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Sat, 24 Aug 2019
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Boy mauled by kangaroo in New South Wales, Australia

Lewis suffered puncture wounds and scratches to his head and torso.

Lewis suffered puncture wounds and scratches to his head and torso.
A father who jumped to the defence of his son as he was being mauled by a kangaroo has said the five year old has been left traumatised by the incident.

Brenton Dyer was doing some work in the back of his Valla Beach home in New South Wales, south of Coffs Harbour, on Thursday when he saw the animal jumping at his five-year-old son Lewis.

Lewis and his brother Jedd, 10, had been playing in the family's backyard.

"I heard a bit of commotion and I just saw a kangaroo jumping and on top of my son," Dyer told 7NEWS.com.au.

"I could just see him and a cloud of dust."

Black Cat 2

Mountain lion attacks deer hunter near Kremmling, Colorado

mountain lion

Mountain lion
A man attacked by a mountain lion Saturday night near Kremmling did everything right when he fought back and stabbed the animal with a pocketknife, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Friday.

The man was reportedly attacked around 9 p.m. while scouting out places to hunt elk around the Big Horn Park subdivision northeast of Kremmling. Authorities and their hounds tracked down the mountain lion at about 7 a.m. the next morning and killed it.

A necropsy revealed the mountain lion had only grass in his stomach, indicating the animal was hungry, said Mike Porras, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Comment: In the same state later in the month: Boy attacked by mountain lion in Bailey, Colorado


Musician killed by grizzly bear on sound gathering trip in Northwest Territories, Canada

A French artist traversing the Canadian wilderness to record nature sounds for a musical project was fatally mauled by a grizzly bear that surprised him in his sleep, according to a travelling partner.

Musician Julien Gauthier, 44, was travelling along the Mackenzie River in Canada's sparsely populated Northwest Territories to record new sounds for a composition when the attack occurred.

His travelling partner, biologist Camille Toscani, said the grizzly bear entered a camp near the village of Tulita during the early hours of Thursday morning (local time).

Comment: Also recently: Russian pensioner 'eaten alive' by brown bear after joking about being mauled by one


August snow touches down in Colorado

First White Stuff
Colorado ski season is just around the corner.

Arapahoe Basin, known for its higher elevation, saw its first dusting of white stuff for the 2019-2020 season early Thursday morning.

"And so it begins. Not sure if it is snow, hail, sleet, slush or what, but the first white stuff of the season was high on the East Wall this morning," Arapahoe Basin COO Alan Henceroth announced on his blog Thursday morning.

Comment: It's Snowing in August all over the world


Fish with 'two mouths' caught in upstate New York shocks anglers

two mouth fish
© Courtesy: Knotty Boys Fishing
A woman in upstate New York made what some are calling "the catch of a lifetime" when she reeled in a fish that appears to have two mouths. When a photo of the fish was uploaded to Facebook, it unsurprisingly went viral.

Debbie Geddes told Fox News that she caught the unique fish while she was out on Lake Champlain with her husband.

"When this particular fish bit, it felt like I had a nice fish on," she explained. "I actually commented, 'I hope it's as big as it feels!' When we got it in the boat I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing!"

"We quickly took a few pictures and released the fish," she continued. That picture was eventually uploaded to Facebook by a co-worker of Geddes, Adam Facteau.

Cloud Lightning

Five people killed, over 150 injured by powerful lightning strikes in Poland's Tatra Mountains

Four helicopters were involved in the rescue
Four helicopters were involved in the rescue
Four people have been killed and more than 30 injured when lighting struck different locations in Poland's Tatra Mountains, a spokeswoman for the country's air ambulance service says.

Lightning hit a group of tourists on Giewont, a 1,894-metre mountain, after a sunny morning turned stormy, according to witnesses quoted on private broadcaster TVN24. The peak is a popular trekking destination in southern Poland.

Comment: RT further reports that one thunderbolt struck the cross, travelled down the chains holding it in place then hit the group of 25 tourists.
"We heard that after [the] lightning struck, people fell... the current then continued along the chains securing the ascent, striking everyone along the way. It looked bad," Jan Krzysztof, head of the TOPR Tatra volunteer search and rescue service said.

Four people, including two children, were killed in Poland and a Czech tourist was killed by the same storm in neighboring Slovakia. Some 150 people were treated for burns, fractures, and heart problems, 34 of whom remain in hospital as of Friday afternoon. Three people are missing.

The Tatras are the highest mountains in Poland, and Thursday's lightning storm was the region's worst since August 1937 when lightning strikes killed four people on the Giewont peak.

Kinga Czerwinska, an air ambulance service spokeswoman, said some of the injured were brought by helicopter to the hospital in Zakopane, in the Tatras, while others were taken elsewhere.

Witnesses said the thunderstorm came suddenly on a day that began with clear weather.

Black Cat

Florida panthers suffering from mysterious disorder affecting their ability to walk

Florida panthers disorder
An inexplicable crippling disorder appears to be affecting some Florida panthers, puzzling wildlife officials who are working to determine what is ailing the endangered animals.

The Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission (FWC) this week announced some of the state's big cats — namely kittens — have "exhibited some degree of walking abnormally or difficulty coordinating their back legs."

So far, FWC officials said they have confirmed neurological damage in one panther and one bobcat, but noted at least eight other panthers and one adult bobcat are also "displaying varying degrees of this condition."

Black Cat

Boy attacked by mountain lion in Bailey, Colorado

A cougar
© Dreamstime
A cougar
A child was attacked by a mountain lion in a Colorado subdivision Wednesday night, and a hunt was on for the animal in the community of Bailey, wildlife officials said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the department that manages 42 state parks and all of Colorado's wildlife, said that it had confirmed a mountain lion attack on a young boy and that a dog team was called in to help officers search for the animal.

The boy was taken to a hospital, the department said, but his condition was not immediately disclosed.

A spokesman for the department did not immediately return an email late Wednesday seeking more details.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Foot of summer snow BC - Hurricane, drought - Crypto nations

The view from Melody Magaton's window Monday morning, at the Buffalo Inn along the Alaska Highway in Pink Mountain, 190 kilometres north of Fort St. John, B.C.
© Melody Magaton
The view from Melody Magaton's window Monday morning, at the Buffalo Inn along the Alaska Highway in Pink Mountain, 190 kilometres north of Fort St. John, B.C.
Over a foot of snow (35cm) has fallen in British Columbia western Canada, so much of a rare season event it caught provincial park staff and campers off guard forcing the closure Fort Nelson and Muncho Lake Park - Stone Mountain. Hurricane season in the Atlantic is far short of expectations although experts tell us that climate change will result in more frequent storms. A look at which countries are adopting cryptocurrency fastest across the globe.

Winter is Coming Cycles of Change Presentation: A comprehensive PDF slide presentation with accompanying MP3 narration of the slides by David DuByne, author of Climate Revolution. Over an hour of detailed explanation and documentation of the rapidly approaching periods of life-changing Cold we will soon experience.

Climate Revolution is a 'Must Read' for understanding our Sun driven climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Weather extremes leading to Global food scarcity and high food prices are here now, and this book describes the expected changes, how to survive & thrive during future challenging times with practical preparations.



Mass salmon die off blamed on heatwave and lack of oxygen in Alaska


The heat decreases the amount of oxygen in the water, causing salmon to suffocate.
Alaska has been in the throes of an unprecedented heat wave this summer, and the heat stress is killing salmon in large numbers.

Scientists have observed die-offs of several varieties of Alaskan salmon, including sockeye, chum and pink salmon.Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, director of the Yukon Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, told CNN she took a group of scientists on an expedition along Alaska's Koyokuk River at the end of July, after locals alerted her to salmon die-offs on the stream.

She and the other scientists counted 850 dead unspawned salmon on that expedition, although they estimated the total was likely four to 10 times larger.

They looked for signs of lesions, parasites and infections, but came up empty. Nearly all the salmon they found had "beautiful eggs still inside them," she said. Because the die-off coincided with the heat wave, they concluded that heat stress was the cause of the mass deaths.

Comment: So it isn't definitive proof, but it is certainly a possibility, and it's notable extreme temperature swings are wreaking havoc all over the planet.

Quinn-Davidson said she'd been working as a scientist for eight years and had "never heard of anything to this extent before."

Comment: Meanwhile also in that area of the world record cold events are also occurring, and the overall trend is towards cooling: