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Mon, 03 Oct 2022
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Cloud Precipitation

At least 35 dead, hundreds still missing in eastern Kentucky flooding - 11 inches of rain in 8 hours - North Fork Kentucky River smashes record level by 5 feet (UPDATES)

Water nearly swallows some buildings Thursday morning in the community of Lost Creek in eastern Kentucky's Breathitt County.

Water nearly swallows some buildings Thursday morning in the community of Lost Creek in eastern Kentucky's Breathitt County.
[Breaking news update, published at 12:59 p.m. ET]

At least three people have died as a result of widespread flooding in eastern Kentucky -- two people in Perry County, and one in Knott County -- Gov. Andy Beshear said Thursday afternoon.

"I do believe it will end up being one of the most significant, deadly floods that we have had in Kentucky in at least a very long time," Beshear said. "Unfortunately, I expect double-digit deaths in this flooding."

[Original story, published at 12:29 p.m. ET]

Eastern Kentucky is enduring "one of the worst, most devastating flooding events" in the commonwealth's history Thursday after heavy overnight rains caused untold damage and forced some residents to the roofs of their swamped homes to await rescue, the governor said.

"We expect the loss of life. Hundreds will lose their homes, and this is going to be yet another event (where) it's going to take not months, but likely years, for many families to rebuild and recover," Gov. Andy Beshear said in a news conference Thursday morning in Frankfort.

Comment: Update July 29

The Guardian reports:
At least 16 people dead after flash flooding in Kentucky

Kentucky: rescue teams deployed after deadly flash floods

Kentucky: rescue teams deployed after deadly flash floods
At least 16 people have died in widespread flash flooding in Kentucky, including families with children, a toll the authorities expect to rise on Friday as extreme weather hits several states.

The Kentucky governor, Andy Beshear, said on Friday morning he expected to receive a federal state of emergency declaration later in the morning, which gives state governors extra powers and access to special funding to deal with such a catastrophe, and has been in contact with the White House.

He announced the latest death toll after visiting affected areas but added on Friday morning: "I expect that number to more than double, probably even throughout today."

"This comes on the back of the worst tornado disaster we have ever seen," Beshear told CNN on Friday morning, referring to the western part of the state being hit by deadly tornadoes several months ago.

Search and rescue teams backed by the national guard are searching for people missing in the record floods that have wiped out entire towns in some of the poorest places in America.

"There are hundreds of families that have lost everything," Beshear said. "And many of these families didn't have much to begin with. And so it hurts even more. But we're going to be there for them."

The flooding has hit eastern Kentucky, while extreme weather has also badly affected parts of Arizona, Missouri with flooding, and Nevada, where parts of the main commercial strip in Las Vegas have been under water.

In Kentucky, powerful floodwaters swallowed towns that hug creeks and streams in Appalachian valleys and hollows, swamping houses and businesses, leaving vehicles in useless piles and crunching runaway equipment and debris against bridges. Mudslides on steep slopes left many people marooned and without power, making rescues more difficult.

Krystal Holbrook's family started moving possessions to higher ground long before dawn on Thursday, racing to save them from the rapidly rising floodwaters that were menacing south-eastern Kentucky.

Her family scurried in the dark to move vehicles, campers, trailers and equipment. But as the water kept rising on Thursday, killing at least eight people that day and then the death toll rising to 15 overnight into Friday, they began to worry that they might run out of higher ground.

"We felt we had most of it moved out of the way," Holbrook said. "But right now, we're still moving vehicles even to higher ground. Higher ground is getting a little bit difficult."

The same was true throughout the region, as another round of rainfall loomed in an area already hammered by days of torrential rainfall.

The storm sent water gushing from hillsides and surging out of stream beds in Appalachia, inundating homes, businesses and roads. Rescue crews used helicopters and boats to pick up people trapped by floodwaters. Parts of western Virginia and southern West Virginia were also hit by flooding.

Beshear asked for prayers as the region braced for more rain. "In a word, this event is devastating," he said.

In Whitesburg, Kentucky, floodwaters seeped into Appalshop, an arts and education center renowned for promoting and preserving the region's history and culture.

"We're not sure exactly the full damage because we haven't been able to safely go into the building or really get too close to it," said Meredith Scalos, its communications director. "We do know that some of our archival materials have flooded out of the building into Whitesburg streets."

Meanwhile, dangerous conditions and continued rainfall hampered rescue efforts, the governor said.

"We've got a lot of people that need help that we can't get to at the moment," he said. "We will."

Flash flooding and mudslides were reported across the mountainous region of eastern Kentucky, western Virginia and southern West Virginia, where thunderstorms dumped several inches of rain over the past few days, with additional flooding that is more extreme than usual still being possible.

Poweroutage.us reported more than 33,000 customers without electricity in eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, with the bulk of the outages in Kentucky.

Rescue crews worked feverishly to try to reach people trapped by the floodwaters.

"There are a lot of people in eastern Kentucky on top of roofs waiting to be rescued," Beshear said on Thursday.

The storms hit an Appalachian mountain region where towns and houses are often perched on steep hillsides or set deep in the hollows between them, where creeks and streams can rise rapidly.
Update July 30

The New York Times reports:
Search for Victims Continues in Kentucky After Floods Kill at Least 25

Homes and vehicles flooded on Friday by
© Austin Anthony
Homes and vehicles flooded on Friday by overflow from heavy rains in Breathitt County, Ky.
The response to some of the worst flooding in Kentucky's history was entering a pivotal phase on Saturday morning, with the confirmed death toll at 25 and the search for victims poised to accelerate over a battered stretch of central Appalachia.

A cold front is expected to bring clearer weather to flood-stricken areas on Saturday, giving rescue personnel one less obstacle to contend with as they work to pluck more residents off rooftops. Nearly 300 people have been rescued in Kentucky so far, about 100 of them by aircraft, Gov. Andy Beshear told reporters on Friday.

But state officials expect the death toll to keep growing, possibly for weeks, as rescue efforts continue across rugged hills and valleys that remain hard to reach. And with rain in the forecast for Sunday, they feel urgency to make more progress before water levels have a chance to rise again.

"There's still a lot of people out there — still a lot of people unaccounted for," Mr. Beshear said on Friday, as President Biden approved a disaster declaration for the state. "We're going to do our best to find them all."

Plenty of challenges remain. One is that some Kentucky communities are either without electricity or cut off from cellphone service. According to poweroutage.us, a website that tracks power interruptions, more than 17,000 households across the state were without power as of 4 a.m. Saturday.

Further flooding is also possible. Some Kentucky creeks and rivers were still rising on Friday, and even as a flood warning in a pocket of eastern Kentucky with more than 46,000 residents expired at 10 p.m., a similar number of residents in that part of the state were under flood warnings or advisories through at least Saturday afternoon.
Update August 1

CNN reports:
Kentucky flooding death toll rises to 35 as governor says hundreds remain unaccounted for

The death toll in flood-stricken Kentucky has risen to 35, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday afternoon, as rescue workers continue to comb the region for hundreds of missing people, unable to access areas left isolated after floodwater washed away bridges and inundated communities.

"More tough news," the governor said on Twitter. "We have confirmed more fatalities from the Eastern Kentucky floods. Our loss now stands at 35. Pray for these families and for those who are missing."

The death toll could still rise further, according to officials, with "hundreds of unaccounted for people" at a minimum, the governor said at a news conference earlier in the day in Frankfort.

"We just don't have a firm grasp on that. I wish we did -- there are a lot of reasons why it's nearly impossible," he said. "But I want to make sure we're not giving either false hope or faulty information."

The flooding last week swelled over roads, destroyed bridges and swept away entire homes, displacing thousands of Kentuckians, Beshear previously said. Vital electricity, water and roadway infrastructure was also knocked out. Some of it has yet to be restored, though cell service is returning in some of the state's hardest-hit areas, the governor said, which may help people connect with loved ones they've yet to contact.

"I've lived here in this town for 56 years, and I have never seen water of this nature," Tracy Neice, the mayor of Hindman, Kentucky, told CNN, saying his town's main street looked like a stretch of river where one might go whitewater rafting. "It was just devastating to all of our businesses, all of our offices."
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Cloud Lightning

Motorcyclist died after lightning struck him while driving on highway in Sinaloa, Mexico

Motorcyclist died after being struck by lightning

Motorcyclist died after being struck by lightning
A motorcyclist died while driving on a highway in Ahome, Sinaloa, after lightning struck him, reported the local Municipal Police who went to the scene of the incident.

According to the first reports, the victim was traveling from north to south and was on his way to the city of Los Mochis, when almost upon reaching the stops, located in the Los Mochis ejido, a lightning strike struck him, causing him to immediately lose control of the motorcycle. and skidding several meters along the asphalt layer.

The accident was immediately notified to the emergency services, which responded promptly. The paramedics, upon arrival, confirmed that the man died instantly from the electric shock that ran through his body.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods kill 120 people in Afghanistan over past 1 month

Taliban's Disaster Management Authority announced Saturday that recent floods in the country caused lots of damage to people's homes and killed dozens of people in different parts of the country.

Taliban's Disaster Management Authority announced Saturday that recent floods in the country caused lots of damage to people's homes and killed dozens of people in different parts of the country.
The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan confirmed that at least 120 people died and 152 other injured due to floods in the past one month, which also caused heavy financial damage by affecting thousands of acres of agricultural land.

The announcement was made by the State Ministry for Disaster Management on Sunday, reports TOLO News.

Flooding occurred in more than 10 provinces and caused severe damage to public infrastructure, including highways and roads.

Cloud Precipitation

At least 22 killed in catastrophic floods in Eastern Region of Uganda (UPDATED)

Julius Mucunguzi, Advisor and Head of Communications at the Office of the Prime Minister, distributed aerial photos of the floods
© Julius Mucunguzi
Julius Mucunguzi, Advisor and Head of Communications at the Office of the Prime Minister, distributed aerial photos of the floods
Catastrophic flooding and landslides in the Eastern Region of Uganda have left at least 10 dead and hundreds homeless after heavy rain caused rivers to overflow.

Uganda Police Force said flooding and landslides struck following heavy rain on the slopes of Mount Elgon late on 30 July 2022. Areas of Mbale, Kapchorwa and Sironko Districts in Eastern Region have all been severely affected. Houses were submerged and crops and roads wiped out.

Uganda Red Cross said several rivers including the Nabuyonga and Namatala overflowed in in Mbale District. According to Uganda Police Force, the floods caused extensive property damage, especially in areas of Namakwekwe and areas of Mbale City where several vehicles and an unknown number of occupants were swept away.

Comment: AFP reports:
Death Toll From Uganda Floods Jumps To 22

The number of people killed in flash floods in the eastern Ugandan city of Mbale has jumped to 22, including a group of partygoers who became trapped in a minibus, police said on Monday.

Two rivers burst their banks at the weekend after the city was battered by heavy rainfall, leading to mudslides that inflicted widespread damage and left hundreds of residents homeless.

A combined force of police, the army and the Red Cross were continuing to search for the missing in the muddy floodwaters that have swallowed up homes, bridges, shops, and roads.

"The death toll of those killed by floods in Mbale has reached 22. Ten others are in critical condition," Ugandan police spokesman Fred Enanga told AFP.

Some of the victims were found trapped in a minibus, he said, adding: "These were mainly relatives and friends who were going to a party but were swept off the road by the floods."

An AFP reporter saw five dead bodies being pulled from the submerged minibus as search teams hunted around the ill-fated vehicle for more possible victims.

Enanga said residents have been advised to relocate to safer areas as the rains continue to lash the city, which lies about 300 kilometres (180 miles) northeast of the capital Kampala.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, who visited the scene of the flooding, had suggested the disaster may have been avoided if people had not encroached on the river banks.

Mbale District, which is home to Mbale city, has a population of over 500,000, according to the 2020 census, and is one of Uganda's densely populated areas.


Two people mauled to death by dogs in Cape Town, South Africa

Philippi residents go on a rampage after a horrific incident that took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. The disgruntled community members in Philippi are reeling in shock after two people were allegedly mauled to death by three Rottweilers. Numerous residents were leaving the area as the City's Fire and Rescue services worked on dousing out structures that had been set alight.

Another person, who was also attacked by the dogs, allegedly owned by a local farmer, was rushed to hospital. However, it's still unclear, whether anything provoked the dogs. One of the deceased, Riedewaan Sias, was reportedly found lying outside, on a road close to the farm.

According to witnesses, the deceased face bore the brunt of his injuries as it was covered with bite marks. An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, said Sias was naked as his clothes were ripped to pieces. Distraught family members watched as their loved one was removed from the scene where he died.


Man dies after mauling by several dogs in Selma, California

dog attack
A 59-year-old Selma man was mauled to death by "several dogs" on Sunday afternoon, the Selma Police Department reported.

Officers responded to a call just after 1 p.m. in the area of Goldridge and Balboa streets and found an individual attempting to separate the dogs from the victim. Officers administered first aid until emergency medical personnel arrived and transported the victim to a local hospital.

The man did not survive his injuries. His identity was not released Sunday. The individual trying to separate the dogs was bit by one of the dogs but sustained only a minor injury, police said in a news release. Police said the dogs escaped from a nearby home and attacked the victim while he was walking through the neighborhood. Police and an animal control officer captured and quarantined the dogs.

Authorities did not identify the breeds of the dogs or say how many were involved in the attack. Police said the owner of the dog was cooperating with investigators.

(Warning graphic content)

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 7 cows in Thailand

7 cows killed in a lightning strike.
© Prasit Tangprasert
Puttha Sa-ut points to the carcasses of her cows after they were struck by lightning in Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday.
Deadly lightning struck a forest during a rain storm in the Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima, killing seven cows instantly. The unusual occurrence happened yesterday and was reported by the Hook 31 Rescue Unit. That unit was called to investigate in the northeastern province in response to the incident that took place at around 12:10 pm.

The unit hurried to tambon Dan Chang, Bua Yai district to the village of Ban Nong Mek where the rare lightning strike had taken place. A local villager told the tale about how cows were grazing in a forest adjacent to the village when she took four of her cows to join other people's cows to graze.

Black Cat

Young boy killed by wild jaguar in rare attack near Brasil Novo, State of Pará, Brazil

The schoolboy's body was found less than 50 metres from this slaughtered jaguar

The schoolboy's body was found less than 50 metres from this slaughtered jaguar
A 10-year-old boy died in agony when he was torn apart in an attack by a wild jaguar.

The attack was reportedly so savage that the lad's face was ripped off by the big cat's claws and teeth.

Police in Para state, northern Brazil, are now investigating Dierlissom Oliveira Paiva's death in a rural area near Brasil Novo, in the Brazilian Amazon.

The schoolboy disappeared on Wednesday afternoon (July 27) after going out to fish in a pond in a forested area.

After he failed to return home, his dad and neighbours went out to look for him.

But when they arrived at the pond, they found items of clothing and traces of blood on the ground.

A little over 50 metres away, they found the youngster's body with his face completely disfigured.

Comment: Concerning the rarity of fatal attacks by jaguars see this extract from Wikipedia:
Attacks on humans

Further information: Man-eater

The Spanish conquistadors feared the jaguar. According to Charles Darwin, the indigenous peoples of South America stated that people did not need to fear the jaguar as long as capybaras were abundant.[97] The first official record of a jaguar killing a human in Brazil dates to June 2008.[98] Two children were attacked by jaguars in Guyana.[99] The jaguar is the least likely of all big cats to kill and eat humans, and the majority of attacks come when it has been cornered or wounded.[100]

Cloud Precipitation

Iran raises death toll from mudslides and floods to at least 80 with 30 still missing (UPDATE)

In Imamzadeh Davood village, north of Tehran, rescue workers dig through mud after flash flooding.
© Vahid Salemi / Associated Press
In Imamzadeh Davood village, north of Tehran, rescue workers dig through mud after flash flooding.
Iran on Friday raised the death toll from landslides and flash floods this week across the country to at least 53, including those killed in a mudslide in the capital the previous day, state TV reported.

More than 30 people died in two villages northwest and northeast of Tehran after a monsoon dumped heavy rain that triggered mudslides there, the report said. Almost two dozen people died in eight other provinces, and 21 of Iran's 31 provinces were affected by the heavy rain.

There were fears the death toll could rise further as at least 16 people remained missing and more bodies were being uncovered after the rains abated. The report said military personnel had joined rescue efforts and were helping transfer thousands from remote areas to safer places.

Comment: Update July 30

France24 reports:
Week-long Iran flooding leaves at least 80 dead and 30 missing

A general view shows destruction following the flood in Firuzkuh, east of Tehran, Iran July 30, 2022.

A general view shows destruction following the flood in Firuzkuh, east of Tehran, Iran July 30, 2022.
At least 80 people have been killed and 30 others are missing in floods that have wreaked havoc across Iran for more than a week, state media reported Saturday.

Since the start of the Iranian month of Mordad on July 23, "59 people died and 30 are still missing in the incidents caused by recent floods," Yaghoub Soleimani, secretary-general of the Red Crescent Society, was quoted as saying by state news agency IRNA.

That is in addition to flash floods caused by heavy rains in the normally dry southern province of Fars that left at least 22 people dead just before the start of Mordad.

Many of those victims were spending the day by a riverside.

Soleimani noted that 60 cities, 140 towns and more than 500 villages across the country of around 83 million people have been affected by the inundations.

Tehran province is the hardest-hit with 35 deaths. Nearby Mazandaran province has the highest number of missing people at 20, a list published by the Red Crescent showed.

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a letter published on his website Saturday, expressed condolences to the families and called on authorities to take necessary measures to repair the damage.

President Ebrahim Raisi visited flood-ravaged areas in Firouzkouh region east of the capital, his office said.

Severe damage occurred there primarily because of a mountain landslide late Thursday which claimed 14 lives, according to state media.

Videos and pictures posted by Iranian media and on social media showed houses and cars surrounded by grey mud, and people trying to recover their belongings.

Initial estimates point to more than 60 trillion rials (about $200 million) in damages to the agricultural sector, Agriculture Minister Javad Sadatinejad said, according to state broadcaster IRIB.

Iran's meteorological centre on Saturday warned of more rains in the southern and northern provinces in the coming days.


Eruption at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan on July 30 - 3rd within 2 weeks

At approximately 11:55 JST a cloud obscured explosion was observed.

Our three cameras can be found here:

Live 3 KTS : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-He...
Sakurajima TV : https://www.youtube.com/c/sakurajimaTV
Morinaga : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKj...

Thank you for watching.

Comment: Details of the 2 other eruptions: Sakurajima volcano erupts on the island of Kyushu in western Japan on 24 July

Lava bombs as Sakurajima volcano erupts in Japan