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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - July 2023: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Despite hysterical disinformation from the mainstream media, average July temperatures around the world were in line with previous years and were actually lower in some countries in the northern hemisphere.

It's worth noting that global warming alarmists blame hot temperatures for the raging wildfires around the world, but even if there has been a slight increase, some have been reported as arson (almost all of them in Greece for example), and others could have been caused by the increase in thunderstorms and isolated lightning strikes. In lesser cases, meteorites and overhead explosions can cause forest fires, in addition to outgassing.

Increased accumulation of conductive dust (volcanoes, comets, etc.) or rain promotes electrical discharges between higher layers of the atmosphere and the ground, which can manifest as lightning, intense tornadoes, waterspouts, more severe storms, or hurricanes. Something we can see quite clearly this month.

Here are some of the most remarkable precipitation and flooding events around the world for July 2023:
  • Bacolod and Manila, Philippines - 3 floods in 11 days triggered by Super Typhoon Doksuri.
  • Beijing, China - Heaviest rainfall in 140 years triggered by Super Typhoon Doksuri.
  • Sichuan Province, China - 11.8 inches of rain in 14 hours - 40,000 evacuated.
  • Sochi, Russia - 2 months of rain in 24 hours.
  • Milan - Italy - 2 weeks of rain in just 3 hours.
  • Netherlands and Germany - Storm Poly became the strongest summer storm on record.
  • Southwest Japan - Biggest rainfall on record - 16 inches of rain in 24 hours.
  • Lahore, Pakistan - Biggest rainfall in 30 years - 11.4 inches of rain in 10 hours
  • Kentucky - 11.2 inches of rain in 24 hours - Historic rainfall.
  • Vermont - 9 inches of rain in 24 hours - Historic flooding.
  • New York - 7 inches of summer rain in 24 hours - Severe flooding.
  • Chicago - 6 inches of rainfall - Historic summer flooding.
  • Valencia and Castellon, Spain - Hailstorm destroys more than 20,000 hectares of crops.
In recent years, a larger percentage of precipitation has come in the form of intense single-day events. Nine of the top 10 years for extreme one-day precipitation events have occurred since 1996
And some unseasonable snow events:
  • Europe's Dolomites and Alps - Rare summer snow.
  • Skardu, Pakistan - Unexpected summer snowfall breaks 18-year record.
  • Himachal Pradesh, India - 4 feet of summer snow.
  • Sierra Nevada - California - Snowpack at a staggering 1,000% of normal
It should be noted that increased precipitation along with colder-than-usual temperatures is the perfect mix for an intense winter. The Farmers' Almanac is already forecasting it:
With El Niño conditions brewing for later in 2023, cold temperatures will bring ice, sleet, and snow in January and February to those living on the I-95 corridor, between Washington D.C. and Boston.
Again, are we witnessing the first stages of an ice age?
The Sun has entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020-2053) that will lead to a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature. - Zharkova, 2020
Time will tell. Just remember that natural climate changes are not linear and periods of calm can be followed by sudden and rapid changes. Look for the signs and prepare accordingly.

Cloud Precipitation

Northern Europe faces widespread disruption as Storm Hans triggers heavy summer rains, floods, landslides and strong winds

Unrelenting Storm Hans Batters Northern Europe

Unrelenting Storm Hans batters Northern Europe
Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia have faced flight delays, road closures, power outages

Norwegian authorities warned Tuesday to prepare for "extremely heavy rainfall" after Storm Hans caused two deaths, ripped off roofs and upended summertime life in northern Europe.

Strong winds continued to batter the region along with rains, causing a lengthy list of disruptions in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Ferries were canceled, flights were delays, roads and streets were flooded, trees were uprooted, people were injured by falling branches and thousands remained without electricity Tuesday.

In Oslo, officials urged people to work from home. On its website, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate warned of "extremely heavy rainfall" in the country's south, adding "unnecessary traffic should be avoided."

Cloud Precipitation

Extreme weather: Flooding and landslides kill at least 21 in Georgia (UPDATE)

This aerial photo taken with a drone shows

This aerial photo taken with a drone shows rescue personnel working at the site of a landslide in the western Georgian region of Racha on August 4, 2023.
At least 11 people died when a landslide devastated a mountain resort in north-west Georgia, while heavy rain caused flash floods and landslides in parts of Slovenia.

At least 11 people died and some 25 others are still missing after a landslide devastated the popular resort in Georgia's Shovi Valley on Thursday night, while heavy rains in parts of Slovenia caused flash floods and landslides on Friday.

The Georgian Interior Ministry reported on Friday that the extreme weather event which hit Shovi devastated the resort, located along the Chankaji River, and that works to clear it out and restore it will start "as soon as possible".

Comment: Update August 9

Agenda.ge reports:
Rescuers recover 21st body in Shovi landslide area

with over 200 people evacuated from the area. Photo: Ministry of Regional De
© Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia
Rescuers found one individual from the missing list alive, with over 200 people evacuated from the area.
Rescuers working in the area of the western Georgian resort of Shovi following a fatal landslide in the location on Wednesday recovered the body of the 21st victim of the disaster, Teimuraz Mgebrishvili, the head of the Emergency Situations Management Service, said on Wednesday.

The crews discovered the body while clearing the damage in the municipality of Oni, with the official telling the media 12 persons were still missing following the disaster.

Mgebrishvili said "active" search and rescue efforts were being carried out at nine locations in the landslide-affected zone.

Cloud Precipitation

Summer flooding hits Croatia

This aerial photo taken on Aug. 8, 2023 shows flooded railroads and sunken freight trains after heavy rainfall near Koprivnica, Croatia.
© Igor Soban
This aerial photo taken on Aug. 8, 2023 shows flooded railroads and sunken freight trains after heavy rainfall near Koprivnica, Croatia.
An update on floods in Croatia: after they caused damage in northern Croatia, Osijek-Baranja County is preparing for Friday, August 11. A record wave and water level on the Drava was announced at the meeting of the County Civil Protection Directorate on Tuesday.

The system is ready, but we hope that the wave, which threatens to reach a record height, will not cause significant damage to the county, said the head of the Civil Protection Directorate of the county and deputy prefect Mato Lukić, writes 24Sata.

He called on fellow citizens to behave responsibly when swimming, boating, and walking in endangered areas. "We appeal to them not to do so and to protect themselves first and foremost," he said.


At least 19 dead, million affected as flood hits southern Bangladesh

The passenger buses got marooned on the Chattogram-Cox's Bazar highway.
© Jewel Shill
The passenger buses got marooned on the Chattogram-Cox's Bazar highway. People are braving the waist-deep water to reach their destination in Dakshin Hashimpur area of Chandanaish upazila in Chattogram on 8 August, 2023.
At least 19 people, including three Rohingyas, died, and over a million people were affected as flash floods hit Bangladesh's southern Chittagong region, officials said Wednesday.

Authorities have set up 2,234 shelters in five districts of Chittagong and launched rescue operations after heavy rains, accompanied by an onrush of water from rivers in India and Myanmar, left large parts submerged.

The flood affected 10,57,458 people and triggered at least 319 landslides in the division, home to around 30 million people, Chittagong Divisional Commissioner's office spokesperson Nilufa Yasmin told EFE.

"The situation has slightly improved today, but many areas are still under water," said Yasmin.

Cloud Precipitation

Lake Powell sees spectacular waterfalls form after Utah reservoir was hit by heavy rain and 70mph winds on August 2

Waterfalls formed following severe storms on August 2 at Lake Powell, creating a spectacle for onlookers

Waterfalls formed following severe storms on August 2 at Lake Powell, creating a spectacle for onlookers.
Recent storms have created an unbelievable sight at Lake Powell's Iceberg Canyon in Utah, as waterfalls formed over the cliffs on Wednesday, August 2.

The natural phenomenon comes as the reservoir levels continue to rise to record levels, reversing a devastating drought.

Authorities issued a warning for severe storms on Wednesday. The storms brought thunder, lightning, hail, and winds up to 70mph.

Following the storm, massive amounts of water crashed down the rocks, as seen in videos captured by Adrianne Cooper and Eric Wells, ABC4 reported.


Summer snow on the Alps in Germany and Austria

Webcam screen capture obtained August 8th  Zugspitze Webcams
© Zugspitze Webcams
Webcam screen capture obtained August 8th.
Snow in August? Ja!

Yesterday evening, Zugspitze ski area, a German resort located on the flanks of the nation's highest mountain -- also called Zugspitze -- shared on Facebook that it'd received roughly four inches at its summit area.

While I wouldn't count on Zugspitze opening to skiers any time soon, the photos the resort posted are worth checking out and indicate that ski season, with a bit of luck, is just around the corner.


Unusual waterspout spotted off Italy's coast on August 7

Waterspout in Abruzzo, the images go around the web

Waterspout in Abruzzo, the images go around the web.
Eyewitness video captures the moment a waterspout started spinning off the coast of Francavilla al Mare in the Abruzzo region of Italy.


A blue whale washes up on a beach in Chile

A blue whale, mammal considered the largest animal on Earth, washed up on a beach on the island of Chiloé in southern Chile after dying at sea, local authorities announced on Sunday.

Residents of the locality of Puerto Elvira, in the urban area of ​​Ancud, had reported on Saturday afternoon the discovery of this gigantic cetacean on a small beach in the archipelago, about a thousand kilometers south of the capital Santiago.


Woman bitten by shark at Rockaway Beach, New York suffers gruesome leg injury in 'extremely rare' attack not seen since 1953

The woman sustained a gash on her leg just before 6 p.m. on Monday.

The woman sustained a gash on her leg just before 6 p.m. on Monday.
A 50-year-old woman was bitten by a shark and suffered a gruesome leg injury while swimming at Rockaway Beach Monday evening, according to officials and sources.

The woman was attacked in the water near Beach 59th Street just before 6 p.m., according to the city Parks Department, who said the incident was the first known shark bite at Rockaway Beach in recent memory.

Lifeguards raced to the injured swimmer, pulling her from the water and administering first aid before EMS arrived.

Rescuers applied a tourniquet to the woman's leg, which was bleeding profusely, sources said.

She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition, officials said.

Other swimmers were ordered to get out of the water.