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Mon, 27 Mar 2023
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Earth Changes

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Earthquake danger higher than normal in southern B.C.

VICTORIA - Scientists are warning that if B.C.'s south coast is going to be hit by an earthquake soon, it's likely to happen during the next week.
A series of tremors that started in Puget Sound along the U.S. West Coast three days ago are working their way up Vancouver Island and are being tracked by seismologists at the Geological Survey of Canada.

Bizarro Earth

Propaganda! Global Warming to Continue for Centuries

PARIS - Global warming is so severe that it will "continue for centuries," leading to a far different planet in 100 years, warned a grim landmark report from the world's leading climate scientists and government officials. Yet, many of the experts are hopeful that nations will now take action to avoid the worst scenarios.

They tried to warn of dire risks without scaring people so much they'd do nothing - inaction that would lead to the worst possible scenarios.

Comment: Yes, there is Global Warming. Yes, it is partly due to human activities. No, it is not mainly due to human activity, it is cyclical and we are at that point on the cycle where rapid warming is followed by sudden, massive, cooling as it has done again and again throughout history. And sudden glacial rebound occurss much, much, much faster than the mainstream science currently admits.

We here at SOTT don't often go out on a limb about such things, and when we do, it is because we have done the research, so you can take this one to the bank.

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Powerful Fla. Storms Kill 19, Raze Homes

LADY LAKE, Fla. - Disaster crews with dogs went from one pile of debris to another in a search for bodies Friday after powerful storms, including at least one tornado, smashed hundreds of homes across central Florida and killed 19 people or more.

It was the second-deadliest combination of thunderstorms and tornados in Florida history, cutting a 40-mile swath of destruction across four counties just before daybreak, terrorizing residents of one of the nation's biggest retirement communities, and leaving trees and fields littered with clothes, furniture and splintered lumber.

Residents helped pull the dead from the ruins.

Bizarro Earth

4.8 earthquake shakes northwestern Greece

ATHENS, Greece: A moderate earthquake shook parts of northwestern Greece on Friday, the Athens Geodynamic Institute reported. No damage or injuries were reported.

The temblor, which had a preliminary magnitude of 4.8, occurred just after 2 p.m. (1200GMT). Its epicenter was east of the town of Paramythia in Thesprotia province, about 315 kilometers (200 miles) northwest of Athens. The quake was felt in surrounding areas.

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Death toll from central Florida storms jumps to 14

LADY LAKE, Florida -- Suspected tornadoes rocked central Florida residents out of bed early Friday, killing at least 14 people and ripping long swaths of destruction through neighborhoods, said Lake County spokesman Christopher Patton.

Many residents said they were unaware trouble was coming and didn't hear warning sirens.

The National Weather Service warned about the coming storm, which struck quickly in the middle of the night.


Post mortem on dead WA birds completed - Deaths Still a Mystery

This is a transcript from The World Today. The program is broadcast around Australia at 12:10pm on ABC Local Radio.

Cloud Lightning

Deadly Storms Sweep Through Central Fla.

TAVARES, Fla. - Severe thunderstorms tore through central Florida early Friday, damaging homes, causing power outages and killing at least one person, authorities said.

A dispatcher at the Lake County Sheriff's Office confirmed there were fatalities but did not say how many. The woman, who would not give her name, said damage included ''every kind of damage you can think of.''

Bizarro Earth

Multi-coloured snow falls over Siberia

Russian emergency workers have flown to a Siberian region where smelly orange, yellow and green snow fell.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said officials in the Omsk region, about 1,400 miles east of Moscow, had warned local residents not use the snow for drinking or other purposes, and to keep domestic animals from it.

The ministry said the snow, which fell on Wednesday afternoon, was yellow, green and orange and had an oily texture and unpleasant smell.

Cloud Lightning

Snow, Ice Causes Crashes in Okla., Ark.

OKLAHOMA CITY - A second winter storm in as many days hit Oklahoma and Arkansas early Thursday, closing schools and keeping roads slick and dangerous.

The storm followed snow and freezing drizzle that fell on the area Wednesday, causing dozens of accidents and four deaths.

The first storm, meanwhile, moved into Georgia and the Carolinas on Thursday, and forecasters warned that up to 4 inches of snow along with freezing rain could knock out power and plague drivers.


Earthquake jolts southwest coast of Indonesia's Java Island

Jakarta - A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the southern part of Indonesia's Java Island early Thursday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, an official said.