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Wed, 22 Nov 2017
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Earth Changes

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The Dead Sea is dying: Thousands of sinkholes are shrinking water level at rate of 1.4 metres a year

© Sophie Tremblay
A view of the the Dead Sea's receding shoreline from the Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa in Jordan.
On a bright November day in Jordan, the Dead Sea appears tranquil, with barely a ripple on its surface as it stretches out into a distant haze.

But there are indications that all is not well here at the lowest point on Earth: by the cluster of hotels that lines the seafront, mechanical diggers appear to be shoring up the land, and the walk down to the sun loungers beside the water is lengthening.

It all hints at a problem that has vexed multiple governments and sparked concerns among researchers, environmentalists and anyone else with an interest in this iconic salt lake, which is woven into the history of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

In short, the Dead Sea is dying.


Whale washes up on Dalmeny Beach, Australia

Dalmeny beach
A morning walk delivered more than sunshine and surf for a Eurobodalla couple on Friday.

Jacinta Ryan and Mark Dudley, of Dalmeny, found the carcass of a whale they believe was mauled by a shark or sharks on November 10.

The couple found the remains on rocks at the north end of Dalmeny Beach.

"It is a walk we like doing when we can," Ms Ryan said.

The couple spotted something large on the rocks.

"I know the rocks pretty well, and I thought originally it was a dead seal, but when we got closer, we realised it was a lot bigger," Ms Ryan said.

Cloud Lightning

24 killed, 15 injured by lightning strikes in Huambo Province, Angola over 2 month period

Twenty-four people were killed and 15 others wounded in central Huambo province from September 17 to 6 November following heavy rains coupled with lightning strikes.

This was confirmed Thursday to Angop by the local Firefighter Department spokesperson, Francisco Muepa, underlining that the people were victims of lightning strikes.

He said 38 residences were partially and totally destroyed in above period.

The municipalities of Caála, Bailundo, Cachiungo, Chicala-Cholohanga, Ucuma, Longonjo, Londuimbali and Mungo, were mentioned as having recorded major damages.

Source: Angola Press Agency

Cow Skull

Drought across Spain and Portugal causes alarm

© YouTube/Euronews (screen capture)
Months of high temperatures and no rain causes worst drought this century for Iberian Peninsula

The Douro River which is one of the symbols of the Iberian Peninsula is 60 percent dry.

The snow, that by now should be covering the landscape above 2,000 meters has been replaced by temperatures of over 25ºC.

It's a situation which has become critical - for Spain's economy, for growing food, for living.

One woman living close to the Cuerda del pozo reservoir was one of many worried about the situation:

"I can't remember seeing the reservoir so big, so empty."

Bizarro Earth

Time is running out for the northern white rhino as only three of the subspecies are left

Sudan is the last male northern white rhino – soon the species will be extinct

A biologist has shared a heartbreaking picture of the last male northern white rhino asking people 'want to know what extinction looks like?'.

There are two female northern white rhinos that are still alive but time is running out for their species.

Efforts have been made to raise money to pay for breeding the animals as they can no longer do so naturally.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy put an advert on Tinder and if people matched they were directed to a link where they could make a donation.

After posting the picture on Twitter, biologist Dan Schneider received lots of requests for information.

Comment: Extremely rare white rhino dies in Kenya - his kind nearly extinct

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At least four dead, 18 missing after mudslide in Corinto, Colombia

© Ernesto Guzman Jr
A street affected by the flooding of La Paila river in the municipality of Corinto, Colombia, Nov. 8, 2017.
A landslide killed at least four people and left 18 missing in southwest Colombia, authorities said on Wednesday, as the country grappled once again with the deadly pairing of heavy rains and poor infrastructure.

Landslides are common in rural, mountainous areas of Colombia, especially during wetter parts of the year. In April more than 300 people died in a landslide in Mocoa, Putumayo.

Warnings of flash flooding on Tuesday night near the town of Corinto, which sits at the foot of one of the country's Andean ranges in Cauca province, came too late, some residents told local media.

Videos on social media showed water rushing down darkened streets as rain-swollen rivers overflowed and sent mud and rocks down onto buildings.


Shallow 5.0 magnitude earthquake recorded off Bali near active Mount Agung volcano

Earthquake strike near Mount Agung
An earthquake measuring 5.0 magnitude on the richter scale was detected in Bali near Mount Agung on Thursday morning.

The quake's epicenter was in the sea, 11 kilometers east of Karangasem, at a depth of 10 kilometers at 5:54am local time, according to data from the Bali Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

The earthquake did not trigger a tsunami warning.

The epicenter was about 12 to 13 kilometers from the summit of Mount Agung, Bali's rumbling volcano that is currently on level III "standby" the second highest alert level for an eruption. Agung has been on standby since Oct. 29 after previously being on level IV "danger" for five weeks.


Caught on camera rarely seen colourful displays of the Northern Lights across the UK

© Maciej Winiarczyk
Sinclair & Girnigoe Castle in Caithness, Scotland
Northern lights could turn UK skies a dazzling green again tonight following on from last night's display which an expert described as 'almost like being in Iceland'.

The natural phenomenon swept across parts of Scotland and northern England, while areas as far down as South Wales also caught a glimpse of last night's ethereal event.

Strong conditions, such as dark, clear skies, will remain for the next few days, and experts from AuroraWatch UK say we could be in for a dazzling show in the same places tonight.

'The bigger the disturbance, the stronger the Aurora and the more likely it is to be seen,' Dr Case, a space physicist at Lancaster University and an AuroraWatch UK team member told the Express.


Stray dogs attack 43,422 people over last 4 years in the city of Nagpur, India; figures show rising trend

© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
Packs of stray dogs confront people on almost every road in this town. Lanes and by-lanes here are dreaded as pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheeler riders have been victims of the menace past dusk. During last four years as many as 43,422 persons were attacked by the stray dogs in the orange city. These figures have badly exposed failure of the Health Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to control dog menace in the city. Due to apathy of the civic body 36 persons died due to rabbies in last four years. This proves that the stray dogs are posing a major threat to the people, still civic body is not serious about the sterilization of the dogs to control their birth.

As per one estimate, Nagpur city has around 90,000 to 100,000 dogs roaming in different areas. A query under Right to Information Act sought by Activist Abhay Kolarkar revealed that maximum 24 deaths due to dog bite were registered in 2014-2015 while 10 deaths were registered in 2015-2016. In current year, the Health Department had registered 2 deaths in Government Medical Colleges due to dog bite.

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Stray dogs unleash terror in Srinagar, India; 50,000 people bitten in past four years

6 school children attacked by stray dogs in Lasjan, India

25 injured as stray dogs go on biting spree in Vijayawada, India

Ice Cube

Megacryometeor? Chunks of ice fall through home roof in Chino, California

Ice chunks crash through ceiling of family's bathroom
Roof damage is common as we approach the winter months. But it's far less common when chunks of ice fall from a plane and through a roof.

That's exactly what residents in one Chino neighborhood said happened over the weekend.

"It was pretty crazy, never seen anything like it before," Chris Prater said.

He and some neighbors were hanging out in a garage at the end of the street on Harrington Court when it happened around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

"Just heard a loud noise," said Prater, who lives next door to the damaged home. "It sounded like a car crash, I guess."

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