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Sat, 12 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes


Major flooding hits Guyana and Suriname

Residents of Bartica we are currently experiencing the worse floods in recent years, the town's Mayor, Gifford Marshall has said.

In a Facebook post. Marshall said hours-long heavy rainfall has resulted in extensive flooding in low- lying and others areas. "We regret to report that we are expecting the highest tide in a few hours.

In light of the above we ask that you prepare and take all necessary measures to secure your property.

The Council will continue to update you as we remain on the ground to monitor situation," Marshall told residents.


Mouse plague deals fresh blow to Australian farmers

Rural Australia has taken a battering over the last few years, with drought, fires and floods - and many farms in New South Wales are now having to deal with a plague of mice.

These three farmers spoke about living through the worst mouse infestation they've ever seen.


Cyclone 'Yaas' causes flooding in Odisha and West Bengal, India - 1.5 million evacuate

Evacuations in Odisha, India, May 2021.
© Kendrapada Police, Odisha
Evacuations in Odisha, India, May 2021.
Almost 1.5 million people evacuated their homes in India ahead of Cyclone Yaas making landfall in the state of Odisha on 26 May 2021.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) said Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Yaas crossed the North Odisha coast about 20km south of Balasore during the morning of 26 May 2021, with an estimated wind speed of 130 to 140 km/h and gusts of 155 km/h. Moving north-westwards Yaas later weakened to a Severe Cyclonic Storm.

IMD warned of storm surge of 2-3 meters in coastal areas
of Balasore, Bhadrak and Medinipur districts in Odisha. Rainfall warnings were issued in Odisha and West Bengal. IMD said heavy rain was likely from 28 May in parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Comment: See also earlier report with videos: Deadly Cyclone Yaas hits India's eastern coast - at least 3 killed


Humpback whale found dead on Mediterranean beach in France in rare event

A humpback whale was found dead on Wednesday on a beach along the Mediterranean in southern France, in what experts said was a rare incident.

"As soon as we arrived, it was already dead," said Elodie Sene, a caretaker at an aquarium in the town of Grau-du-Roi.

"I've never seen anything like this, it's the first time I see this in the Mediterranean," she added.

The seven-meter-long (23-foot)animal was evacuated from the beach at Carnon, near the seaside town of La Grande-Motte, and was to undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Bizarro Earth

'Mind-boggling for May': Extreme temps continues to hit Russia hard as country records 30 degrees Celsius inside Arctic Circle

© Getty Images / JanMiko
A Twitter post from a British meteorologist has gone viral after he detected "mind-boggling" temperatures within the Arctic Circle in Russia, where the thermometer last week hit 30°C, hotter than almost everywhere else in Europe.

Scott Duncan, a professional meteorologist based in London who designed the popular weather-forecasting website WXCHARTS, tweeted on May 19 that such temperatures are "truly exceptional for any time of the year," but even more shocking in the month of May.

"This part of the Arctic is 20-24°C hotter than average for this time of year," Duncan said.


40,000 displaced by recent floods, says Red Cross in Kenya - with at least 9 dead

Floods in Kenya May 2021.
© Kenya Red Cross
Floods in Kenya May 2021.
In a recent update of the ongoing flood situation in Kenya, the Red Cross reported that almost 40,000 people have been displaced across the country.

In a report of 24 May, the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) said that since the start of the "Long Rains" as many as 39,054 people from 6,580 households have been displaced across 16 counties.

Among the hardest hit areas are in the counties of Tana River (3,864 displaced), Homa Bay (2,046), Kisumu (7,704), Busia (4,056) and Migori (5,022). IFRC said that some of those displaced are refuged in temporary camps in Ombaka (Kisumu), Nyatike (Migori), Osodo (Homa Bay) and Bunyala (Busia), while others have been housed by relatives, friends and neighbours.

Snowflake Cold

Coldest May morning in years, freezing start for South Island, New Zealand

The Crown Range Road this morning.
© MetService
The Crown Range Road this morning.
It was another freezing start for many in the South today, with temperatures plunging to a bone-chilling -10C in some places.

Forecaster Niwa said Middlemarch, inland from Dunedin, hit -10.1C, which was provisionally New Zealand's lowest May temperature since 2001, excluding high-elevation locations.

The wintry conditions prompted warnings for road users, with gritted roads and freezing fog reported.

Dunedin Airport was also very cold, recording -8.4C, while inland Otago was sub-zero in most places. Further north, parts of the Mackenzie Basin were also hovering around -10C.


Drama in Nepal: Escape from Everest and Baruntse because of heavy snowfall

Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse
© Everest Weather Station
Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse are somewhere behind these thick clouds today, May 27.
Nepal's Home Ministry has called for expedition agencies and tourism officials to make climbers return immediately from the mountains. For those high on Everest and Baruntse, returning is easier said than done.

While climbing permits are valid until the end of the month, the impact of Cyclone Yaas has prompted authorities to summon climbers down, the Everest News blog told ExplorersWeb. In fact, there may be little need for the official press release. On Everest, most teams at higher camps have switched their focus to getting down safely, in very tough conditions.

We still await news from Baruntse, where Marek Holecek and Radoslav Groh have been trapped after completing a new route. The exhausted pair, possibly without food or even fuel for melting water, are into their eighth day on the wall. Yesterday, they only managed to descend 100m. In Holecek's latest message, he said that they would attempt to descend during the night.

In the storm

Heavy snowfall will continue until Saturday. This is bad news for Holecek and Groh, as well as for those on Everest. Many climbers are weathering the storm in Camp 2 or trying to get down the mountain.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods and transport disruption after heavy rainfall across central Sweden

Heavy rainfall has led to hundreds of flooded buildings and roads in central Sweden that continue to disrupt traffic on Thursday.

The highest levels of rain fell in Tullinge in Botkyrka, and in Södertälje: 58 millimetres had fallen in the 24 hours leading up to Wednesday evening, according to weather agency SMHI.

Several roads have been flooded and on Thursday morning, in the six regions where an SMHI warning was in place, around 20 roads were affected by floods. The worst affected regions are Stockholm and Örebro, according to the Swedish Transport Administration.


Killer whales spotted off the Cornish coast in the UK for the first time in 50 years

A newborn orca calf spotted playing with its pod in the North Seas off Moray Firth, near Duncansby Head, Caithness.
© Karen Munro / SWNS.COM
A newborn orca calf spotted playing with its pod in the North Seas off Moray Firth, near Duncansby Head, Caithness.
Experts have confirmed two British killer whales which appeared off Cornwall were the most southerly ever recorded in 50 years of observations.

Nine days later the pair were seen back in the Hebrides.

Then, the following day, they were spotted by a research vessel in the waters off Lochboisdale, Scotland.

Multiple organisations confirmed this is the first sighting of this famous pair of killer whales off England and the most southerly point they have ever been recorded in five decades.

Movements of this small and unique group of killer whales have been tracked, over time, by The Sea Watch Foundation, Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

One of the killer whales is known as John Coe - and has a deep nick near the base of his dorsal fin and fluke.