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Lonar crater in India , Almost Lunar

Lonar Crater in India

NASA's Terra satellite acquired this image of Lonar Crater in India, using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument. This astrobleme (a space-caused earth blemish) is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra State, India.

Cloud Lightning

UK: Family flees as bolt of lightning hits home

A shaken mother and daughter told of their miraculous escape after a lightning strike blew an enormous hole in their roof. Power to their street was also cut after the bolt hit a transformer opposite the house in a freak Fen storm.

Melissa Bullen and her 13-year-old daughter Kayleigh were in the kitchen at the time they heard a bang like "a sonic boom" followed by a bright flash. A socket flew out of the wall and hit Mrs Bullen (37) with such force, it left an a red burn on her arm.

Better Earth

Kilauea Volcano Explodes Again

Kilauea Volcano has exploded again. Officials say a small explosion that sent rocks more than 200 feet up onto the rim of the volcano's main Halemaumau crater occurred Wednesday night, hours before the park reopened.

The park was evacuated Tuesday and remained closed Wednesday because of elevated sulfur dioxide emissions.


Theory of the month: global cooling

Global cooling
Theory of the month: global cooling

This week, I continued to fill my unwelcome extra wheelie bin with the newspapers I used to take to the recycling centre myself and paid the first of this year's council tax, which has doubled in a decade. Some £50 of this has gone to provide the aforesaid wheelie bin and there are about 20,000 like it in the Craven area of the Yorkshire Dales alone.

I bought a new (cheap) watch which came with a printed warning that should I need a new battery, I must take the old one to the council tip for recycling - a battery which is smaller than a 5p piece.

Bizarro Earth

Global Cooling or Global Warming - Which Is It and How Can We Know?

There is huge disagreement in the scientific community about global warming. Researchers on either side have no trouble finding data to support their chosen theory. Recent climatic events highlight the importance of not over interpreting short-term data - temperature fluctuations either up or down. The environmental alarmists who have been overstating connections between extreme weather conditions and a man-made warming trend are on the opposite side of other researchers who are sounding the warning bell about global cooling. Both sides of the issue must be careful to avoid distortion of facts to support beliefs.

The key to interpretation is long-term trends. To focus on a few years or months of climatic data and present any evidence of either cooling or warming as been called a waste of time and perhaps even a harmful distraction.


US: Florida man killed by bees

For the first time killer bees are being blamed for a man's death in Florida.

State officials say a 51-year-old man was swarmed by bees on Wednesday.

Bizarro Earth

Unusual Earthquake Swarm Off Oregon Coast Puzzles Scientists

Scientists at Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center have recorded more than 600 earthquakes in the last 10 days off the central Oregon coast in an area not typically known for a high degree of seismic activity.

This earthquake "swarm" is unique, according to OSU marine geologist Robert Dziak, because it is occurring within the middle of the Juan de Fuca plate - away from the major, regional tectonic boundaries.

Bizarro Earth

U.S.:Lake Champlain surpasses flood stage

Burlington, Vermont - The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for communities along Lake Champlain.

With continued snow melt and rain, the lake surpassed flood stage today.

Minor flooding is anticipated.

Cloud Lightning

Storm rips Kuwait, 3 killed

Kuwait Friday was hit by a sandstorm that blew at 56 km/hr from the East and the Southeast of Kuwait, causing showers at a couple of places in the country, says Musaed Al-Hammad, Head of Mirzam Observatory. He was talking to the Arab Times soon after studying the recordings of the weather conditions from his observatory. The visibility during the storm in the desert was zero, about a kilometer in the city and 4 km in Wafra. The unexpected storm uprooted trees, damaged minor structures in different parts of Kuwait and flooded the Gulf Road. All shipping movement at Kuwaiti ports was stopped. The Sharq area was also flooded.

Cloud Lightning

U.S.: Engineers Opens Dam Spillway to Relieve Flood Water in Arkansas

Little Rock - Engineers cracked open spillways Saturday at Bull Shoals Lake, allowing excess water brimming near the rim of the dam to rush down the White River to communities already flooded by weeks of rain.

Meanwhile, two people drowned Friday in Yell County when their pickup truck left water-covered Arkansas 28 and sank over the top of its cab in floodwaters next to the highway, the sheriff's office said.