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Mon, 25 May 2020
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Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 85 sheep, goats in Himachal Pradesh, India

dead sheep
As many as 85 sheep and goats were killed by lightening at Saraji Chhajpur forest in Gram Panchayat Kuthdu under Jubbal sub-division of this district in the state, police said on Thursday.

Superintendent of Police, Shimla Om Pati Jamwal said that lightning struck on the flock of sheep and goat, while it was taken to graze in forest on Wednesday evening.

The livestock belonged to Lakashman Singh of Saraji village, Jagjiwan Chauhan of same village and Sunni Chhajta of Salana village.

The eyewitnesses said the cattle had assembled under a huge tree, when it rained heavily. A lightning struck over them, killing them instantly.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain causes damaging floods Algeria

Heavy rain from 16 to 17 May caused flooding in northwest Algeria damaging homes and leaving at least 1 person dead.

Tafraoui in Oran Province recorded 32mm of rain in 24 hours to 17 May, while in the city of Relizane (also known as Ghilizan) in Relizane Province recorded 65mm during the same period.

According to Algeria's Civil Protection, flooding caused widespread damage to houses and roads in Oran Province. Civil Protection were called on to rescue people from flooded dwellings. One person died and another was injured when part of a house collapsed in the commune of Mers El Kébir, near the city of Oran.

Civil Protection also reported flooding in neighbouring Mostaganem Province where around 40 homes were damaged.


Mid-May winter storm brings fresh snow to Lake Tahoe

Snow in Lake Tahoe in May? ABC7 News Meteorologist Drew Tuma is tracking fresh snow falling in the Sierra Monday.

"Flakes are flying," said Tuma. "While it's weird that we are talking about snow this late in May, it's not unusual to get these light storms moving through the Sierra as we end our snow season."

There's a Winter Storm Warning in effect until midnight Monday with snow levels dropping to about 6,000 feet.

"We are talking about 3 to 6 inches of snow. Some areas in our highest peaks could see up to a foot of snow," said Tuma. "We are still talking about snow falling in the Sierra, that's good news. We still want to add to our snow pack, which is below normal for this time of the year."

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly floods in Ecuador kill at least 2 people

Heavy rain and floods have left at least 2 people dead and 15 homes damaged in Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador.

Flooding affected the cantons of Limón Indanza, Tiwintza and Logroño from 16 May when heavy rain caused several rivers to overflow, including the Kiim, Yaupi and Morona rivers.

Ecuador's National Risk Management Service SNGRE said two young people were swept away by flood water from the rapidly rising Yaupi River in Twintza.


Category 5 Cyclone Amphan to push massive storm surge toward eastern India and Bangladesh

cyclome amphan india may 2020
GeoColor image of Cyclone Amphan at 0640Z (2:40 am EDT) Monday, May 18, 2020.
After a spectacular bout of rapid intensification on Sunday, Tropical Cyclone Amphan poses a grave storm-surge threat to the highly vulnerable coastline of the upper Bay of Bengal. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) upgraded Amphan to the equivalent of Category 5 strength at 2 am EDT Monday, with top 1-minute sustained winds estimated at 140 knots (160 mph).

On the scale used by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Amphan was upgraded at 3 am EDT Monday to the highest possible level: super cyclonic storm. Only a handful of storms — about one per decade — achieve this level, which corresponds to a three-minute-averaged wind speed of 120 knots (140 mph). Hurricane ratings by the National Hurricane Center and JTWC are based on one-minute averaging, which will yield higher wind speeds for a given storm.

Amphan took advantage of very favorable conditions in the southern Bay of Bengal to strengthen incredibly quickly over the weekend. Drawing on very warm sea surface temperatures of 31°C (88°F), high oceanic heat content, and light wind shear, Amphan bolted from minimal tropical storm strength (35 knots or 40 mph) to Category 5 equivalent strength (140 knots or 160 mph) in just 48 hours — and from minimal hurricane strength (65 knots or 75 mph) to Cat 5 equivalent strength in just 24 hours.

Comment: RT had more news on the ground in India and Bangladesh:
More than 1.1 million people in eastern India and Bangladesh are being hurriedly evacuated as the 'extremely severe' cyclonic storm 'Amphan' threatens to make landfall within days.

The Indian state of Odisha alone is planning to evacuate 1.1 million people from low-lying areas which are expected to be flattened, having already been ravaged by multiple cyclones in the last few years, including Cyclone Fani in 2019.

Authorities are predicting widespread destruction, including the loss of key power and communications infrastructure, as well as disruption to rail and road links, and extensive damage to crops and plantations. Port authorities have shut down operations, and fishermen have been advised to suspend their work in Bengal and Odisha until May 20.

"A total of 37 teams have been deployed by NDRF in West Bengal and Odisha, out of which 20 teams are actively deployed and 17 are on standby in the two states," said NDRF Director General S N Pradhan.

Cloud Precipitation

2 dead after heavy rainfall and floods in Sri Lanka - 8 inches of rain in 24 hours

At least 2 people have died in severe weather in Sri Lanka over the last few days

According to the country's Disaster Management Center (DMC), one person died and one is still missing after flooding in Galigamuwa in Kegalle District on 15 May. On the same day heavy rain caused an earth embankment to collapse in Kegalle Division, burying a home. DMC said one person died in the incident.

A total of 1,868 people have been affected by heavy rain and floods in Kegalle District since 14 May. Nine houses have been destroyed and 391 damaged.

Sri Lanka's Department of Meteorology said Galigamuwa recorded 214 mm of rain in 24 hours to 16 May. Sirikandura near Baddegama in Galle District recorded 182.5mm of rain to 15 May.

Snowflake Cold

Rare late night frost in the Netherlands

For the second night in a row, it has frozen in De Bilt in the night from Thursday to Friday.

In the Utrecht city, where the national main measuring station is located, it cooled down to -1.2 degrees C. The night before it was -1.0 degrees C.

Such late night frost in De Bilt is special, according to weather agency Weeronline.

Only in 1909, 1941, 1946 and 1973, just like this year, were there two or more frost nights after May 10 in De Bilt.

Thanks to Harry Zandvliet for this link.


Sakurajima volcano erupts in Japan

At 18:55 JST an explosion was registered. Clouds/heavy dew obscured.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flooding, torrential rains hit Samarinda, Indonesia

INDONESIA - Severe flooding, torrential rains hit Samarinda, Kalimantan province, island of Borneo, May 16


Cities across Turkey see highest May temperatures ever, breaking 75-year-old records

Turkey heatwave
© AA Photo
A woman cools off with some water from a fountain amid all-time high May temperatures, during a six-hour break from the coronavirus curfew, Muğla, Turkey, May 17, 2020.
Sunday saw all-time high temperatures in provinces throughout western Turkey, including in southern Antalya, southwestern Muğla, Burdur and Isparta, and northwestern Bursa.

The director of the 4th Regional Directorate of Meteorology, Latif Gültekin, said the temperatures Saturday and Sunday set all-time record highs for May in Antalya, Muğla, Burdur and Isparta. The previous record highs for Antalya and Muğla were set in 1945 and 1932, respectively, while Burdur and Isparta last set all-time highs on May 29, 2019.

Thermometers in Antalya on Sunday hit 43.0 degrees Celsius (109.4 degrees Fahrenheit), breaking the previous record of 38.7 C set on May 26, 1945.

In Muğla, the temperature hit 39.3 C, breaking the May 30, 1932 record of 36.0 C.

The 4th Regional Directorate of Meteorology said the air temperature in Muğla was 9 to 15 degrees above the seasonal norms, stating that the average temperature for Muğla in May is 24.7 C.

In northwestern Turkey, Bursa also set an all-time high of 38 C on Sunday, breaking the 75-year-old record high of 37 C on May 26, 1945, according to the 3rd Regional Directorate of Meteorology.

Comment: Earlier this month some residents in Turkey were surprised by 'very rare' snowfalls.