: July 17, 2020.

Rostov-on-Don is a city in southern Russia. The Rostov Regional Museum of Local History has collections on Cossack lore and war history. Nearby, Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts displays Russian art from the 16th - 20th centuries. The Rostov Academic Drama Theater of Maxim Gorky, built in the shape of a tractor, presents classic and contemporary plays. Outside, Theater Square has fountains and a Ferris wheel.

Russia, or the Russian Federation, is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.


Toddler killed, 2 adults hurt after attack by family dog in East Providence, Rhode Island

The dog, described as a pit bull-type breed, was injured and was later euthanized, according to police

A toddler was killed and two adults were injured in an attack by the family dog, police in Rhode Island said Friday.

Police responded to an East Providence home at about 2:45 p.m. Thursday for a report of a disturbance and learned that a 15-month-old child had been bitten by a dog, East Providence police said in a Facebook post.

Snowflake Cold

Snow 23 FEET deep in the Andes - international crossings closed

Copahue and the surrounding village are covered by snow, which reaches seven meters in this Neuquén paradise.
© Rio Negro/Nicolás Canter
Copahue and the surrounding village are covered by snow, which reaches seven meters in this Neuquén paradise.
As the storm passed through Argentina and Chile, heavy snowfalls left international crossings closed, with walls on both sides of the route of up to 5 meters (16 1/2 ft) of snow (national 242); extreme temperatures with thermometers that have marked 23 negative degrees.

The storm in Ecuador in the Andean area of ​​Píllaro, in the center of the country and entrance to the Llanganates National Park, left a snowy surprise of up to 30 cm (12 inches).

Since the end of June, Patagonia has been punished with heavy snowfalls and severe low temperatures which make it difficult or impossible to travel between towns and cities. Asphalt or gravel roads are the basis of these accumulations of ice and snow, which in many cases are very dangerous to travel. For example, National Route 40 at night, in some sections, is closed. Route 237 that goes to Neuquén also presents a similar panorama.


Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Iquique, Chile

An earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 degrees, according to consolidated information from the National Seismological Center, was recorded at 1.40 am this Friday in the Tarapacá Region.

The epicenter of the tremor was located 4 kilometers northeast of Alto Hospicio, while its hypocenter was recorded at a depth of 77 kilometers.

In that commune, in addition to Iquique and the town of La Tirana, the movement reached a degree VI intensity on the Mercalli scale.


Almost 4 million people and 3.3 million animals affected by ongoing floods in Assam, India - over 13 million hectares of crops damaged

Gagolmari village in Marigaon

Gagolmari village in Marigaon, Assam
Flooding in India's northeastern state of Assam has affected over 3.9 million people, officials said Friday.

The floods have hit 27 districts in the state.

According to officials at Assam Disaster Management Authority, the ongoing flooding has affected 3,218 villages and damaged cropland spreading over 13 million hectares, besides affecting over 3.3 million animals.

On Thursday, the floods claimed five lives, which took the death toll to 71.

Arrow Down

Parked car partly swallowed by sinkhole in Chicopee, Maine

© Joe Derosier Jr
A sinkhole near the intersection of Ramond Road and Chicopee Street has caused traffic snarls in the area.

The hole first appeared the morning of July 14 when the paved road gave way and a parked car sank about halfway into the hole.

No one was injured in the surprise incident, said Erin Hastings, executive director of Westcomm Regional Dispatch.

It is not clear what caused the sinkhole to open, but Hastings said dispatch was made aware of a nearby water main break that may have had something to do with it. The water main was repaired by 1 p.m.


Massive sea tornado appears off the coast of New South Wales, Australia

A giant tornado formed over the sea this week as an east coast low continues to batter the New South Wales coastline with heavy rain, damaging winds and huge waves.

A fisherman in a boat near Stanwell Tops, 57km south of Sydney, captured the moment a terrifying wind tunnel shot from a dark cloud into the ocean on Tuesday.

'It is just the cloud refuelling isn't it?' the fisherman is hearing joking, as the water spout extended into the sky.

A vortex continued to churn for several seconds before its tail began to fade and the funnel was slowly sucked up into the cloud.


Large waterspout spins off Louisiana's Black Bay

A waterspout was seen spinning off Black Bay in Plaquemines County, Louisiana, on Tuesday, July 14. Justin Derouen captured the video while working aboard a jack-up barge boat in the area, he said.

Derouen told Storyful he shot the video from a distance of a mile and a half. "[I] was able to get pretty amazing footage of Mother Nature at work," Derouen said.

The National Weather Service in New Orleans gave a significant weather advisory for the southeastern Plaquemines Parish area on July 15. The storm was expected to bring winds reaching up to 30 mph (48 km/h).

Credit: Justin Derouen via Storyful

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstones up to baseball-size destroy thousands of acres of crops in Western Minnesota

Much of the weather talk lately has centered around tornadoes in Ottertail County.

But a hail storm last weekend did significant building and crop damage from Kandiyohi County to Nicollet County. Wind speeds reached 50 miles an hour and at times the storm dropped baseball-sized hail. It was a blow for farmers when commodity prices are already down.

"We had a wonderful crop. Best we've had in this area in five years," said Curt Burns, farmer and crop consultant.