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Wed, 30 Nov 2022
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Massive flooding in Sangre Grande,Trinidad

RISING water levels interrupted the slumber of hundreds of people in Sangre Grande early Wednesday morning, after a tropical wave brought intense rainfall for almost ten hours.

An alarm was raised around 5am as residents in low-lying areas along Picton Road, Railway Road, Ramdass Street, Adventist Street, Good Hope Street, Coalmine and Fishing Pond woke up to flooded streets and homes.

Some residents had to race for higher ground while trying to save whatever appliances and valuables they could.

Residents of Picton Road were heard appealing to Toco/Sangre Grande MP Roger Monroe to block the road, as vehicles driving through the flood were causing more damage by pushing the water further into their homes.

Snowflake Cold

33 low temperature records fall in Alberta alone - Mammoth Mountain receives 5-feet during one of the biggest November snowstorms on record


Calgary was one of 33 Alberta communities to see record-breaking daytime lows on Wednesday.

Of the record-busting communities, the coldest came out as Sundre — the small, central Albertan town plunged to a jaw-dropping -32C (-25.6F) yesterday, shaving more than 10C (17.8F) off of its previous record low of -22.1C (-7.8F).

Below, I've listed all 33 of Alberta's busted benchmarks from Wednesday, Nov 9.


Snow totals at ski resorts across the west are stacking up - nearly 6 feet reported at Mammoth Mountain

© Mammoth Mountain/Andrew Miller
Mammoth Mountain
A major winter storm is currently barreling its way across the American mountain west dropping snow from the PNW down to Northern Arizona.

The bulk of the storm, at the time of writing this article, is dumping snow throughout Utah, Idaho, western Montana, and western Wyoming. The Sierras are the big winners racking up storm totals upwards of 60″.

The storm will continue to move east over the next day depositing leftovers in Colorado.

Let's take a look at the snow totals as reported by ski resorts across the west thus far to see if we can crown an unofficial winner of the storm.

Winter is here!


More than 150 sea turtles found dead on Panama's beaches in September and October

At least 151 sea turtles, most of them endangered green or Kemp's Ridleys, were found dead on the beaches of Panama's Pacific coast in September and October for reasons that are still unknown, authorities said Tuesday.

The acting director of the Panamanian Environment Ministry's Coasts and Seas Division, Marino Abrego, told Efe that a report issued Monday by that portfolio gave a breakdown by province: "61 turtles (dead) in Los Santos, 70 in Veraguas, two in Panama Oeste and 18 in Chiriqui."

It said green sea turtles and Kemp's Ridleys accounted for most of the deaths and that many of the reptiles were male.

The green turtle is a large species that lives in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide and is regarded as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


Woman, 88, mauled to death by dog in Richmond, Virginia

dog attack
An 88-year-old woman was been fatally attacked by a dog while she was out walking in a Virginia neighborhood, according to police.

Richmond police raced to the 1500 block of Alaska Drive at about 6:45 a.m. on Monday, November 7, following reports of a dog attack.

When police arrived they found retired teacher and church leader Evangeline Brooks had been left with life-threatening injuries.

Brooks was then transported to a nearby hospital for treatment but she later died from her injuries, according to NBC12.


Dead whale washed ashore in Ghana

A sea mammal suspected to be a whale has been washed ashore dead at Princess Town in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region.

Measuring about 10 metres, the sea mammal was found where River Nyane enters the sea at Princess Town.

A youth activist and a resident of Princess Town, Lord Owusu Mensah, who confirmed the story, indicated that the sea mammal was first seen at the area on October 26, this year.

He could not therefore fathom why the mammal was still lying at the place and decomposing.

"In fact, I went to the scene and saw the mammal but I cannot confirm whether or not it is a whale," he pointed out.

Snowflake Cold

Satellite image shows world's largest iceberg is getting swept away from Antarctica

Iceberg antarctica
© Lauren Dauphin/NASA Earth Observatory
This photo, taken Oct. 31 by NASA's Terra satellite, shows the world's largest iceberg, A-76A, in the Drake Passage near Antarctica.
A new satellite image shows that the world's largest iceberg, A-76A, has entered the Drake Passage, a waterway that contains a fast-moving ocean current that will send the mighty berg on a one-way trip to its watery grav

After slowly drifting around Antarctica for more than a year and barely melting, the world's largest iceberg could soon be set on an accelerated course toward its eventual demise, a new satellite image reveals.

The gargantuan ice slab, known as A-76A, is around 84 miles (135 kilometers) long and 16 miles (26 km) wide. It is the largest fragment of the world's previous biggest iceberg, the Rhode Island-size A-76, which broke off from the western side of Antarctica's Ronne Ice Shelf in May 2021 and later fractured into three chunks: A-76A, A-76B and A-76C.

On Oct. 31, NASA's Terra satellite captured a photo of A-76A floating in the mouth of the Drake Passage, a deep waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans between Cape Horn in South Africa and the South Shetland Islands to the north of the Antarctic Peninsula. The image shows that the girthy berg is currently sitting between Elephant Island and the South Orkney Islands (both obscured by clouds in the image) at the southern end of the passage, but its trajectory hints that it will head further north into the waterway in the coming weeks. The image was released online Nov. 4 by NASA's Earth Observatory.


Deadly flooding triggered by record rainfall in Los Angeles as feet of snow pile up in mountains

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 - The rain seems to have created a natural car wash in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 - The rain seems to have created a natural car wash in Los Angeles.
One person is dead after a significant storm brought heavy rain and flooding to Southern California.

The significant storm brought widespread impacts to the Golden State Tuesday and is expected to continue into Wednesday. Several inches of mountain snow and torrential rains are forecast throughout California.

Southern California saw record rainfall for multiple sites across the region Tuesday. In Sandberg, 3.62 inches of rain was recorded, breaking the old daily rainfall record of 0.43" set back in 2002.

According to Ontario officials, one person died, and several others were injured after they were swept downstream by floodwaters.


3 major earthquakes hit South Pacific in quick succession - magnitudes 6.8, 7.0 and 6.6

Three earthquakes were recorded south of the Fiji islands in the Pacific on Wednesday evening, each at a depth of around 600 km (370 miles), the United States Geological Survey said.

There was no tsunami threat, Seismology Fiji said in a statement on social media.

The first earthquake of Magnitude 6.8 struck around 0938 GMT, the second of Magnitude 7 struck around 15 minutes later, and the third of Magnitude 6.6 at 1014 GMT, according to the USGS reports.


Western Nepal hit by magnitude 5.6 earthquake killing at least six people, officials say

People outside the ruins of collapsed houses in the district of Doti after an earthquake struck Nepal on November 9, 2022.
© Nepal Army/Reuters
People outside the ruins of collapsed houses in the district of Doti after an earthquake struck Nepal on November 9, 2022.
A magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit western Nepal on Wednesday morning local time, killing at least six people, according to local officials.

The epicenter of the quake was in Seti Zone, at a depth of 15.7 kilometers (9.7 miles), according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). It was 21 kilometers east of Dipayal, a municipality of Nepal's far western Doti district, the USGS said.

At least six people have died and five are injured in the Purbichauki rural municipality of Doti district, police deputy superintendent Bhola Bhatta told CNN.

Three houses were completely destroyed in the earthquake, he said, adding that a search and rescue operation was underway.

Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba expressed condolences Wednesday on Twitter to the families of those killed.