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Snow in June on Scotland's mountains as Arctic air sweeps in

A dusting of snow at Cairngorm Mountain snowsports centre near Aviemore on Tuesday
© Peter JollyA dusting of snow at Cairngorm Mountain snowsports centre near Aviemore on Tuesday
Snow has been falling over some of Scotland's highest mountains with temperatures forecast to drop below -10C in the most exposed areas.

The Cairngorms were among upland areas to see a dusting on Tuesday.

Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) said Arctic air was affecting the hills, especially in the Highlands, and there had been significant wind chill.

BBC Weather said snow on mountain tops in June was not that unusual, and usually happened every three to five years on average.


Indonesian volcano of Mount Ibu spews lava and ash in month-long series of eruptions

Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupted again
© AP VIDEO / JUNE 4Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupted again and spewed thick, black ash and dark clouds 5,000 meters into the air, officials said.
Mount Ibu erupted Tuesday morning and blew ash clouds more than three miles into the sky, according to the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation. The volcano has erupted multiple times since early May.

Several other Indonesian volcanoes have erupted in recent months, including the Marapi Volcano and Mount Ruang.

How have officials responded to the eruptions? The volcanology agency on May 16 raised the eruption alert level for Mount Ibu to the highest possible level and urged residents to stay at least 4.4 miles away from the volcano. The alert has remained in place. Officials evacuated seven nearby villages on May 19.


2 tornadoes filmed in South Africa

When large and intense weather systems affect the country, tornadoes can occur.

That was according to the South African Weather Service (Saws) after severe thunderstorms affected parts of KwaZulu-Natal resulting in at least two tornado sightings on Monday afternoon.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Saws said a large weather system, namely a cut-off low, affected large parts of the country since the weekend and was responsible for the heavy rainfall and significant flooding over parts of the Eastern Cape.

Saws said that on Monday, the system moved over the western and central interior of the country and resulted in cold air that invaded the central and western interior. The eastern parts of the country, particularly KZN, experienced warm and moist conditions.

Comment: Related: At least 22 dead in flooding on South Africa's eastern coast


Young dead whale found in exclusive Argentine beach resort

The causes of death are yet to be determined. In the meantime, people were advised not to get close to stranded animals given the risk of catching contagious illnesses
The causes of death are yet to be determined. In the meantime, people were advised not to get close to stranded animals given the risk of catching contagious illnesses
A dead humpback whale was found by a group of bypassers on the beach shores of the exclusive Argentine resort of Pinamar The causes of the death of the young mammal weighing approximately 15 tons are yet to be determined by experts in the Province of Buenos Aires, it was reported.

Pinamar Ecological Foundation Vice President Cecilia Prieto told local media that the specimen was first spotted on Wednesday night. "We were notified that the whale was in the area of La Pérgola; the whale was dead" already, explained the licensed biologist.

The finding triggered a joint deployment with the San Clemente-based Mundo Marino Foundation with which the Pinamar organization has a standing cooperation agreement to rescue and study marine animals. A team from the Marine Mammals Department of the University of Mar del Plata also went to Pinamar to participate in the investigation.


Woman killed in dog attack in County Limerick, Ireland

dog attack
A woman has died after being attacked by a dog at a house in County Limerick.

The attack happened at about 23:40 on Tuesday in Ballyneety.

The woman, who was 23, was pronounced dead at the scene, gardaí (Irish police) said.

They said one dog had been destroyed and a number of others had been seized.

The woman's body was taken to University Hospital Limerick where a post-mortem examination will be carried out.

Better Earth

'Bizarre' gravity wave cloud phenomenon photographed over Australia

gravity wave cloud
Sydneysiders have been treated with a bizarre weather display after dozens of photos began circulating online of strange tubular clouds.

The eerie weather phenomenon was photographed and filmed over the city on Tuesday afternoon, with many querying what the reason was for the strange formations.

"Is it aliens?" one man asked. "I feel that as a society we all have the right to really know what is going on. Should we be concerned?"

Comment: Chemtrails, and geoengineering, are indeed real, however, whilst these rather nefarious practices have gained significant traction in the public consciousness in just the last year or so, they seem to be distracting from another the significant changes occurring in our atmosphere - which is also evident in a variety of other strange sky phenomena, including Transient Luminous Events, iridescent clouds, low lattitude and multicoloured aurora, to name a few - and which, unlike those man-made problems, cannot be stopped, and foreshadow greater Earth Changes up ahead: The turbulence comment is notable because in recent weeks there have been a few notable 'extreme' turbulence incidents: Another severe turbulence incident strikes passenger plane, follows death of passenger in similar incident 1 week earlier

Also check out SOTT radio's:


Snowfall hits parts of the Northern Cape, South Africa for the first time in about 40 years

The Southern African Large Telescope in Sutherland in the Northern Cape covered in snow as a cold front sweeps over the country. Snowfall continued in parts of the country and resulted in the closure of several roads in the Eastern Cape.
© NICO VAN DER MERWEThe Southern African Large Telescope in Sutherland in the Northern Cape covered in snow as a cold front sweeps over the country. Snowfall continued in parts of the country and resulted in the closure of several roads in the Eastern Cape.
It has been a winter wonderland for some and a morning of chaos for others as snowfall continued in parts of the country on Tuesday.

TimesLIVE Premium on Monday reported snowfall had hit parts of the Northern Cape for the first time in about 40 years as a powerful weather system sweeps across South Africa.

The cold weather was preceded by deadly storms along much of the Cape coast, with people missing, according to rescue officials.

The SA Weather Service (SAWS) issued a disruptive snow warning for Tuesday across high-lying parts of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Video clips and images emerged on social media on Tuesday showing homes and roads covered in a blanket of white. Others showed citizens braving the freezing weather to pose outside and take pictures in the snow.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding hits Germany (5 killed) and Italy following torrential rain (UPDATE)

The Wertach in Göggingen near the Wellenburger Bridge
The Wertach in Göggingen near the Wellenburger Bridge has now become a raging river. On Saturday morning, warning level 2 was reached here.
Heavy rain and floods hit parts of Germany and Italy - with hundreds being advised to leave their homes and some missing.

Parts of Southern Germany are under flood warning, with the highest levels applying to western Swabia, the Upper Allgäu and Upper Bavaria.

A state of emergency has been declared in Augsburg due to the extreme rainfall and rising water levels. Water levels are expected to continue to rise sharply in the coming hours. The communities of Fischach and Langenneufnach will be particularly affected.

The Lake Constance region has also been affected and is under risk of flooding. Around 1,300 people in Meckenbeuren, Baden-Württemberg have been advised to evacuate.

Comment: Update June 4

DPA reports:
The number of known fatalities as a result of the flooding in Germany's south has risen to five, according to the police.

A woman died after her car slipped off a road on Monday amid flooding in the small Bavarian town of Markt Rettenbach, police said. The 57-year-old's body was later recovered from the scene.

According to initial investigations, she was on a flooded road near Markt Rettenbach after driving past a warning barrier. In the closed-off section, the car slid sideways off the road into a meadow, where the water level was very high.

The woman made an emergency call on her mobile phone but by the time emergency crews arrived the car was "almost completely submerged," the police said.

Authorities had previously reported four deaths as a result of the flooding, in Bavaria and the neighbouring state of Baden-Württemberg. One of the dead was a firefighter on his way to help people trapped by the flooding.

The search for another firefighter who went missing overnight continued on Tuesday.

Police said however that the water current was so strong in the area near the town of Offingen where his boat capsized that the search could only take place from the air and where there was dry land.

The flooding situation in Bavaria is still considered critical, while the situation has significantly improved in Baden-Württemberg.


83-year-old Alabama man killed in dog attack

An 83-year-old Lawrence County man died following an attack by two dogs Sunday.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday in the 200 block of County Road 264 in Town Creek.

Deputies, fire and EMS personnel responded to a reported dog attack and found Willard Norton unresponsive near the front door to his residence.

He was transported to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Cloud Precipitation

Italy floods: Heartbreaking footage of three friends hugging before being swept away

Three friends seen in 'final embrace'
Three friends seen in 'final embrace'
Three friends embraced each other in Italy before being swept away during flash floods.

Patrizia Cormos, 20, Bianca Doros, 23, and Cristian Molnar, 25, were last seen on Friday, 31 May, when they were walking along the Natisone River in the Friuli region.

Heartbreaking footage shows the trio hugging in thigh-deep churning water.

Italy's fire and rescue service Vigili del Fuoco said the bodies of two women were recovered on Sunday, 2 June, in the waters of Natisone in Premariacco, a kilometre away from where the trio were last seen.

They are still searching for a third person.