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Fri, 23 Apr 2021
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Earth Changes

Snowflake Cold

Record cold March in northern European Russia

© Sputnik/ Ruslan Shamukov
January temperatures in March. In some areas, the temperature dropped to -40°C (-40°F) and below.

The north of European territory has already established frosts of minus thirty degrees, and in several cities on the night of the first spring holiday the temperature dropped to record lows.

In addition, to the already record low values, frosts intensified even further from the Kola Peninsula to Vorkuta.

In the Murmansk region, the record holder was the Krasnoshchelye settlement, where the temperature dropped to -34.5°C.

Comment: In other parts of Russia the same extremely cold weather for the time of year is also clearly apparent, see:


34,000 quakes in two weeks near Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland - 900% increase in activity compared with whole of 2020

Earthquakes on the Reykjanes peninsula during the past 2 weeks
The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) announced earlier today, that the total number of earthquakes in the region has exceeded 34,000 since the onset of the seismic swarm about 2 weeks ago.

For comparison, it had about 3,400 quakes in the whole of 2020, which also had shown elevated activity, while the average during the previous years was in the range of 1,000-3,000 quakes per year.

Comment: It certainly seems that seismic and volcanic activity have increased recently: Also check out SOTT radio's:


Three sperm whales that stranded on beach in Northland, New Zealand all now dead

The sperm whales washed up on Ripiro Beach
© DoC
The sperm whales washed up on Ripiro Beach and were currently being harvested by local iwi. Photo / DoC
Three male sperm whales stranded on a Northland beach have all died.

The Department of Conservation today said the whales stranded on Ripiro Beach on the Poutu Peninsula near Dargaville on Monday night.

Spokeswoman Abigail Monteith said a member of the public found the whales and notified the department.

Staff monitored them overnight but they died on Tuesday morning.


Rescue group responds to dozens of birds found dead in Leland, North Carolina - cause unknown

Dozens of birds have reportedly died due to unknown causes in Leland, according to local group SkyWatch Bird Rescue.

"After a call to our wildlife hotline, an intake of 12 Grackles at once were received last night on our after hours non contact drop off porch, for urgent care. This is a very unusual intake so we suspected that where they came from, there may be more. Volunteers went out today to search the area and found dozens more in the areas of McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell and parking lot of Piggly Wiggly in Leland NC. These birds tend to scavenge parking lots in flocks," according to a Facebook post.

Unfortunately, many of the birds were dead by the time rescuers got to them, or in catatonic states.


Cold increases as hilly areas receive March snowfall in Uttarakhand, India

The cold has increased once again in the month of March as the hilly areas are receiving snowfall.

The Kedarnath and Gangotri dham are covered with thick sheet of snow.

Here, in Nainital, locals are facing troubles because of the snowfall.

J&K's Gulmarg is also covered under the snow.

Watch the visuals of snowfall from various parts.

Comment: Up to 2 feet of March snowfall in upper reaches of Kashmir - temperature drops 7 degrees Celsius below normal


Strombolian & lava fountain eruptions at Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano, Russia

The highest active volcano in Russia Eurasia and one of the world's most active volcanoes.

It has a large active crater with frequent strombolian and lava fountain eruptions.

Spectacular view March 09, 2021.


Powerful eruption of Sangay volcano in Ecuador

The eruption of Sangay volcano in Ecuador - 06/03/2021.

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Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano erupts, showering nearby city in ash

San Cristobal volcano eruption
Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano erupted Tuesday, showering the northwestern city of Chinandega in ash.

Video from the scene showed dramatically reduced visibility in Chinandega early Tuesday afternoon and the sound of cinders falling onto homes, cars and streets.

"I was having lunch at home when the great blast came out and the sky started to darken,"said lawyer Pablo Medina, who lives about 4 miles (7 kilometers) from Nicaragua's tallest volcano. He said an intense odor of sulfur engulfed his home and ash coated everything.

"It was a rapid eruption, a single big explosion and then the volcano spent some 30 minutes spewing gases," said writer Jorge Lenín Duarte, a cultural promoter in Chinandega.

Comment: The recent uptick in volcanic activity worldwide continues.


Severe flooding swamps city of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Yesterday a very heavy downpour fell in the north of the city, forcing the airport to close for a few hours.

Black Cat

Boy killed by tiger in Kodagu, India - 3rd such death in the district in 3 weeks

A boy was killed and his grandfather a plantation worker seriously injured in a tiger attack at Belluru village in Ponnampet taluk of Kodagu district on Monday. The victim was identified as Rangaswamy, 8, while his grandfather, Kencha, a plantation worker, has been hospitalised.

Conservator of Forests T. Hiralal said the Forest Department team has identified the marauding tiger, which is about 10 years old. The official said the team has tracked the animal to a sacred grove or devara kaadu. The combing operations are on and the tiger has been cornered, he added.

Earlier in the day, the team had tried to tranquilise the animal which was lurking in the bushes but sources said the tranquiliser dart missed its mark. The marksmen accompanying a foot patrol team had come close to the tiger and hence were forced to open fire but the tiger escaped. A senior official said the combing and tracking operation would was suspended late in the evening and will resume at dawn.

Monday's incident is the third human death due to a tiger attack in Kodagu in the last three weeks and has resulted in widespread anger against the authorities for their failure to curb human-animal conflict.

Comment: Tiger attacks on people skyrocket in the Sundarbans, India - 70 in 3 months with 40 deaths