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Thu, 07 Dec 2023
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Earth Changes


Floods in Ghana displace thousands of people

Flooding after heavy rains in eastern Ghana have forced nearly 26,000 people to leave their homes at the request of the authorities, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) said Tuesday.

Crops have been destroyed and schools shut after two hydroelectric dams overflowed at Akosombo and Kpong.

"We have moved most of the affected people to a safe haven. About 26,000 mostly women and children have been displaced," NADMO deputy chief Seji Saji told AFP.

"What they need is water, food and medicine and we're working with the government to take care of that."

No deaths had been reported.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills two, injures four in Malawi

Lightning has killed two members of the same family and injured four people in Kasungu district.

This is according to Catherine Yoweli, Kasungu Hospital spokesperson, who has confirmed the incident to the local media.

Yoweli said the incident happened on Tuesday afternoon 17 October, 2023 in the area of Group Village Suza in the district.

She reported that the two were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital and the other four have been admitted at the health facility.

Reports are indicating that some parts of Kasungu have experienced heavy rains which started at around one o'clock in the afternoon to around six o'clock in the evening.

This is coming when the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) predicted heavy rains in the Southern and Central areas of the country.


Waterspout spotted near Tuas Port, Singapore

The Meteorological Service Singapore said intense thunderstorms were observed over the sea west of Tuas.

The Meteorological Service Singapore said intense thunderstorms were observed over the sea west of Tuas.
A "tornado" that was spotted in Tuas on Monday morning was a waterspout, say experts.

Dr David Taylor, a professor of geography at the National University of Singapore, said: "It's a waterspout - a tornado that forms either over water or originates on land and then moves over water.

"Tornadic waterspouts occur around Singapore occasionally, associated with powerful thunderstorms. They are generally no stronger than the weakest tornadoes that form over land and remain land-based.


6.4 magnitude earthquake off Adak Island, Alaska

Magnitude 6.4 - 96 miles N of Mt. Adagdak

October 16, 2023 03:35:34 AKDT (October 16, 2023 11:35:34 UTC)

53.3349°N 177.0956°W Depth 34.2 miles (55 km)

No reports of this event being felt have been received at this time.

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist


Man dies after family's pet dog attacks couple at home in Tasmania, Australia

dog attack
A man has died after being attacked by his dog in southern Tasmania.

Tasmania Police said the 66-year-old man and a 64-year-old woman were set upon by his dog late on Sunday night at his home at Allens Rivulet, south of Hobart.

Police and emergency services were called to the scene around 10:40pm.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills father, son and 8 livestock in Pakistan

A lightning strike on Saturday killed at least two people and injured another in the village of Bhonja in Balakot. According to the details, lightning struck a house, resulting in a father's and his son's tragic loss of life, while the wife sustained injuries.

The dead person was identified as 57-year-old Faiz Alam and his 12-year-old son Waqas. As per reports from the police, the injured woman is identified as Faiz Alam's wife.

Moreover, the lightning strike had additional consequences, leading to the unfortunate deaths of seven goats and one cow in Faiz Alam's house.


Eruption at Sakurajima volcano in Japan

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 12000 ft (3700 m) altitude or flight level 120 and is moving at 20 kts in SE direction.

The full report is as follows:


Teams tackling Madeira wildfires reinforced as missing tourists found

Portugal on Friday sent firefighters from the mainland to the Atlantic island of Madeira, boosting local efforts to tackle large wildfires as authorities said 13 tourists who were forced to hide in a cave to escape the flames had been found.

Fires are sweeping across areas of two neighbouring municipalities on the west coast, Calheta and Porto Moniz, burning in hard-to-reach areas amid unseasonably high temperatures expected to top 30 degrees Celsius (86°F) on Friday.

The Civil Protection authority on Friday morning located the missing tourists. They had fled to a cave in a mountainous part of Porto Moniz and an operation to rescue them from the area was under way, it said on social media.

"It was a complicated night, a difficult night," Civil Protection secretary of state Patricia Gaspar told public broadcaster RTP at Lisbon's military airport. "The fires are still ongoing."


Flood alert raised in central Vietnam as heavy rain continues hitting region

The water reached 1-1.5m surrounding the 350 households of An Tay Ward, Hue. Police had to mobilize two small boats to get residents and students out of the flooded area.

The water reached 1-1.5m surrounding the 350 households of An Tay Ward, Hue. Police had to mobilize two small boats to get residents and students out of the flooded area.
Meteorologists have raised the flood alert level in central Vietnam to four in the country's five-level natural disaster risk system amid torrential rain continuing to batter localities in the region, especially Da Nang and Thua Thien-Hue.

Heavy rain turned major streets in Da Nang into rivers on October 12 - 13, with many places being left under water of between one and two metres deep. Relevant forces, including young volunteers and soldiers, were dispatched to evacuate 5,000 local people from flooded areas.

On the evening of October 13, Le Trung Chinh, head of the Da Nang municipal administration, made a field trip to the flooded areas in Lien Chieu and Thanh Khe districts.


Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico registers three explosions

The Municipal Directorate of Civil Protection of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Puebla reports that the Popocatépetl volcano has experienced an increase in its activity in recent hours, and so far three significant explosions have been recorded , which keeps the population of Puebla on alert. the region.

Until 11:00 a.m., the volcano had recorded a total of 195 low-intensity exhalations in the last 24 hours, accompanied by water vapor, volcanic gases and, sometimes, falling ash.

However, it was around 2:20 p.m. this Saturday when the volcano emitted an impressive column of smoke accompanied by ash and gases , which was visible several kilometers away, but due to the direction of the winds, the ash did not reached the city of Puebla.