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Thu, 24 Aug 2017
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USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.9 - NNE of Yacuanquer, Colombia

Event Time
2013-02-09 14:16:09 UTC
2013-02-09 09:16:09 UTC-05:00 at epicenter

1.167°N 77.384°W depth=153.8km (95.6mi)

Nearby Cities
5km (3mi) NNE of Yacuanquer, Colombia
12km (7mi) WSW of Pasto, Colombia
17km (11mi) SE of Sandona, Colombia
27km (17mi) ENE of Tuquerres, Colombia
199km (124mi) NE of Quito, Ecuador

Technical Details


International Space Station photograph captures giant 'underwater' wave spread over hundreds of miles in the Caribbean Sea

© Earth Observatory, ISS
A stunning new image taken from the International Space Station shows a huge 'underwater' wave moving through the Caribbean.

The giant wave, believed to be hundreds of miles in width, was captured by a photographer on board the space station and appears particularly visually clear thanks to a beam of sunlight being reflected back to the camera at the exact moment the photo was taken.

The image, captured on January 18, shows a so-called 'internal wave' just to the north of the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

Internal waves are created by different water densities moving over ocean features such as underwater mountains or continental shelves.

The features create internal waves which can grow up to 100 metres in height and span hundreds of miles in width.

They have been reported to affect submarines, oil rigs, underwater cables and even passing aircraft, which can suffer drops in altitude. It is also believed that they have an impact on the planet's climate.

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Sinkhole causes partial building collapse in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

© abc27.com
A sinkhole opened up and caused the partial collapse of a building in Chambersburg Wednesday morning.

The sinkhole was called in just before 9 a.m. at the old Tower Bank building at 2001 Lincoln Way East in Guilford Township. The building was vacant and no one was injured.

Township Road Superintendent Frank Hobbs said the sinkhole occurred on private property but is within 75 feet of Lincoln Way East, also known as Route 30, which is maintained by the state. PennDOT was called in to evaluate the situation.

Hobbs said the situation has now been handed over to Susquehanna Bank, which currently owns the building. He said the gas and electricity in the building have been shut off.


Power out for thousands, evacuations expected as blizzard's impact begins to be felt


A National Weather Service map showing projected snowfall totals from the blizzard.
A potentially historic blizzard swept into Massachusetts today and is expected to dump more than 2 feet of snow, whip winds up to 70 miles per hour, and batter the coast with giant waves.

Roads are emptying out now as drivers heed an order issued by Governor Deval Patrick that all vehicles be parked by 4 p.m. Sideways-blowing snow is adding to the falling darkness.

More than 5,000 power outages have already been reported as winds down tree limbs and wires.

In Marshfield, officials said they expected to ask shorefront residents to evacuate themselves because of concerns about storm-driven tides tonight and Saturday morning.


Think Nemo's bad? In Brazil it's raining spiders

© YouTube/Gawker
What's that? You're worried about a little snow falling on your head? How adorable.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, it's raining spiders.

Footage posted online yesterday shows thousands of spiders "falling from the sky" in the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina.

"Still do not know what causes such behavior," writes the video's uploader. "We are researching and will post the answer to the question here."

I know exactly what causes such behavior. A little something called the end of the world.


State of disaster declared on Santa Cruz islands

The Government today has officially declared a State of Disaster for Santa Cruz Islands in Temotu Province following Wednesday's deadly 8.0 magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami that claimed lives and property.

The Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Hon Bradley Tovusia made the declaration following a decision reached by the National Disaster Council on February 7.


Heaviest snowfall in many years hits Polish-Slovakian border

Due to heavy snowfall a state of emergency was imposed in 20 towns at the Polish-Slovakian Border, near to Orava. Last night it was seen 75 cm of snow!

More than 1200 residents of the region were left without electricity after heavy snowfall knocked out power lines and substations.

I've never seen such big flakes of snow. They are as big as the coin two euros. Within 24 hours as much snow fell as usual throughout the winter. Snow cover in some places more than five feet, the governor said.

Plows can not keep up with snow removal routes.

Source: WP.PL (In Polish)

Cloud Precipitation

Major snowstorm in Ontario causes flight cancellations, school closings

© Chris Young /The Globe and Mail
A woman walks down a residential street as snow falls in Toronto on Friday, February 8, 2013.
The worst of a winter storm into southern Ontario landed during morning rush hour, covering the region in a white shroud of snow flurries and sleet, forcing schools to close and disrupting land and air traffic. (For a list of school closures, transit delays and flight information,click here.)

Other vehicles were reported to be stuck in snowbanks, in ditches or blocking lanes after spinning out of control. At the Bayview entrance of the southbound Don Valley Parkway, cars had trouble negotiating the icy in-ramp. The DVP's Bayview off-ramp was reported to be closed because of slippery conditions. On Highway 401, the eastbound collector off-ramp at Allen Road was also closed because of the road conditions.

On the Queen Elizabeth Way, near Fort Erie, a snowplow fell into a ditch and, a few kilometres further north, a salter truck had rolled.

More than 150 highway car collisions had been reported, said Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Dave Woodford.

There were only minor injuries, mostly from fender benders, he said.


Predicting Weather with a Pig Spleen

Have you ever heard of a pig spleen being able to predict the weather? You can call it folklore - but what do you call it when it works?

Legendary forecaster Gus Wickstrom of Tompkins, Saskatchewan

Gus, a man of Swedish descent who lived in this prairie province all of his life, was a weather forecaster. He predicted weather conditions six months in advance, yet his technology required no fancy equipment, no high-tech razzle-dazzle. All Gus needed was a barn and a farmhand or two standing by. . .because he predicted the weather by looking at a pig spleen.

Every 6 months or so, Gus slaughtered a pig, and in the frugal way of farm families, he found a way to use everything but the squeal, as they say. Gus closely scrutinized the spleen, using a method he learned from his father and Harold Pearson, a neighbor.

Gus's method

(See image to the right.) Gus divided the spleen into six areas, each representing 1 month. The top of the spleen (closest to the pig's head) shows the current month. The bottom indicates the end of the upcoming six-month period. Where the spleen thickens, a change in the weather is indicated, usually pointing to a cold spell. Where there's a pronounced bulge, expect even more inclement weather. Gus could even read wind and rain into the variations in the spleen.


NASA's satellite view of massive Nor'easter - frontal system stretching from Canada through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, into the Gulf of Mexico

A massive winter storm is coming together as two low pressure systems are merging over the U.S. East Coast. A satellite image from NOAA's GOES-13 satellite on Feb. 8 shows a western frontal system approaching the coastal low pressure area.

The satellite image, captured at 9:01 a.m. EST, shows clouds associated with the western frontal system stretching from Canada through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, into the Gulf of Mexico. The comma-shaped low pressure system located over the Atlantic, east of Virginia, is forecast to merge with the front and create a powerful nor'easter. The National Weather Service expects the merged storm to move northeast and drop between two to three feet of snow in parts of New England.