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1 missing as heavy rains fall on much of Texas

Much of North Central Texas was under a flood warning and authorities were searching for a woman swept away by moving water after torrential rains inundated several areas early Wednesday.

Searchers were combing a creek in the San Antonio suburb of Helotes for a 29-year-old woman. Police say the woman, Christina Marie French, and her 24-year-old male companion escaped early Wednesday morning from a car that was swept from a flooded bridge. They were clinging to branches, waiting for help. The man was rescued, but the woman was swept away by the flood waters.

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Another earthquake shakes Mexico's Gulf of California

An earthquake hit Mexico's Gulf of California on Tuesday, not far from the site of a stronger quake recorded on Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The magnitude 5 quake hit about 100 miles north of the resort of Los Cabos on the tip of Baja California, at a depth of 6.2 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

An earthquake hit Mexico's Gulf of California on Tuesday, not far from the site of a stronger quake recorded on Saturday.

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Strong typhoon closes in on Tokyo

A strong typhoon closed in on Tokyo Thursday, bringing downpours and gusts that injured 18 people and disrupted hundreds of flights, officials and reports said.

Japan went on alert for landslides and floods as it braced for Typhoon Fitow, which is expected to hit the capital and its vicinity by early Friday.



New virus, Israeli acute paralysis virus, may be killing bees

WASHINGTON - A newly discovered virus may be killing bees or may be making some bees vulnerable enough to disappear, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

While the virus probably does not alone account for what scientists call colony collapse disorder, or CCD, it could help explain what is happening to bees across the United States, they said.

The virus, called Israeli acute paralysis virus, or IAPV, was discovered in Israel in 2004 and is new to science.


Emergency regime announced in Tuva over forest fires

An emergency regime has been announced in four regions of Tuva, republic in south-central Siberia, over big forest fires, a duty officer of the republic's forest agency told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

Over the past 24 hours the number of fire beds increased from 32 to 36 scorching big acreage of 1,900 hectares. Dry weather triggered Tuva's forest fires in late August.

Local weather forecasters say heat waves exceeding 30 degrees above zero will continue and no rains are expected.

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Felix's Toll Rises, Henriette in Mexico

PUERTO CABEZAS, Nicaragua - Doctors threw together a makeshift clinic Wednesday to tend to the injured after powerful Hurricane Felix flooded their hospital and wrecked villages on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast. Remnants of the storm drenched Central America in rain and the death toll rose to at least 18 with dozens more missing.


Brilliant! Wrong Fish Used to Save Species

©AP Photos/Colorado Division of Wildlife
These undated photos show the endangered greenback cutthroat trout, left, and the Colorado River cutthroat trout , right.

DENVER - A 20-year government effort to restore the population of an endangered native trout in Colorado has made little progress because biologists have been stocking some of the waterways with the wrong fish, a new study says.


Dog-walking 'can harm wildlife'

Dogs are the four legged foes of natural wildlife and not their friends, according to the first study to quantify the effects on local birds of taking them for a walk.

Experiments show that dog-walking causes more than 40 per cent reduction in bird abundance and more than 35 per cent reduction in bird diversity in woodlands, even if the pets are kept on a lead.

"These results support the ban on access for dog-walking to sensitive natural areas," said Dr Peter Banks, who did the study at the University of New South Wales with Jessica Bryant. "I can't see why it wouldn't be relevant to the UK and other places," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Dog-walking is among the world's most popular outdoor activities, with clear benefits to both human and canine health.

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Earthquake Shakes Off Of San Diego Coast

A magnitude-4.0 earthquake rattled off the San Diego coast Tuesday, but no injuries or structural damage was reported on the mainland, authorities said.


The quake, centered 11 miles west of San Diego at a depth of 6.8 miles, hit at 7:48 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Twin Storms Pack Dangerous Winds in Central America

Felix walloped Central America's remote Miskito coastline and Henriette slammed into resorts on the tip of Baja California as a record-setting hurricane season got even wilder Tuesday with twin storms making landfall on the same day.

Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes making landfall on the same day is unprecedented, according to National Hurricane Center records dating back to 1949.