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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Earth Changes

Snowflake Cold

Roads blocked, schools shut and public transport not working after strong snowfall in Birobidzhan, Russia

Roads blocked, schools shut and public transport not working after the the second day of strong snowfall in Birobidzhan, the administrative centre of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast by Russia's border with China. Residents are out clearing snow to get cars out, extra snow ploughing equipment is sent out.


Signs and Portents: Calf born with four eyes and two mouths with crowds gathering to worship 'divine' cow in Madhya Pradesh, India

The two-headed 'divine' calf being held by its owner
© Jam Press Vid/Rare Shot
The two-headed 'divine' calf being held by its owner
A calf was born with four eyes and two mouths, leading crowds of people to gather to worship and meet the "divine" cow.

The creature was born at a farmer's house in Bhagirathpura in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The unique-looking calf drew plenty of attention, with witnesses deeming it a "divine miracle".

The cow can drink milk from both of its mouths and is believed to be completely healthy.


Floods affect over 25,000 in Sumatra, 4 killed in Java landslide in Indonesia

Floods in East Aceh, Indonesia, November
© BPBD Kabupaten Aceh Timur
Floods in East Aceh, Indonesia, November 2021.
Flooding has affected over 25,000 people in different parts of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, over the past week. At least one person has died and another is missing after heavy rain caused a landslide in Aceh Province.

Meanwhile 4 people have died in a landslide that destroyed buildings on a roadside in Central Java Province of Java Island.

Teams are searching for one person reported missing after a landslide in the remote Rikit Gaib District in Gayo Lues Regency, Aceh Province. One person died in a building destroyed by the landslide that struck after heavy rain late 22 November 2021.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rains turned roads into rivers, inundate houses & overflow lakes in Bengaluru, India

Four lakes in north Bengaluru overflow, flood adjacent areas

Four lakes in north Bengaluru overflow, flood adjacent areas
Bengaluru has turned into a big pool after days of heavy rains triggered floods in the IT hub of India. The roads in the city have turned small rivers with a lot of people stuck in their homes and residential societies.

At several locals, water has entered shops and residential houses. Police and rescue workers were seen taking out people in boats from vulnerable locations.

Aid workers were seen distributing food essentials as massive rains hit the supplies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Karnataka CM and assured full support to overcome the flood situation in Bengaluru and rest of the state.

Watch this report for more.

Ice Cube

School cancelled in Yakutia, Russia as temperatures plunge to -50C (-58F), rare late-snows hit Argentina, + parts of Antarctica are holding unusually cold


Pupils across at least ten villages in the remote Russian region of Yakutia have been ordered to stay at home and study via distance learning as the mercury outside touched -50C (-58F), reports rt.com.

On Monday, November 22, the local government instructed 700 students to stay at home after a low of -50C (-58F) was recorded in the village of Kylaiy, in the Ust-Aldan district of Yakutia province — not too far from the region's largest city of Yakutsk.

Other notable lows in the province include the -45C (-49F) in Batamay; the -44.8C (-48.6F) in Kerbo, Central Siberia; the -39.6C (-39.3F) in Verkhoyansk.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods in Panama

SAR operations at the site of floods in Las Cuevas
© Sinaproc
SAR operations at the site of floods in Las Cuevas de Bayano, Panama, 21 November 2021
Disaster officials report at least 2 people have died and one is still missing after sudden flash floods in Panama on 21 November 2021.

Heavy rain triggered sudden floods which raged through a scenic area popular with tourists known as Las Cuevas de Bayano, on the shores of Lake Bayano, about 50km east of Panama City. The country's civil protection organisation, Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil (Sinaproc) reported 2 people had died, 1 was missing and 13 were injured in the incident. Search and rescue operations are continuing as authorities look for the missing person. It is thought some of the victims were taking shelter in one of the caves in the area when they were swept away by flood water.

Other areas of the country have seen heavy rain over the last few days, causing flooding or landslides. On 17 November around 30 homes were damaged in Juan Díaz district of Panama City. Some flooding was also reported in the district of Bugaba, province of Chiriquí.

Around the same time heavy rain caused a landslide in the district of San Miguelito in Belisario Porras, causing material damage but no injuries or fatalities.

Cloud Precipitation

Historic hailstorm in Alicante, Spain

The storm that hit the Valencian Community these days has left 46 liters per square meter this morning in just twenty-five minutes in the Alicante and Elche area, as reported by the State Meteorology Agency (Aemet) due to a cold drop that caused many neighbors will spend part of the night on their balconies.

In total, this morning, 58 liters per square meter have accumulated at the Alicante-Elx airport, almost all in less than an hour. Of them, 47.5 have been in half an hour and 39.6 in twenty minutes. The airport has reported a storm between 2.30 and 3.20 hours, with heavy hail at 3.10.


Woman possibly attacked, killed by her own dogs in Houston, Texas

dog attack
Police are investigating whether a Houston woman was killed in an attack by her own dogs after they got into a fight with her neighbor's dogs.

Police responded to the woman's Houston home on November 19 after receiving a report of a deceased person. When officers arrived, they found the victim, identified as Tiffany Frangione, 48, in her backyard with puncture wounds to her neck.

A preliminary investigation found that Frangione let her dogs out into her backyard on Friday, where they fought with the neighbor's dogs through a fence, according to the Houston Police Department. Police believe Frangione attempted to intervene in the dog fight and was potentially attacked by her own dogs.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood hits the city of George, South Africa

The weather in the Western Cape has certainly been bolder, and George has had to bear the brunt of Mother Nature's rainy endeavours.

The heavy rainfall led to flooding all over the city and was so intense that the George Municipality even asked all residents to stay indoors, with several schools closing for today due to bad weather.

Many locals with their cameras at the ready captured the sights in full. Take a look:


Thousands hit by floods after rivers overflow in Chocó, Colombia

Flood in Medio Baudó, Choco, Colombia,
© Medio Baudó Gov
Flood in Medio Baudó, Choco, Colombia, November 2021.
Several rivers broke their banks following heavy rain in Chocó Department, Colombia. Authorities reported almost 3,500 households have been affected, with flood water "up to neck height" in some areas.

Several rivers broke their banks on 19 November 2021 following heavy rain. Officials reported flooding from the Misará, Baudó, Orochocó, Pepé and Dubasa rivers, with areas of Medio Baudó and Alto Baudó municipalities severely affected. Some flooding was also reported in Nuquí and Bahía Solano municipalities.

The government of Medio Baudó said 3,489 families were affected, which is an estimated 14,000 people. Reports suggest hundreds of homes have been damaged and according to local media as many as 120 homes have been completely destroyed. Widespread damage to livestock and crops including rice, corn, banana and yucca was also reported.