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Heavy rains, landslides in China's Guangdong and Fujian kill 60 - 14.5 inches of rain in 24 hours (UPDATES)

A bridge collapses following heavy rainfall and flooding in Dongshi Town, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China June 16, 2024, in this still image obtained from social media video.
A bridge collapses following heavy rainfall and flooding in Dongshi Town, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China June 16, 2024, in this still image obtained from social media video.
Torrential rain and landslides in China's coastal provinces of Guangdong and Fujian have killed nine people and left 17 missing, state media and local authorities said on Monday.

In Guangdong, five people were killed, 15 missing and 13 trapped as of Monday, local emergency management authorities said.

Sishui, a town in the province, logged 369.3 millimetres of precipitation in 24 hours. The deluge prompted officials to raise emergency response levels, and dispatch helicopters to evacuate and deliver supplies to those affected.

Four people died and two went missing in neighbouring Fujian due to rainstorms that the provincial meteorological bureau classified as an "extreme event", state broadcaster CCTV reported.

Downpours in Fujian's Wuping county since Sunday afternoon had caused 378 homes to collapse and prompted authorities to launch an emergency flood response.

Comment: Update June 21

AP reports:
Historic flooding in southern China kills 47, with more floods feared in coming days

At least 47 people have died as downpours in southern China's Guangdong province caused historic flooding and slides, state media reported Friday, while authorities warned of more extreme weather ahead in other parts of the country.

State broadcaster CCTV said Friday afternoon that another 38 people were confirmed dead in a county under the jurisdiction of Meizhou city, adding to nine others previously reported dead elsewhere in Meizhou.

Heavy rains caused landslides, floods and mudslides that severely damaged eight townships in Pingyuan county, where the latest deaths were reported, CCTV said. The heaviest rains were on Sunday, with an average rainfall of 199 mm (7.83 inches), and one town seeing 365.7 mm (14.4 inches). It is unclear from the report when the deaths occurred.

The extreme weather also destroyed some 356 kilometers (221 miles) of road, damaged more than a hundred bridges and flooded farmland.

The previous day, CCTV reported four deaths in Meizhou's Meixian district, and five in Jiaoling County.

The heaviest rains were from Sunday into Tuesday, toppling trees and collapsing homes. A road leading to Meixian district completely collapsed during the heavy rains. The Songyuan river, which winds through Meizhou, experienced its biggest recorded flood, according to CCTV.

The estimated direct economic loss is 3.65 billion yuan ($502 million) in Jiaoling county, while in Meixian district, the loss is 1.06 billion yuan ($146 million).

Other parts of the country also face torrential rains and extreme weather in the next 24 hours, with the National Meteorological Center issuing a warning for several provinces in the south and a few individual places in the north.

Henan and Anhui provinces in central China, as well as Jiangsu province on the coast and the southern province of Guizhou, all are expecting hail and strong thunderstorms, according to the forecast. Rainfall could be as high as 50 mm to 80 mm (1.9 to 3.14 inches) in one day in Henan, Anhui and Hubei provinces, the National Meteorological Center said.

Last week, it was southern Fujian and Guangxi provinces that experienced landslides and flooding amid heavy rain. One student died in Guangxi after falling into a river swollen from the downpour.

Update June 25

The Anadolu Agency reports:
Death toll from heavy rains and floods in China has climbed at least 60, state media reported on Tuesday.

Several parts in the country's south have been hit by heavy rain since last week, triggering floods and landsildes.

Another five people were declared dead in Hunan province after a body was found by the rescuers.

The National Meteorological Center issued a red alert, the highest level, for rainstorms in eight provinces and municipalities including Anhui and Hunan provinces for the next three days.

Around 47 people were killed in the southern Guangdong province last week, while at least eight people went missing after a landslide hit Douxi village in the Xinhuang Dong autonomous county of Huaihu avillage in Hunan.

Authorities on Saturday said they found six people dead who went missing in landslides in the southeastern province of Fujian.

Heavy rains have struck southern China since the annual flooding season got an early start, destroying thousands of low-lying houses and damaging roads and crops.
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Record rains paralyse China's southern city Changsha - 2.5 inches in an hour

Metro station floods in China’s Changsha city
Metro station floods in China’s Changsha city
Heavy rains swamped the southern Chinese city of Changsha on Monday, turning roads into rivers and submerging pedestrian underpasses and subway tunnels.

Emergency crews ferried locals to and from their homes on rubber boats and headed out to rescue drivers trapped on flooded roads, state CCTV reported.

From 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., the state Weather China service said it measured 65.1 millimetres of rainfall in the capital of Hunan province, a new hourly record for the city in June.

"This rain is so heavy, at this rate, my compound will become an island," one social media user wrote on their Weibo account.

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Cloud Precipitation

Midwestern U.S. flooding collapses a bridge, forces evacuations and kills at least 2

Floodwaters pass over a collapsed railroad bridge over the Big Sioux River near North Sioux City, S.D., on Monday, June 24, 2024.
© Josh JurgensFloodwaters pass over a collapsed railroad bridge over the Big Sioux River near North Sioux City, S.D., on Monday, June 24, 2024.
Flooding in the Midwestern U.S. killed at least two, collapsed a railroad bridge and sent water surging around a dam Monday after days of heavy rains that have forced hundreds of people to evacuate or be rescued from rising waters.

An Illinois man died Saturday while trying to go around a barricade in Spencer, Iowa, Sioux City's KTIV-TV reported Monday.

The Little Sioux River swept his truck away, according to a news release from the Clay County Sheriff's Office provided to the station. Officials found the vehicle in the treeline but weren't able to recover his body until Monday because of dangerous conditions.

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Waterspout seen near Sanibel Island, Florida on June 22

© Bryce McKinnon
While out fishing Saturday afternoon, WINK News Viewer Bryce McKinnon and his father, Donald McKinnon, captured a waterspout about 15 miles offshore of Sanibel Island.

Bryce mentioned that the waterspout "seemed to appear out of nowhere" and was seen at 12:08 p.m.

The Weather Authority Meteorologist Lauren Kreidler says, "Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes that develop over water." The one Bryce sent in was small but well-defined. Waterspouts are typically weaker than tornadoes, though they can produce damaging winds.

Saturday's afternoon storms produced some offshore activity, leading to heavy downpours capable of producing waterspouts, such as the one caught on camera.


Two-year-old girl mauled to death by stray dogs in Madhya Pradesh, India

dog attack
A two-year-old girl was mauled to death by stray dogs while she was playing at a construction site in Madhya Pradesh's Khargone district, police said on Tuesday.

The incident took place on Monday night on Mangrul Road, Kotwali police station in-charge BL Mandloi said.

The girl's father, Sanjay, a resident of Updi village in the district, worked as a watchman at the construction site and was staying there with his family, he said.

The man was cooking food and his wife was taking a bath when their daughter ventured on the road while playing. Some stray dogs attacked the girl and dragged her for 100-150 metres, injuring her severely, the official said.

Later, the couple took the child to the district hospital where doctors declared her dead, he said.

District Hospital's civil surgeon Amar Sigh Chouhan said there were serious injuries on the girl's chest and waist due to dog bite, which resulted in her death. The post-mortem will be conducted on Tuesday, he said.


Cloud Precipitation

Cloudburst triggers landslides and severe flooding in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India

A cloudburst on Sunday morning (June 23) caused multiple landslides and severe flooding in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

Secretary Dani Salu from the Disaster Management Department reports on the situation, and local residents share their experiences.

The district administration advises against approaching rivers or landslide-prone areas.


Shark attack kills famous surfer in Hawaii

Great white shark
Tamayo Perry, a professional surfer and actor who appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, has been killed in a shark attack in Hawaii.

The 49-year-old, who also worked as a lifeguard for Honolulu Ocean Safety, was attacked Sunday near Goat Island off the North Shore of Oahu, according to officials. Perry, who appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-O and the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, was brought to shore via a jet ski, but had sustained multiple bites and could not be saved.

It remains unclear which breed of shark was responsible for the attack, which was said to have occurred as Perry was surfing during a break from his lifeguard duties at around 1.00 p.m. Surfing website Stab Mag, which described the surfer as an "icon" of the sport and a noted pipeline specialist, said Perry was discovered with an arm and a leg missing after the shark chewed off two of his limbs. This is thought to be the first time a professional surfer has been mauled to death by a shark.

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Magnitude-6.3 earthquake strikes off northern Vanuatu, no tsunami warning issued

A magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck off the northern coast of Vanuatu at approximately 19:03 local time on Monday.

According to reports, the epicenter of the earthquake was located approximately 52 km (32 miles) north-northeast of Port-Orly.

The quake occurred at a depth of about 156 km (97 miles), resulting in moderate-to-light shaking felt across northern and central Vanuatu. Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties attributed to the earthquake. Experts suggest that significant damage is unlikely due to the considerable depth of the tremor.

Authorities have confirmed that the earthquake did not trigger any tsunami advisories. The situation is being closely monitored for any further developments.

The earthquake serves as a reminder of the region's seismic activity, with Vanuatu located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, known for its frequent tectonic activity and earthquakes.


Northwest Iowa residents evacuated because of flooding - Gov. Kim Reynolds declares disaster

Days of heavy rainfall have pushed rivers to record levels across northwest Iowa, shutting down utilities in several cities and forcing evacuations.

Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a disaster declaration Saturday for 21 counties in the region, and the Iowa State Patrol and Iowa 511 warned against travel there because of flooded roads.

The most dramatic situation may have been in Rock Valley, where as much as 15 inches of upstream rain over the previous 72 hours sent the Rock River surging to a record depth of more than 27 feet. That was 5 feet over the previous record and 8 feet above major flood stage, 19 feet, according to the National Water Prediction Service.

A levee failed and the city sounded warning sirens early Saturday, telling residents north of Highway 18 to evacuate. State troopers blocked roads into the city to all but local residents, and the city said on its Facebook page that people were being brought out by boat because "the water current and height" had rendered the use of vehicles impossible.


Enormous hailstorm slams Lake Powell, Utah

Friday ended up bringing severe weather to the Beehive State, which included hail, heavy rain, high winds, and thunderstorms.

Over at Lake Powell, golf-sized hail balls slammed people in the waters. The videos, which were shared with KUTV by Jessica Hughes and Brad & Kandra Mills, show people screaming as huge hail balls crashed down into the reservoir. One person reported some bruises, but it sounds like no major injuries occurred.

The main lesson is to be mindful of the weather when you go outside because you never know what you might experience.