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Mon, 25 May 2020
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Earth Changes


May snowfall in Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, a city in northern Norway, is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It's famed as a viewing point for colorful Northern Lights that sometime light up the nighttime sky. The city's historic center, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its centuries-old wooden houses. The 1965 Arctic Cathedral, with its distinctive peaked roof and soaring stained-glass windows, dominates the skyline.


250 sparrows found dead in Maharashtra, India after thunderstorm

Male and female sparrows can be easily
© EPS /Vinay Madapu
Male and female sparrows can be easily distinguished by feather coloration. Females possess brown backs with stripes while males possess reddish backs and black bibs.
The garden in Neri village in Chimur tehsil belongs to Zilla Parishad member Manoj Mamidwar, an official said.

Over 250 sparrows were found dead in a garden in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district in the early hours of Sunday following heavy rain and thunder, said officials.

The garden in Neri village in Chimur tehsil belongs to Zilla Parishad member Manoj Mamidwar, an official said.

"These birds have been coming to my garden for years now and I have placed water pots all over for them. On Sunday morning, after the rain, I came to see if any trees had fallen and I saw over 250 sparrows lying dead. Some 14 birds were rescued," Mamidwar said.

Source: PTI

Eye 2

Teen dead after crocodile lunges from river and grabs her during swim in Indonesia

A large saltwater crocodile. File photo.
© artherng/Getty Images/RooM RF
A large saltwater crocodile. File photo.
A teenage girl was killed by a crocodile after being snatched and dragged under the water while she was cooling off in a river with friends.

The girl named Devi, 17, was swimming in the Sebamban River in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, on May 10 as temperatures reached 34C.

While the four girls were having fun in the water, a crocodile pounced on Devi and sank its teeth into her arm.

The teenager's terrified pals screamed in horror and frantically tried to help but the beast dragged Devi below the surface. They ran up the banks and called for help.

Hundreds of villagers gathered along the river to search for Devi. But tragically, her lifeless body was found five hours later and 100 metres from where she was attacked.

Her body was seen floating on the surface of the muddy water after the crocodile let her go. Locals then pulled the body into a wooden boat.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods hit north and central regions of Kenya as death toll rises to 237

Floods in Tana River County, Kenya, May 2020.
© Kenya Red Cross
Floods in Tana River County, Kenya, May 2020.
The death toll continues to rise as the flood situation worsens in Kenya.

Government Minister Eugene L. Wamalwa, said on 13 May that 237 lives have now been lost due to flooding that began in April - a jump from 194 fatalities announced last week. A total of 161,000 households (over 800,000 people) have now been affected across the country.

"The flood situation in the country has worsened, we have thousands displaced across the country and as a government we are reaching out to all areas with humanitarian Support even as we come up with long term mitigation solutions."

The Minister added: "The floods and rising water levels in all our lakes and rivers is unprecedented and the devastation overwhelming. Lake Victoria last reached these levels in the 1950s and Lake Naivasha last reached these levels in 1961."

Over the last few days heavy rainfall caused more flooding in the country, with the worst seen in central and northern areas.

Cloud Precipitation

4 dead after heavy rain floods Mogadishu, Somalia

Heavy rain and flooding have caused more problems in Somalia, this time in the capital Mogadishu.

The city recorded heavy rain from 10 to 11 May. According to WMO figures, almost 60mm fell in the city in 12 hours on 11 May.

Streets were turned to rivers as the poor drainage system, much of it blocked by garbage, was overwhelmed. Local media reported that some people have evacuated their homes.

Five people died when the rain caused a house to collapse. The victims are thought to be members of the same family
. Other residents living nearby had to be rescued.

Flooding has affected wide areas of the country since late April. In a report of 11 May, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said 16 people have died, 546,103 affected and 216,895 displaced since the Gu' rains started in early April.


Severe sandstorm filmed in Ourika, Morocco

sand storm
AFRICA - Severe sandstorm in Ourika, Morocco, today May 13th.

Cloud Lightning

Extreme hurricane wind and flying debris filmed in Chita, Russia


Took the roof off
Extreme hurricanic winds and flying debris in Russia

Cloud Precipitation

Hail damages some 6000 hectares of crops in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Last weekend's storms, which were accompanied by hail in many cases, have hit some 6,000 hectares of crops across the Spanish Region of Valencia. The initial losses are estimated at more than 9 million Euro, as reported by LA UNIÓ de Llauradors.

The greatest losses have been recorded in the counties of Valencia, with 6.5 million Euro, followed by those of Castellon, with 2.5 million, and those of Alicante, with around 3,000 Euro. 66% of the damage has been suffered by citrus crops, 15% by kakis and 6% by almonds, and some summer fruits and vegetables have also been affected.

Cloud Precipitation

10,000 displaced by floods since late April in Burundi

Floods in Gatumba, Mutimbuzi Commune, Bujumbura Rural, Burundi, April 2020.
© Burundi Ministry of Security
Floods in Gatumba, Mutimbuzi Commune, Bujumbura Rural, Burundi, April 2020.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that over 10,000 people were displaced from their homes after heavy rain and floods in several provinces of Burundi during the period 27 April to 02 May.

Floods struck in Muyinga Province on 27 April, displacing 109 people and damaging around 20 homes in Muyinga Commune.

Two days later heavy rain damaged 25 homes and displaced 43 people in Ruyigi Commune, Ruuyigi Province. During the same period, heavy rain damaged 20 homes and displaced 119 people in Bugarama Commune, Rumonge Province.


Cars dragged through streets as flash floods hit Central Aceh, Indonesia

floods in Central Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia, 13 May 2020.
© BPBA Aceh
Floods in Central Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia, 13 May 2020.
Flash floods and landslides damaged dozens of houses in Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia, on 13 May.

Several villages in Kebayakan District were affected, in particular Paya Tumpi where raging flood waters dragged vehicles through village streets. Several surrounding roads have been cut. Five people were injured in the floods.

Initial damage assessments by disaster authorities showed 57 houses were damaged and 89 residents have been displaced.

Heavy rain has affected the province for the last few days. On 08 May flooding affected parts of Aceh Besar Regency, where 190 families were displaced, and Aceh Jaya Regency, where 248 people were evacuated.