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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Historic hailstorm in Alicante, Spain

The storm that hit the Valencian Community these days has left 46 liters per square meter this morning in just twenty-five minutes in the Alicante and Elche area, as reported by the State Meteorology Agency (Aemet) due to a cold drop that caused many neighbors will spend part of the night on their balconies.

In total, this morning, 58 liters per square meter have accumulated at the Alicante-Elx airport, almost all in less than an hour. Of them, 47.5 have been in half an hour and 39.6 in twenty minutes. The airport has reported a storm between 2.30 and 3.20 hours, with heavy hail at 3.10.


Woman possibly attacked, killed by her own dogs in Houston, Texas

dog attack
Police are investigating whether a Houston woman was killed in an attack by her own dogs after they got into a fight with her neighbor's dogs.

Police responded to the woman's Houston home on November 19 after receiving a report of a deceased person. When officers arrived, they found the victim, identified as Tiffany Frangione, 48, in her backyard with puncture wounds to her neck.

A preliminary investigation found that Frangione let her dogs out into her backyard on Friday, where they fought with the neighbor's dogs through a fence, according to the Houston Police Department. Police believe Frangione attempted to intervene in the dog fight and was potentially attacked by her own dogs.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood hits the city of George, South Africa

The weather in the Western Cape has certainly been bolder, and George has had to bear the brunt of Mother Nature's rainy endeavours.

The heavy rainfall led to flooding all over the city and was so intense that the George Municipality even asked all residents to stay indoors, with several schools closing for today due to bad weather.

Many locals with their cameras at the ready captured the sights in full. Take a look:


Thousands hit by floods after rivers overflow in Chocó, Colombia

Flood in Medio Baudó, Choco, Colombia,
© Medio Baudó Gov
Flood in Medio Baudó, Choco, Colombia, November 2021.
Several rivers broke their banks following heavy rain in Chocó Department, Colombia. Authorities reported almost 3,500 households have been affected, with flood water "up to neck height" in some areas.

Several rivers broke their banks on 19 November 2021 following heavy rain. Officials reported flooding from the Misará, Baudó, Orochocó, Pepé and Dubasa rivers, with areas of Medio Baudó and Alto Baudó municipalities severely affected. Some flooding was also reported in Nuquí and Bahía Solano municipalities.

The government of Medio Baudó said 3,489 families were affected, which is an estimated 14,000 people. Reports suggest hundreds of homes have been damaged and according to local media as many as 120 homes have been completely destroyed. Widespread damage to livestock and crops including rice, corn, banana and yucca was also reported.

Cloud Precipitation

India - Severe floods and landslides after heavy rain in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh - Over 6 FEET of rainfall in 24 hours - At least 41 dead (UPDATES)

Flood rescue Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh India
© Kadapa Police
Flood rescue Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh India November 2021.
A depression over the southwest Bay of Bengal brought heavy rainfall to parts of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India from 16 November 2021. At least 9 people have died in rain-related incidents in Tamil Nadu. Hundreds of people have been evacuated or rescued by police, military and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry.

Andhra Pradesh

Teams from police, NDRF and military have responded to the worsening flood situation across several districts of Andhra Pradesh. Rescues and evacuations were carried out in Tirupati, Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur and Nellore districts.

The Cheyyeru dam in Kadapa district was reportedly breached or damaged, flooding nearby villages. Videos shared on Social Media showed bridges and buildings washed by the overflowing Swarnamukhi river in Tirupati. Workers were reportedly stranded by flood water from the Papaghni River near Vempalli, Kadapa district. Dozens of people were rescued after 3 buses were submerged by floods in Kadapa district.

Comment: Update: The Times of India reports:
Andhra Pradesh rains: 17 dead, over 100 feared missing in deluge across Rayalaseema districts

At least 17 people died and more than 100 were reportedly missing in separate incidents as incessant rains caused flash floods across the four districts of the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh on Friday.

The depression in the Bay of Bengal led to flash floods triggering off a deluge.

As the Cheyyuru river's water breached the Annamayya project leading to flash floods across several mandals in the Rajampet assembly constituency and other parts of Kadapa district, three APSRTC buses filled with passengers were stuck in the flood water near Ramapuram in Rajampet mandal on Friday.

Though the fire services personnel rescued a majority of the passengers and the APSRTC staff, twelve persons washed away in the flash floods were found dead at various places across Rajampet mandal. While officials retrieved 7 bodies near Gandluru, three more bodies were retrieved near Rayavaram and the bodies of two others were retrieved near Mandapalli.

Meanwhile, 30 persons belonging to Mandapalli, Akepadu, Nandaluru in Rajampet mandal were reportedly washed away in floods and officials have launched a search operation to rescue them.

Rail and road traffic between Tirupati and Kadapa came to a standstill as floodwater damaged the railway tracks and national highways at several places along the route.

While the Kadapa airport has been sealed off till the 25th of this month, nearly 10 trains plying between the Nandalur-Rajampet route have been diverted by the south central railways. APSRTC has also suspended bus services from Tirupati-Kadapa, Tirupati-Piler-Rajampet and other routes as flash floods have damaged roads along these routes.

Meanwhile, a man and his wife who went to the KC canal for some religious rituals on the Karthika Deepotsavam eve were washed away in the floods on Friday. Their bodies were recovered near Padidampadu. The deceased were identified as Raghavendra and Indira, residents of Abbas Nagar in Kurnool.

Tungabhadra river which received heavy inflows was in full spate prompting officials to lift 12 crest gates and release waters downstream. This is the first time in 39 years that the Tungabhadra project reached its full reservoir level in the month of November.
Update 2 : The Economic Times reports on November 21:
Andhra Pradesh floods: Death toll in two districts rises to 41

As floods continue to ravage Andhra Pradesh, the death toll in the Rayalaseema and Nellore districts has risen further from 29 to 41 on Sunday. Six more bodies were retrieved at Rajampet mandal and two fresh flood-related deaths were reported at Chinnamandem mandal in Kadapa district.

Three bodies are yet unidentified at the Rajampet government hospital in Kadapa district, while fifteen bodies have been handed over to the families of the victims. Four deaths were reported in the Nellore district on Sunday.

Two siblings including a woman who tried to cross over the Mandavya river in Chinnamandem mandal were washed away in the strong currents and their bodies were retrieved near Vandadi village. Two unidentified bodies were retrieved near the Somasila project on Sunday.

Nearly 44,275 persons have been evacuated and moved to 92 relief camps across Nellore district.

The floods continued for the fourth consecutive day across Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur and Nellore districts.

A road bridge connecting Kadapa-Tadipatri towns along the Papagni river collapsed in the early hours on Sunday, while road connectivity to several villages along the route remained suspended.

Traffic along the national highway also was brought to a grinding halt after the national highway caved in at two places near Nellore.


70-year-old hunter in France suffers 'serious' injury after bear encounter

A 70-year-old man sustained a "serious leg injury" in southwestern France on Saturday after an encounter with a bear, according to a statement from the southwestern prefecture of Ariège.

The hunter, who had been pursuing wild boars, was assisted by the high mountain gendarmerie team and promptly taken to a local hospital "in a worrying condition," the statement said.

A spokesperson from the French Gendarmerie was unable to confirm to CNN whether the hunter shot the bear, though the statement from the prefecture of Ariège read that gendarmes had "located a bear carcass below the place where the victim was found, which could accredit the thesis of an accident linked to the encounter between the man and the animal."

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm blankets parts of northern Saudi Arabia

A picture shared by a social media users reportedly shows the snowfall in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province.

A picture shared by a social media users reportedly shows the snowfall in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province.
Parts of northern Saudi Arabia were covered in a fine layer of hail and snow on Sunday as temperatures plummeted to approximately 7C.

Images circulating on social media showed the a white landscape in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province. The Saudi city is 30 kilometers away from the border with Jordan.

In one video hail can be seen falling from the sky.

A Saudi National Center for Meteorology report said thunderstorms accompanied by light winds and hail showers would fall across Al-Jawf, the northern borders and Tabuk, extending to the coastal areas of the Medina region.


Antarctic penguin waddles ashore in New Zealand, 2,000 miles from home

An Adélie penguin – native to Antarctica – has been found 3,000km from home on a New Zealand beach.
© Allanah Purdie/Department of Conservation
An Adélie penguin – native to Antarctica – has been found 3,000km from home on a New Zealand beach.
An Antarctic penguin's misadventure has seen it waddle ashore almost 2,000 miles from home.

The Adélie penguin, which is native to Antarctica, washed up on the coast of New Zealand on Wednesday.

The rare visitor was spotted by resident Harry Singh, just south of Christchurch in Birdlings Flat on the South Island. A video captured by Singh shows the penguin wandering around on the beach.

"I did not notice any physical injury, but it was tired and hungry," Singh told NBC News via Facebook Messenger on Friday.

The last sighting of an Adélie penguin was in 1993 and this is only the third time one of the birds has made it to New Zealand's shores, according to an online encyclopedia of New Zealand birds, which says that one was found dead in 1962 and a live Adélie penguin was reportedly found in 1993.

Comment: While in the northern hemisphere three snowy owls turned up in Asturias, Spain far south of normal winter range.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 2 teenagers in Zimbabwe, while another strike injures 13 prison inmates

Thirteen inmates at Hwange Prison were hospitalised on Friday after they were struck by lightning while having lunch in the prison courtyard, officials said.

On the same day, police said two teenagers, both aged 15, were killed by lightning while walking home from school in Chitungwiza.

Police said one of the children died instantly, while a second was runover by a vehicle as she lay on the tarred road. The two were students at Seke 1 High School.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) spokesman Superintendent Peter Chaparanganda, meanwhile, said 13 inmates suffered varying degrees of burns after they were struck by lightning at around 11AM last Friday.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 2, injures 10 on football field in South Africa

Two young men were killed and ten others injured when they were struck by lightning on a football field in Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga on Saturday.

Paramedics and provincial emergency services found the two men lying beneath a tree, while ten others were scattered around the field.

"Medics assessed the patients and found that the two men beneath the tree, both believed to be 18-years-old, showed no signs of life," said ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring.

"Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead.

"The ten other men and women were assessed and found to have sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

"The patients were treated on the scene and thereafter transported to Ermelo Provincial Hospital for urgent treatment."