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Tue, 26 May 2020
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Earth Changes


Wildfires rage in Florida Panhandle, forcing evacuations

© Walton County Emergency Management

Wildfires burning in the Florida Panhandle's swampland this week have destroyed more than a dozen homes and forced least 500 people to evacuate in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials say the three blazes in northwest Florida have been exacerbated by winds and dry weather conditions, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times.

One fire in Santa Rosa County, which tore through 2,000 acres and shut down nine miles of Interstate 10, was just 20 percent contained when officials gave a 9 p.m. press conference Wednesday night.

Nicknamed the Five Mile Swamp fire, the blaze began as a prescribed burn on private property Monday but it quickly went out of control.


Signs and Portents: Rare wolf snake with two fully formed heads discovered in Odisha, India

Rare Two-Headed Wolf Snake Discovered In Indian Forest

Rare two-headed wolf snake discovered in Indian forest
A rare wolf snake with two fully formed heads has been discovered in the Dehnkikote Forrest range of Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in Odisha.

The rare reptile was found by photographer and wildlife enthusiast Rakesh Mohalick, according to reports.

The snake is non-venomous and measures 14 centimeters in length. It has two fully-formed heads, four eyes, and two flickering tongues. Unfortunately, snake experts believe such rare creatures do not survive for very long in the wild.

While snakes with unique features can be frightening to certain people, they are welcomed and even seen as a blessing in many cultures around the world. But in the case of two-headed serpents, they are not always received warmly by humans.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain causes severe flooding in Swat, Pakistan

Flood water entered houses and inundated roads in different areas of Swat, causing multiple issues to the local people.

The torrential rain started on Saturday afternoon caused flood followed by mud and debris flow, blocking roads in Amankot, Rahimabad, Qambar, Haji Baba, Gumbat Maira, Saidu Sharif, Faizabad and several other areas. The flood blocked all kinds of traffic.

"We did not break fast till late evening as the flood water entered our house and we were trying to remove our household items. The water not only damaged our valuable stuff, boxes and furniture but also damaged walls of our house," said Gohar Shah, a resident of Sethi Mills Mohallah in Amankot.

The flood water entered all the houses in Miangano Cham, causing inconvenience to the people. "The flood water brought huge amount of debris and mud. We managed to clean our house till midnight," said Irshad Ali, a resident of Miagano Cham.

Cloud Precipitation

107,000 displaced by floods in Ethiopia since late April, says UN

Flooding has affected over 200,000 people in Ethiopia since late April, according to the United Nations.

In a report of 06 May, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that flooding had affected 219,000 people in areas of Somali, Afar, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region (SNNP), Dire Dawa and Harari in Ethiopia.

As many as 107,000 people have been displaced, mostly in Somali region after flash floods on 25 April affected 34,507 households and displaced 15,195 households in Erer, Sitti, Nogob and Korahe zones.

On 24 April, flash floods in Dire Dawa killed four people and damaged 53 houses (fully) and 212 houses (partially).


Floods prompt evacuations after heavy rain in French Guiana

Floods in French Guiana 03 May 2020.
© Prefet de la region Guyane
Floods in French Guiana 03 May 2020.
Torrential rain from 02 May caused flooding in French Guiana, prompting 139 people to evacuate their homes in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, according to the region's government. Around 100 people were temporarily accommodated in a local sports stadium.

Saint Laurent du Maroni recorded 127mm of rain in 48 hours to 04 May, causing the Saint-Laurent creek to break its banks.

Elsewhere in the country, roads were blocked by flood waters in Kourou District, causing major traffic problems.

Media reported severe flooding from the overflowing Oyapock river in the remote Camopi commune, home to around 1,800 people.


May snow in Romania

"VIDEO - Snow in Romania, at the beginning of May," reads the headline.

Thanks to Alexandru Tanase for this link.

Comment: More footage:


May snowfall hits Albania

Snowfall in Shishtavec, Kukës, Albania - May 6, 2020.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills man in South Carolina storm that spawned tornadoes, hail

A severe storm Tuesday night in South Carolina spawned at least two tornadoes and killed a man getting out of his car with a lightning strike.

Sirmorio Davis, 32, was struck by lightning in a Chester neighborhood and died a short time later at the hospital, the Chester County Coroner's Office said.

Several severe storms moved across the northern part of the state Tuesday evening. The strongest storm spawned an EF-2 tornado with winds estimated at 115 mph (185 kph) that moved from Great Falls into western Lancaster County, the National Weather Service said.

Earlier, that storm dropped an EF-1 tornado with winds of 100 mph (160 kph) south of Chester, forecasters said.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: History shows where we go from here

Beef shortages
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Through history we have seen blockades that always lead to food insecurity and here we are again, a rhyme in history that we have seen time immemorial. Cut off of the global food supply beginning with protein first. You have seen headlines shouting food shortages and meat packing plants closing. Its true, its here and you may want to get a plan C flushed out.

Comment: Food supply shutdown: US meat processing plants suspend operations, dairy farmers told to quit, farmers dumping produce


May snow reported in New England as unseasonably cold heads toward East

A dusting of snow covers a hillside in Stowe, Vt., on Tuesday May 5, 2020.
© Wilson Ring
A dusting of snow covers a hillside in Stowe, Vt., on Tuesday May 5, 2020.
Residents across Northern New England woke up to early May snow on Tuesday, the first of several rounds of frozen precipitation before a colder blast expected Mother's Day weekend.

On Wednesday, a low-pressure system moving from the Midwest into the Mid-Atlantic brought rain and snow to parts of Pennsylvania and Western New York, according to Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean.

"As you go across the Great Lakes and the interior Northeast, we actually have wind chills in the freezing range," Dean said on "Fox & Friends."

Other snow showers were reported in parts of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, in areas of northern Vermont and parts of Maine.