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Thu, 23 Nov 2017
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Earth Changes


Tons of dead fish found along 1.3 km of beach in Liepaja, Latvia

© Juho Kuva
File photo
Environmental experts are investigating the death of several tons of fish that have been washed onto a beach in Latvia's southwestern seaside city of Liepaja this week, local media reported on Wednesday.

About three tons of fish washed ashore on a 1.3 km long stretch of the Liepaja beach, authorities said.

Andris Junkurs, head of resource control at the Latvian State Environmental Service, said that although initially it was thought that the fish had been dumped into the Baltic Sea by some fishermen, this hypothesis had to be ruled out eventually.

The environmental authority's fish control department analyzed satellite images in an attempt to detect the fishing boat that might have dumped an unwanted catch of round goby at sea.


Sundogs seen in southern Mississippi sky

If you looked up in Monday afternoon's sky, you may have noticed a strange weather phenomenon. The sun appeared to have a halo and two bright spots on either side of it: this is called a sundog.

Sundogs occur when light interacts with ice crystals in the sky.

Thin and wispy cirrus clouds high in the sky are made up of ice crystals. And as the sun's light shines down through those ice crystals, the rays of light are bounced off of each ice crystal, forming unusual arcs of light on either side of the sun.


Impressive sun halo spotted over Las Vegas, Nevada

© National Weather Service - Las Vegas
An impressive sun halo appeared in the sky over Las Vegas on Monday morning thanks to the presence of a thin layer of high-altitude cirrus clouds.

Halos are rings of light that can encircle the sun or the moon, and they usually occur when cirrus clouds are covering the sky.

A mix of chemistry, physics and geometry are the main components for sun halos.

The atmosphere consists of a mix of gases, including oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. At high altitudes in the sky, water vapor condenses and then freezes into ice crystals. As sunlight passes through those ice crystals, the geometry of the crystals causes sunlight to refract, or bend, similar to what happens when light passes through a prism.


Spectacular series of sun phenomena appear in the skies of northern Chile

© Via Instagram/mekamiro
High altitude cirrus clouds sometimes contain a large number of hexagonal ice crystals, and if these are struck by sunlight at just the right angle, with the sun elevated at least 58 degrees, the sky suddenly looks like somebody waved a giant magnet in front of an old-school computer monitor.

But, yesterday was more than unusual in Antofagasta, Chile. A series of different sun halos lit up the sky over the whole day, baffling sky-watchers as if they've finally discovered the gateway to Oz.

At around midday, a double solar halo - circumhorizontal arc below the very common 22-degree halo - amazed onlookers for approximately half an hour.

Then around 3:30pm, another sun halo appeared before an incredible sundog or two suns phenomenon around 6:30pm. Chemtrailing? Approaching storm? or just weaponized weather art in the heart of Atacama desert? Will see that in the news in the next day. Meanwhile enjoy as if you weren't aware of the weather war going on.

Snowflake Cold

Almost summer snow in Australia with giant hail, record cold for Boston and NYC

Snow at Perisher just 25 days from start of summer.
Unusual almost summer snows in NSW Australia along with "gigantic hail" as it was described. This is expected in a grand solar minimum where extremes in heat and cold effect crop production, we saw this in the USA over the last week as well. Record cold in Boston and New York breaking records back to 1903. Interestingly the record cold in NYC article never listed the temperatures that were broken.


Snowflake Cold

Early snowfall hits Afghanistan blocking roads

Snow somewhere
Two districts in the southern Ghazni province received the first snowfall of the season measuring 35 centimeters, has blocked the roads connecting the districts with the provincial capital.

The first snowfall was received by Malistan and Jaghato districts in Ghazni. People living in the districts are happy with the early snowfall this year, but also worried about the roads getting blocked if the snowing continues.

Abdul Wakil, a resident of Andar district said, "I am here in Jaghato where large amount of snow has fallen, the roads are blocked and we cannot go to Ghazni city, the provincial capital."

He said that the snow was 35 centimeters in thickness and has resulted in many cars getting stranded along the way.


Walloping of snow in Yellowknife, Canada sets a record

© Chantal Dubuc/CBC
Yellowknifers are cleaning up after they were whalloped with 24.2 centimetres of snow on Tuesday.
24.2 cms fell, beating the previous November record for one-day snowfall

It's a winter wonderland in Yellowknife Wednesday, as the city cleans up after 24.2 centimetres of snow fell on Tuesday — a record breaking amount.

Dan Kulak, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says Tuesday's system was the most snow that has fallen in one day in Yellowknife in the month of November.

And, it might just be the most snowfall in one day ever recorded in the city.

"A fair amount of snow happened in that one day there," Kulak said.

"The observer at the Yellowknife airport did record over 24 centimetres of snow in the calendar day. That, at this point in time, does look like it is a new record."


Shallow 5.9 earthquake recorded near New Caledonia with numerous aftershocks

5.9 magnitude earthquake 62 km from Tadine, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

2017-11-16 07:02:38 UTC

USGS page: M 5.9 - 62km E of Tadine, New Caledonia

USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist

Reports from the public: 5 people

10 km depth


Heavy snowfall in spring sweeps across South Africa; 30cm (1 foot) recorded

© Riaan Nel
Karoo National Park outside Beaufort-West
Over 30mm of snow fell on the Eastern Cape highlands last night while snowfalls are continuing throughout Thursday.

Amy Vermeulen of Tiffindell Ski Resort said heavy snowfalls fell throughout the evening of November 15. "We had a whopping 30cm and the snow high in the mountains should last until the weekend for those avid snow-seekers wishing to make a snowman or throw some snowballs.

The road to the resort is currently closed but is expected to be open later Thursday afternoon. "Around Tiffindell, the highest five passes in South Africa are also currently closed," Vermeulen said.

Snow Report SA said it is expecting heavy falls in Lesotho and the Eastern Cape Drakensberg today, but only medium to light falls on the KZN Drakensberg, with a small possibly of snow settling in towns like Underberg and Himeville, and some flurries in the KZN Midlands which were unlikely to settle. There was little likely hood of snow on Van Reenen's Pass. Snow Report SA said light snow fell in at Clarens, in the Free State. and in Mooi River.

Cloud Lightning

Man killed by lightning near Durban, South Africa

A man was killed when he was struck by lightning in Verulam, north of Durban, on Wednesday afternoon - apparently the first victim of a storm that lashed KwaZulu-Natal.

The lightning strike comes as inclement weather struck Durban and the surrounding areas. The South African Weather Service has forecast heavy rainfall and gusting winds in the region on Wednesday and leading into Thursday.

Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman Prem Balram said that paramedics rushed to the R102 - a secondary road which runs between Durban and the North Coast - after they received a report from a motorist who witnessed the lightning strike shortly before 1pm.

"A passing motorist witnessed a man on the side of the road being struck by lightning," he said. "Paramedics arrived to find a group of people had gathered on the bridge. The lifeless body of an unknown male was found lying on the pavement. Paramedics assessed the victim and found that he suffered burns to his body."

Balram said that the man had not yet been identified.