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Lightning strike kills 2 in Telangana, India

Two persons lost their lives after being struck by lightning in Medak on Wednesday night. The victims were identified as Siddaiah, 33, and Nandu, 22, both residents of Shamnapur village in Haveli Ghanpur, who worked as daily labourers.

On Wednesday night, while the duo were traveling home on a two-wheeler during heavy rain accompanied by lightning and thunder, they sought shelter near a hillock on the outskirts of the village.

But lightning struck, resulting in their death. Locals informed the police officials, who initiated an investigation.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 40 goats in Maharashtra, India

Lightning Strike Kills 40 Goats in Satara District: Shepherd Narrowly Escapes
Lightning Strike Kills 40 Goats in Satara District: Shepherd Narrowly Escapes
Lightning strike has killed 40 goats in Satara district on Wednesday. However, the shepherd, Jagannath Shripati Kolekar, narrowly escaped the death.

The incident took place in the Phaltan tehsil of Satara district.

Upon receiving information about the incident, the staff of the Wai Tehsil official arrived at the scene and conducted a Panchnama.

In the past two days, Wai, Phaltan and Kahtav tehsils has experienced sudden pre-monsoon rains, resulting in water entering nearby shops due to flooding at Bavdhan Naka.

The onset of rain at 4pm on Wednesday proved fatal for the goats in Pasrani, with strong winds and lightning. However, the shepherd, who was fortunate to be standing at a distance, remained unharmed.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2024: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Solar activity continued to intensify throughout May, triggering the most powerful geomagnetic storm over two decades, disrupting power grids, telecommunications, air travel, and GPS services. But these effects were overshadowed by stunning auroras seen far to the south, dazzling millions of witnesses around the globe. It was the most intense display in 500 years!

While some countries in the northern hemisphere, such as Mexico and India, experienced extreme heat, parts of the southern hemisphere were hit by early heavy snow and the northern hemisphere by unseasonably cold temperatures for May.


One dead, multiple injured after another tornado outbreak in the US

A tornado near cars in Montgomery County, Maryland.
© Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson Pete PiringerA tornado near cars in Montgomery County, Maryland.
The latest tornado outbreak in the U.S. has damaged parts of Michigan and Maryland.

One tornado just outside Detroit killed a 2-year-old boy after it toppled a tree onto his house.


500,000 stranded in Bangladesh after rain-triggered flooding

More than half a million people have been marooned after vast swathes of land were inundated in north-eastern Bangladesh.

Officials said that a district of Sylhet was hit by sudden flooding triggered by heavy rain upstream on Friday.

According to the local administration, the government opened nearly 550 temporary shelters as the flooding affected some 533,202 residents in remote villages and townships in the district.

"We are trying to move the flood-affected people to safety," said Sheikh Rasel Hasan, chief administrator of the district.


Blizzard in the Himalayas traps trekkers, killing 9

Snow-covered Nanda Devi mountain
© Reuters File PhotoSnow-covered Nanda Devi mountain is seen from the town of Auli in the northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India.
At least nine Indian trekkers died in the Himalayas after getting trapped during a blizzard, authorities said on Thursday, as rescue teams airlifted their bodies and five survivors to safety.

The Indian Air Force shared footage on Thursday that showed rescue teams working near a helicopter in the snow-covered mountains.

The group of climbers from the southern state of Karnataka were hit by heavy snowfall in the remote mountains of Uttarakhand state in north India, said Krishna Byre Gowda, a top Karnataka minister.

"Snow intensified into blizzard. By 6 PM, 2 trekkers succumbed to bad weather. Snow and wind made movement impossible. Visibility dropped to nil. They huddled together for the night on the route. Some more succumbed in the night," Gowda wrote in a social media post on Wednesday.

A guide with the group alerted rescuers about the situation on Tuesday evening after trekking for a while to find mobile network connectivity, and teams reached the spot early on Wednesday, the minister added.

(Reporting by Shivam Patel and Tanvi Mehta; Editing by Bernadette Baum)

Ice Cube

All Swiss glaciers are well above the average

Swiss glacier Network
© Keystone/Mayk WendtAccording to the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (Glamos), at the end of April there was around 31% more snow on all of Switzerland's 1,400 glaciers than the average for the years 2010 to 2020.
The peak of the snow accumulation was most likely reached on Monday, wrote glaciologist Matthias Huss on the social media platform X on Tuesday.

"From now on, the melt will dominate," Huss continued. This year's weather has been a blessing for the Swiss glaciers so far.

According to the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (Glamos), at the end of April there was around 31% more snow on all of Switzerland's 1,400 glaciers than the average for the years 2010 to 2020. Since these measurements were taken, the condition of the glaciers has improved even further, wrote Huss.

This suggests that the glacier melt in 2024 is likely to be lower than in the two previous years.

In the last two years, Swiss glaciers have lost a total of 10% of their ice. Following the record loss of 6% in 2022, glacier ice melted by a further 4% in 2023.

Adapted from German by DeepL/amva

Comment: Interesting that the source of this article chose the headline "The glacier melt in the Swiss Alps has begun", which does not reflect the news that all the glaciers are all above normal. It is still very much an inconvenient truth to the MSM that the warming they have invested so much in, isn't happening anymore.

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Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 2 women in Karnataka, India

Two women were killed in a lightning attack, when they were working on the field, at Doddamagga village, in Arkalgud taluk, Hassan district, on Wednesday afternoon. Three others, who were with them, have been injured.

The deceased are Dyavamma (60) and Puttamma (60). Three others - Marigowda, Usha and Saroja, have been seriously injured and have been admitted to the government hospital in Arkalgud town.

Allegedlly, they were working on the agricultural field, sowing jowar at around 1 pm on Wednesday. As it started raining, they sought refuge under a tree, when the lightning struck, killing two on the spot.

Arkalgud MLA A Manju visited the hospital, consoled the family members and inquired about the health of the injured. He also directed the tahsildar to ensure the grieving families get government compensation.

Comment: On the same day in adjacent Pakistan a lightning strike killed 2 brothers in Punjab.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 3 in Bulacan, Philippines

A teen and two children were killed Tuesday by a lightning strike in a rice field in this town.

Pulilan police chief Colonel Jerome Jay Ragonton identified the victims as Rexter Enriquez, 16; April Almorade, 11; and Roxane Enriquez, 12, all of Sitio Tangos, Barangay Inaon.

Ragonton said the lightning strike occurred around 3 p.m. when the victims, with five cousins, were playing under a mango tree in the middle of the rice field.

An initial investigation showed that the victims decided to head home when they noticed the sky darkening and rain approaching.

Comment: A day earlier in the same country a strike killed a fisherman in the province of Antique.

Cloud Grey

Iridescent clouds seen in Ho Chi Minh City sky

iridescent clouds vietnam climate change
© Dinh Thuong / Tuoi TreThe clouds over Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam on May 12, 2024, look like a glistening rainbow.
Iridescent clouds appeared in the sky of Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday afternoon, prompting many to share images of the phenomenon online, playfully dubbing it 'Aurora borealis in Saigon.'

Saigon is the old name of the city but it is still in popular use.

The magnificent clouds emerged between 3:30 pm and 4:20 pm.

The phenomenon is called cloud iridescence or irisation, a colorful optical phenomenon that occurs in clouds and appears in the general proximity of the sun or moon.

This occurs when water droplets or ice crystals in the cloud diffract the light around the outside of the droplet, as opposed to bending the light through it.