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Sun, 07 Jun 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Intense lightning storm recorded over Toronto, Canada

Toronto lightning
Toronto residents were in for a show last night, as the warm and sunny day transitioned into a dark and gloomy mess with heavy rains, accompanied by high winds, hail, thunder, and lightning.

On Tuesday, Environment Canada warned of a "severe" thunderstorm in Toronto that may produce "large hail" and the resulting storm definitely didn't disappoint. In the evening, two separate thunderstorms tracked across the region, bringing plenty of lightning, lots of rain, and some hail.

And while the bulk of Torontonians were probably asleep during the lightning storm, there were some camera-ready storm watchers who captured some wild shots.

Photos and videos shared on social media show long periods of lightning flashing up the night sky, while other shots show the city's skyline transforming into something that looks like a scene straight out of a movie.

Comment: Less than a week ago almost 87,000 lightning strikes hit Washington - nearly 2/3 of the annual average!


Worst locust swarm in two decades moves on to devastate crops in South & Central Asia


The southern regions of Iran have been badly affected by swarms of desert locusts.
Along with the invisible invader aka the coronavirus, several countries in South and Central Asia are also under a vicious attack by swarms of locusts.

The locusts first spread across East Africa in 2018 and hordes of them also made their way to Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Iraq before heading eastward into Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

And lately -- due to optimal weather conditions for massive breeding -- locusts in the north have brought their voracious appetites to parts of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan in what is being called the worst plague of the pests in two decades.

As they devour vegetation along their journey, crops in the regions that the locusts have infested are suffering immeasurably.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Lightning

Tropical Storm Cristobal makes landfall in Mexico and could loop back toward the US Gulf Coast this weekend

Tropical Storm Cristobal

Tropical Storm Cristobal
Tropical Storm Cristobal made landfall Wednesday morning in Mexico, and if the storm holds together, it could loop back across the Gulf of Mexico and toward the United States by the weekend.

Cristobal made landfall in the early morning in the state of Campeche, with sustained winds of 60 mph. It hit land near Atasta, Mexico, just west of Ciudad del Carmen, the Air Force Reserve Unit Hurricane Hunter aircraft reported.

Life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides from ongoing extreme rains continued to be the biggest threat. Ten to 20 inches of additional rain could fall across this region through Friday.

Some Pacific locations in southern Mexico got 20 inches of rain over the weekend and could get up to a foot more.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding leaves 16 dead in Yemen

© Reuters
File photo
Floods have swept through Yemen amid heavy seasonal rains, leaving at least 16 people dead and flooding dozens of homes, security officials say.

The casualties were reported in eastern Hadramawt and southern Shabwa provinces, where it began raining late Wednesday, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to brief the media.

Yemen's rainy season runs from April to the end of August.


June snowfall hits Labrador City, Newfoundland

© angelasknits24 | Instagram/ ocathome | Twitter
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Summer might be officially starting this month but that doesn't mean the weather has gotten the memo. For some unlucky Canadians, it's looking more like winter. Snow in June happened in this Newfoundland & Labrador town and it's so tragic.

People in Labrador City woke up to snow on the ground.

Now, that might not be surprising to hear in the winter months or even as late as April.

However, it's pretty jarring when it happens this time of year.


Rare derecho kills 3, cuts power to half a million people across Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Storm approaching Medford, New Jersey
© Twitter/mcadehaven
Storm approaching Medford, New Jersey, on Wednesday evening.
At least three people are dead and more than half of a million electric customers were left in the dark when a rare derecho tore through eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey on Wednesday.

The northern Plains, Upper Midwest and eastern Great Lakes were put on alert Tuesday night when the thunderstorms erupted. Then the threat shifted east to the mid-Atlantic on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service recorded more than 185 damaging wind reports while more than 525,000 customers were without power in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By early Thursday morning, more than 350,000 customers were still in the dark.

"The storms raced across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, moving eastward at over 80 mph at times," AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson said.


June snow in România - coldest 2nd day in the month since records began

Video - Early summer is cold in Eastern Europe, România.

"Summer started like winter! It snowed in the mountains and the temperatures dropped below zero degrees. In fact, it was the coldest day of June 2 since the measurements were made."

Thanks to Alex Tanase for this video.


Earthquake of 6.5 magnitude hits eastern Indonesia

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 struck north of Halmahera near the province of North Sulawesi in Indonesia on Thursday, the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) said.

Indonesia's national weather and climate agency (BMKG) gave a magnitude of 7.1 and depth of 111 km. The GFZ put the quake's depth at 105 km.

BMKG spokesman Taufan Maulana told Reuters no damage had been caused and the earthquake did not pose a tsunami threat.

Indonesia is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is frequently hit by earthquakes that are sometimes accompanied by tsunamis.

Source: Reuters


Watch as 'quick clay' landslide sweeps 8 houses into the sea in northern Norway

Eight houses were swept into the sea by the powerful landslide in northern Norway
Eight houses were swept into the sea by the powerful landslide in northern Norway
A landslide in the far north of Norway swept eight buildings into the sea on Wednesday, with the slow-motion destruction dramatically captured on video.

So far there are no reports of anyone dying or being injured by the 800m long, 40m high landslide, although a dog appears to have been swept away.

"A dog that was taken by the slide and swept into the sea rescued itself, swam ashore and is alive," Torfinn Halvari, from the local Finnmark police told Norway's NTB newswire on Wednesday evening.

"We still have on-site crews working to assess landslide security or the danger of new landslides," he added. "We cannot say with any certainty that no one has been taken by it."


Nisarga lashing western India after making unprecedented landfall near Mumbai

Cyclone Nisarga
Cyclone Nisarga was the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday.
Nisarga battered western India with torrential rainfall and damaging winds into Wednesday evening after becoming the first tropical cyclone in recorded history to strike the city of Mumbai and surrounding districts during the month of June.

As a severe cyclonic storm on the India Meteorological Department's (IMD) tropical cyclone scale and the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic and East Pacific Ocean basins, Nisarga crashed ashore in the state of Maharashtra Wednesday afternoon, local time, just south of the town of Alibagh.

After moving inland, Nisarga lost wind strength quickly, and was downgraded to a cyclonic storm and then a deep depression, equivalent to a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean, Wednesday evening. The system continued weakening, becoming a depression on Thursday.

Mumbai, the country's financial center and home to more than 18 million people, is rarely impacted by tropical cyclones and, prior to Nisarga, had never been hit by one in the month of June.