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Sun, 18 Aug 2019
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'Loud trumpet sounds' heard coming from the sky in North Carolina

Strange sounds (stock)
YouTube user 'ShadowBandit91' shared footage of 'trumpeting sounds' he heard in the North Carolina sky on July 15, 2019:
So, I was coming into work like normal. I got into work at 3:30am ... no construction, no loud vehicles, nothing on the two major highways. It is quiet when I come into work. I've never heard the sound before or since I've been coming into this building for 11 years (more less.)

In my 28 years of living, I've never heard a sound like this at all. It sounds like mating calls for whales or a really good trumpet player that can throw sound from hell-a-far. It was so loud when I walked into the building, I could hear it before I could even open the warehouse doors and for those of you have not seen videos of my warehouse, you can tell what doors I'm talking about. I could hear that clearly so when I stepped outside this is what I heard:


Strange 'rumbling horn-like sounds' heard in northern Indiana

Strange sounds - stock
© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On July 2, 2019, YouTube user 'iamtheicelord' uploaded footage of strange "unsettling" sounds he heard in the skies of Merrillville, Indiana:
Earlier this summer right in the middle of June 2019 my friend and I stepped outside to grab some air and started hearing these strange low rumbling horn like sounds coming from the distance. We got a couple of them I'm recording. Let us know what you think they were.


What's causing the mystery deaths of dolphins and whales off the Tuscan coast in Italy? 34 so far in 2019

Thirty-two dolphins and two whales have been found dead off the Tuscan coast since the beginning of the year, the Italian region's environmental protection agency said Friday.

Autopsies showed many had stopped feeding, suggesting they had been hit by a virus, possibly measles, experts said.

Over just four days at the end of July the bodies of six dolphins were found, the agency's spokesman Marco Talluri told AFP.

"We analysed the stomachs of eight specimens and found that they were half empty, as if the animals had not eaten for two or three days," said Italian biologist Cecilia Mancusi, an expert from the ARPAT environmental agency.

Cloud Precipitation

5 children feared dead as floods ravage Nigeria

Many families have been displaced and business owners disorganised following a heavy rain that has caused gutters to overflow into homes, shops, worship places, and all conceivable places mostly in lowland areas of the expansive Jimeta area of Yola metropolis.

Authorities have put the human casualty to between three to five, with details still being awaited by Friday afternoon.

The Executive Secretary of the Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency (ADSEMA), Dr Muhammed Suleiman, told DAILY POST on phone that a team he sent to access the extent of damage was yet to return, but that he understood that four or five children might have died in Jambutu and Wurojabe, as well as Jimeta, Yola North LGA; and possibly in Yolde Pate in Yola South LGA.


27 inches of snow in 72 hours hits ski areas of New Zealand

There have been some big snowfalls in New Zealand over the past few days, transforming conditions after a slow start to the 2019 ski season there.

Ski areas have posted accumulations of up to 70cm in the past few and base depths have reached 3 metres (10 feet) at one area, the deepest in the southern hemisphere by more than a metre.

The news isn't all good though at present as some ski areas are closed due to the accompanying gale force winds, others whilst they did gout the snow, some as after all the snow their slopes are so full no one else can get on and at least one, Manganui, the one with the 3m base, because the weather warmed up after the snow


August snowfall on the Dolomites in Italy

August snow on Marmolada, Dolomites, north Italy August 2, 2019.

Report: Carlo Budel

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flooding in the Midlands region of the UK

This is a compilation of the terrible flooding in the Midlands region of the UK. After the record breaking heatwave this happens.

These clip was not recorded by me, this is a compilation of clips, the only reason music has been added is because a lot of these clips had to be muted due to swearing or interference.

Floods from heavy persistent rain fall. Bridge collapsed from severe flooding and flash floods.

Cloud Precipitation

The world's ageing dams are not built for ever more extreme weather

Toddbrook Reservoir
A helicopter helps shore up the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir, UK.
The town of Whaley Bridge in the UK has had to be evacuated after damage to a dam built in 1831. The Toddbrook Reservoir is just one of many ageing dams worldwide not designed for ever more extreme rainfall as the planet warms.

Dams are typically designed to cope with a so-called 1-in-100-year flood event. But as the world warms the odds of extreme rainfall are changing, meaning the risk of failure is far greater. Engineers have been warning for years that many old dams around the world are already unsafe and need upgrading or dismantling.

"The 1-in-100-year event is perhaps happening every five years," says Roderick Smith at Imperial College London. "I'm absolutely convinced that it is due to climate change."

What is happening at Toddbrook Reservoir, where 1500 people have had to evacuate, is very similar to what happened at the Oroville Dam in California in February 2017. Both are earthen dams where excess water flows over the top of the dam and down a concrete-lined spillway.

If this concrete is damaged, the water flowing down the spillway can rapidly erode the earth underneath, and there is a risk of the entire dam wall collapsing.

Snowflake Cold

California's Mammoth Mountain ski resort finally closes after monster 261-day season

Mammoth mountain, California

Mammoth Mountain — located along the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, California — has
finally closed for the season after receiving near-record snowfall this past winter.

According to the resort, Mammoth's season lasted a monster 261 days — the third longest seasons on record, with the latest-ever closing dates being Aug 13, 1995 (solar minimum of cycle 22) and Aug 6, 2017 (approaching solar minimum of cycle 24).

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, the resort received a total 718 inches (18.2 m) of snow at its summit and 492 inches (12.5 m) at the main lodge — the second largest accumulation in the resort's history.

In February alone, 207 inches (5.3 m) of powder fell, marking the snowiest February on record.

The Mountain reopens for the season on November 9.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Precipitation

More than 10 inches of rain brings flooding in eastern Kansas, with threat of more

Several rounds of overnight thunderstorms inundated parts of eastern Kansas with heavy rains early Thursday, according to the National Weather Service in Topeka.

Ten inches of rain or more fell along a line that stretched from southern Jefferson County through Douglas County, Franklin County and into Anderson County, weather radar indicated.

The National Weather Service in Topeka issued a flash flood warning for those counties, saying radar and rain gauges indicated that the storms have dumped as much as 10 inches of rain across the area.

Flash flooding was already occurring and an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain was possible.