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Wed, 29 Mar 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 4 family members in Uganda

At least four family members in Ayami Sub County, Lira District, have been confirmed dead after they were struck by lightning during downpour.

Tom Thomas Obur, the Ayami LC3 chairman, said the four were killed by a lightning which struck the grass-thatched hut they were taking shelter in, setting it ablaze at around 6pm on March 25.

The deceased have been identified as Jimmy Obong, 32, Jenifer Acio, 26, Brian Opok, 5, Brian Okum, 14, brother of Acio. Obong had visited his sister in-law at Nga-akwia Village in Walela Parish when the incident occurred while Opok was Acio's son and Okum- her brother.

Cloud Precipitation

At least 14 perish in Somalia flash floods

At least 14 people have been killed in southern Somalia after torrential rains triggered flash floods that have caused havoc in several towns and villages.

Bridges, roads and houses have been damaged or destroyed and many people have been forced to flee their homes in search of safer ground.

In the town of Baardhere in Jubaland state, 14 people were killed including three members of the same family, district commissioner Mohamed Weli Yusuf told reporters.

"Most of the casualties were caused after the victims were trapped across a bridge in the town Thursday evening which was swept up in the floods," he said.


Coyote injures 2 toddlers in separate attacks in Scottsdale, Arizona

The wild dog was seen pouncing on the child after he wandered into the shadows

The wild dog was seen pouncing on the child after he wandered into the shadows
Arizona officials are searching for a large coyote that reportedly injured two toddlers in separate attacks in Scottsdale this week.

Kelly Pirozzi told ABC News she was standing in her driveway on Wednesday when the coyote approached and bit her 21-month-old son on the arm in a shocking moment caught on her surveillance camera.

The coyote knocked the toddler down, and once the boy started crying, the animal released his arm from its grip, Pirozzi said.

She then rushed her son into the house. Pirozzi said he's OK and only suffered minor bite marks.

"It happened so quickly," she said.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 350 sheep and goats in Uttarakhand, India


More than 350 sheep and goats died due to lightning in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand on Saturday night. According to media reports, three people from Barsu village of Bhatwadi block were taking more than a thousand sheep and goats from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi.

At night they reached Khatukhal in Dunda tehsil. During this time it was raining continuously and there was a strong storm. Lightning struck at around 9 o'clock in the night and more than 350 sheep and goats died due to its grip.

Due to the death of so many animals together, the people of the village got scared. He informed Vineeta Rawat, the head of the Bhatwadi block, about the incident. Vinita Rawat told the DM and the District Disaster Management Department about the incident.


Massive Aurora Australis solar storm seen over Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand

Naked eye aurora australis visible from Franklin, Tasmania on the night of 23/3/2023. All the colours visible in this footage were visible to the naked eye, which is extremely rare for Aurora.

This is easily the biggest and brightest aurora display I've seen in the 23 years I have been chasing aurora. It doesn't get much better than this from Australia.

Aurora gets such a bad wrap for being colourless, but once it got bright enough the colour receptors in my eyes suddenly switched on.

It was like upgrading from a B&W TV to full HD.

Comment: Footage from New Zealand:

View also: Auroras shine unusually far south in the US amid strongest solar storm since 2017


At least 23 dead in 'destructive' Mississippi tornado outbreak

A tree is downed in a still from a WTVA video shot in Amory, Mississippi, as thunderstorms and a tornado swept through the state on Friday, March 24, 2023.

A tree is downed in a still from a WTVA video shot in Amory, Mississippi, as thunderstorms and a tornado swept through the state on Friday, March 24, 2023.
At least 23 people died in a "destructive" tornado outbreak that rolled across Mississippi late Friday, leaving a trail of damage for more than 100 miles, local and federal authorities said.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said at least 23 people have died, and there are "dozens injured." Four people are missing.

Search and rescue operations were underway in Sharkey and Humphreys counties, MSEMA said late Friday. The agency issued a series of tornado warnings in counties throughout the state.

"Many in the MS Delta need your prayer and God's protection tonight," Gov. Tate Reeves said on Twitter. "We have activated medical support -- surging more ambulances and other emergency assets for those affected. Search and rescue is active."

At least 13 people were dead, Sharkey County Coroner Angelia Easton told ABC News, adding that she could not yet confirm their ages. Jose Watson, a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper, said another person died in Silver City, in Humphreys County. Three people have died in Carroll County, and two people have died in Monroe County.


Utah's record snow is so deep it buried measuring equipment

The record-breaking snowfall this winter has been phenomenal, maybe even more so in the eyes of those who study it closely.

The director of the Snow Hydrology Research to Operations Lab at the University of Utah said she could have never predicted that her equipment at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon would ever be buried by snow. But that's exactly what happened.

"The snow really has not stopped," said McKenzie Skiles, an assistant professor at the University of Utah, and head of the Snow Hydrology Research to Operations Lab. "This winter we've just been getting storm after storm after storm, and we have finally just matched the record for peak snow water equivalent that was set in 83."

That record was later eclipsed in the afternoon.
We caught up with her today in the midst of a snow squall, which seemed like the perfect setting.


Auroras shine unusually far south in the US amid strongest solar storm since 2017

As soon as the sun set Thursday, extreme weather photographer Peter Forister excitedly headed for the hills. Forecasts had suggested that recent storming on the surface of the sun could set off auroras — brilliant dancing streaks of light, also known as the northern lights — in the Lower 48 states. For the first hour or so into his night, his camera picked up pretty but rather demure purple hues in the sky, which appeared just as a white haze to the naked eye.

Then, within 30 seconds at around 11 p.m., the sky lit up with vibrant red and yellow streaks visible to the naked eye. Forister sprinted up a hill with his camera and pushed through bushes that scratched and tore up his legs, but "it didn't matter," he said. "It was so exciting."

"You just step back and jaw drop and just watch the show for a few minutes," Forister said. "It was really remarkable, like the kind of show that will make you stop and just catch your breath."

Cloud Precipitation

Argentina: Disruptions due to flooding ongoing in parts of Cordoba Province

Floods and evacuees due to a strong storm in Córdoba

Floods and evacuees due to a strong storm in Córdoba.

Disruptions due to flooding are ongoing across parts of Cordoba Province as of March 23. Heavy rainfall late March 21-early March 22 triggered flooding in western and southern parts of the province.

Dozens of homes have been damaged in Calamuchita and Rio Cuarto departments, leading to the evacuation of several families. Affected areas include Alpa Corral, Canada de Sauce, Villa de Merlo, and Villa Quillinzo.

Many roads and bridges in the affected areas have been made impassable due to floodwaters.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy floods hit Port St Johns, South Africa

The entire town of Port St Johns has been filled with water as heavy rain persists.

The entire town of Port St Johns has been filled with water as heavy rain persists.
Heavy flooding in Port St Johns this afternoon has brought the town to a standstill.

It started raining heavily around 14:00 today, 23 March and the rain is still pouring down.

According to Public Relations Officer for Sajonisi Woods Forum, Andile Mzungule, who is situated in Port St Johns, the heavy floods have brought the entire town to a standstill.

"Community members are not able to leave their current locations. We are just standing here. We do not know what to do because there is water all over the town," he said.