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Fri, 24 Sep 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm hits the city of Daqing, China - Crops damaged, large hailstones smash cars

On the afternoon of August 23, a rainstorm engulfed hail and raided Saertu, Longfeng, Ranghu Road, Honggang, Zhaozhou and other places in Daqing. The maximum rainfall reached 83 mm, and the size of the hail was larger than a goose egg.

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Cloud Lightning

144,000 lightning bolts hit southeast Europe in 24 hours - One person struck and killed in Sofia, Bulgaria

144,000 lightning bolts fell in 24 hours in Southeast Europe.

Thunderstorms were accompanied by hail as 144,000 lightning bolts have fallen in Southeast Europe in the last 24 hours.

This shows a reference from "Blitzortung" platform, which registers real-time thunderstorm activity.

About 1/4 of all of them are on the territory of Bulgaria.

Cloud Precipitation

Cambodia - One killed in Sihanoukville flash floods - Almost 11 inches of rain during an evening

Floods in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 25 August 2021.
© Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
Floods in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 25 August 2021.
One person was killed after hours of torrential rain caused flash flooding in the coastal city of Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia.

On 24 August, Cambodia's Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology warned that the country will be affected by a low pressure system from over the coming days, increasing the likelihood of heavy rainfall.

Cloud Precipitation

France and Spain - Destructive flash floods after torrential rain

Flood debris on road in Jaén Province, Spain August 2021.
© Government of Jaén
Flood debris on road in Jaén Province, Spain August 2021.
More than 40 mm of rain fell in 1 hour causing flash floods in parts of southern Spain early on 25 August 2021. The previous day a storm in southeastern France dumped over 100 mm of rain in a short period causing floods in Var Department.


Météo-France said their rain gauges recorded 81.3 mm at Vauvenargues, near Bouches-du-Rhône on 24 August, which is nearly 3 times the average monthly total for the month of August on this station. As much as 58 mm fell in just in 1 hour.

Hail and high intensity rainfall totalling over 100 mm fell in the town of Pignans in Var Department, which was badly affected by flooding. The town was completely closed to traffic after streets were swamped with mud and flood water 30 cm deep, police said.

Cloud Precipitation

South Korea - Typhoon Omais dumps 98mm of rain in 1 hour

A police officer directs traffic on a submerged road in the port city of Busan, on Aug 24, 2021.
A police officer directs traffic on a submerged road in the port city of Busan, on Aug 24, 2021.
Typhoon Omais made landfall in South Korea late on 23 August 2021. Heavy rain flooded roads, railways and homes and threatened landslides which prompted some evacuations but there were no reports of injuries or casualties.

Geoje City located in South Gyeongsang province recorded 98.0 mm of rain in 1 hour early on 24 August 2021, while Imsil in North Jeolla Province saw 84.0 mm and the port city of Busan 78.0 mm. Total rainfall amounts for the duration of the storm were over 230 mm in Geoje.


Strange animal behavior? The mystery of sharks that are turning up dead, 'stabbed' by swordfish

A blue shark lies on a beach in Ostia, western Italy, with a wound from a swordfish behind its eye.
A blue shark lies on a beach in Ostia, western Italy, with a wound from a swordfish behind its eye.
A corpse that washed up near Benidorm, eastern Spain last week is yet another example of an increasingly common phenomenon that is baffling scientists

Last week, the sighting of a blue shark forced the evacuation of a beach in Benidorm, eastern Spain. Around two meters long and weighing in at about 60 kilos, the shark had become disoriented and ended up in an area full of bathers. A rescue team from the Oceanogràfic of Valencia oceanarium managed to capture it and, after running tests, found it to be in good health and returned it to the sea.

On Saturday, August 21, the same specimen was located in the municipality of El Campello, 30 kilometers south, where the following day, it washed up dead. According to the necropsy carried out by Jaime Penadés, a researcher at the Marine Zoology Unit at Valencia University, the cause of death appears to have been a small wound near its eyelid, which was already visible in videos recorded several days before by the local police's Maritime Service; a wound that is compatible with a swordfish attack. Until recently, this type of aggression was a complete mystery to scientists, but a spate of cases has prompted research into the relationship between the two marine animals.


Ebeko volcano sends forth column of smoke after erupting on Kuril Islands, Russia

An ash eruption of the Ebeko volcano was seen on the Paramushir island of the Kuril Islands, reported the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team, on Wednesday.

"According to visual data of volcanologists from Severo-Kurilsk, the height of the ash release was up to 3.7 kilometres (2.29 miles) above sea level," the experts said.

According to the response team, Ebeko's ash emissions could cause problems for local airlines. The volcano's Aviation Colour Code status warning was placed at orange.

Comment: A day earlier a strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake was registered off the Kuril Islands.

Bizarro Earth

Scientists detect earthquake swarm at Hawaii volcano

Hawaii volcano
© Drew Downs/U.S. Geological Survey via AP
This Aug. 13, 2021 photograph provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the crater of the Kilauea volcano south of Honolulu. Geologists on Tuesday, Aug. 24 said they had detected a swarm of earthquakes at the volcano, though it is not erupting.

Geologists on Tuesday said they had detected a swarm of earthquakes at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, though it is not erupting.

The quakes began overnight and continued into the morning, The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

More than 140 earthquakes were recorded as of 4:30 a.m. The largest was magnitude 3.3. Most were less than magnitude 1.

Comment: See also:


Multiple waterspouts seen off the Florida coastline

About three waterspouts formed Monday morning due to storms off the Pinellas County coastline.

Comment: Others was seen off Rosemary Beach the following day:

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Draining the swamp? Sinkhole has opened in a tunnel near the US Capitol

The Third Street Tunnel sinkhole may or may not be a giant metaphor. But it is causing "significant gridlock."

A sinkhole has opened in the Third Street Tunnel, which runs under Union Square, just west of the US Capitol building. The tunnel is closed in both directions, as are nearby streets, causing "significant gridlock," DC police say. The cops also tweeted a video of the sinkhole that could cause viewers to perform an involuntary Kegel exercise: