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Wed, 31 Aug 2016
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Boy aged 3 dies following dog attack in Essex, UK

A three-year-old boy has died after being mauled by a dog in Essex, the second fatal dog attack in four days.

The latest incident happened at a property in a residential street in Halstead at 5.40pm on Thursday.

A 29-year-old woman was arrested for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control and injuring a person, Essex police said. The dog was seized by police and placed in kennels. Police said they had yet to establish its breed. Two officers were guarding the owner's home in Parker Way, Halstead.

The three-year-old boy was airlifted to Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridgeshire where he died from his injuries, the East of England ambulance service said.

On Monday a 52-year-old man was killed by a dog that had been returned to its owner despite concerns that it was dangerous.


Intense Blue Cut wildfire in Southern California grows to over 31,000 acres; only 4 percent contained

© Jonathan Alcorn/AFP/Getty Images
Smoke rises from a burned out grove of trees at the Blue Cut wildfire in Wrightwood, California, on Aug. 17, 2016.
The Blue Cut wildfire in Southern California, which has destroyed homes and forced evacuations, has spread to over 31,000 acres today.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mike Mohler told ABC News today, "Explosive fires are the new normal. ... I've never seen in 22 years fire activity like that."

"The containment is going to be very slow," he said. "We still have a long fight ahead of us."

More than 1,500 personnel are at the scene today. The blaze is just 4 percent contained.

Officials said the fire, named after the Blue Cut hiking trail, began Tuesday morning for unknown reasons. It quickly grew to nearly 30,000 acres by Wednesday.

"It was such a large flame front and it came so fast and so hard that firefighters did all they could to basically get people out of the way of this advancing front," San Bernardino County Fire Chief Mark Hartwig told ABC News this morning.

Comment: State of emergency declared for wildfire raging in San Bernardino, California; 18,000 acres burned and 82,000 people evacuated


Family dog kills boy in Oudtshoorn, South Africa

The dog has reportedly been put down after the incident occurred at the weekend in Oudtshoorn.

A four-year-old boy has died after being attacked by the family dog in Oudtshoorn.

The incident occurred at the weekend.

The police's Malcolm Poje says the child died in hospital.

"I can confirm that we've opened an inquest docket pertaining to the incident in Oudtshoorn, where a young child was apparently attacked by a dog. He was taken to hospital with multiple injuries to his face and head. He had unfortunately succumbed to his injuries."

The dog has reportedly been put down.


Child dies after dog attack in east Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Metro police reported a child was pronounced dead on Wednesday after being attacked by a dog.

Metro's Lt. Timothy Hatchet said the attack occurred before 3:30 p.m. in the 6000 block of Duck Hills Springs Drive, near East Desert Inn Road.

Hatchet said the child was visiting a friend's house when the dog, a pit bull, attacked. The child was taken to Sunrise Hospital Trauma, where he or she was later pronounced dead.

Metro detectives were investigating the attack Wednesday night, and the dog was taken by animal control officers.


Wilderness guide shoots brown bear to save couple from attack in Alaska

An Alaska wilderness guide used his 9mm handgun to save a husband and wife from a bear attack during a fishing trip last week.

Phil Shoemaker, a guide for over 33 years, was accompanying the couple on a fishing trip to a small stream deep in the wilderness when they startled a brown bear. He wrote in American Hunter that he decided to bring a 9mm pistol with him for protection since he knew bears might be in the area.

"Larry and his wife were fishing with me, and because we were going to a small stream I had fished before, which had numerous large male brown bears, I decided to take my Smith & Wesson 3953 DAO 9mm, rather than the S&W 629 .44 Mag. Mountain Gun I have carried for the past 25 years, as the larger boars are usually less of a problem than sows with cubs," Shoemaker said.


Black bear kills safari park worker in her car in Japan

Asiatic black bear
A safari park employee in Japan died on Tuesday after being attacked by a bear which somehow climbed into her car, local officials and police said.

An Asian black bear was seen climbing into a small vehicle at the Gunma Safari Park, northwest of Tokyo, and attacking park employee Kiyomi Saito inside the car, a local police spokesman said.

Saito, 46, suffered injuries to the left side of her chest and stomach and was rushed to hospital where she was later confirmed dead, the spokesman said.

"The details are not yet known, including how the bear got inside the car," he told AFP, adding the animal was a five-year-old male and weighing 160 kilogrammes (352 pounds).


Rare attack on horse by pack of coyotes in Orchard Park, New York

Beverly Hammersmith loves horses. "Horses are the reason I get up in the morning," said Hammersmith.

That's true for her horses Fern and Lore. It was also true for her horse, Zip. A few weeks ago Hammersmith was woken up by a series of yips and then something that sounded like a scream. It was Zip.

"I looked out the window and I could see him trying to walk. And he was laying on his back," said Hammersmith.

The horse was trying to fight off what Hammersmith says was a pack of coyotes. Zip caught and broke his leg on a wire fence. There were bite marks on the horse. Within the hour, a veterinarian humanely euthanized the horse.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2 in Thailand

The bodies of two Cambodian men were sent back to the Kingdom yesterday from Thailand, where they were struck dead by lightning while working at a sugarcane plantation in Aranh district in Sa Kaeo province.

Chhun Chhit, police chief at the Malai border checkpoint, said the victims were identified as Eng Det, 25, and his nephew Eng Na, 20, both from Banteay Meanchey province's Malai district.

"According to the report we received from Aranh district authorities, the victims were struck dead by lightning while they were clearing grass in the sugarcane plantation," he said.

Eng Sokchea, 45, the brother of Deth and father of Na, who also works at the same plantation, said the incident took place at about 3:15pm on Tuesday.

Alarm Clock

5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes off Queensland, 'biggest in 20 years'

The United States Geological Survey’s ‘shake map’ showed the 5.8 magnitude quake’s location off Bowen in north Queensland.

The 5.8 magnitude quake hit off Bowen in state's north triggering evacuations in Cairns and Townsville but no serious injuries or damage reported

One of the more powerful earthquakes to strike Australia in recent years sent tremors along more than 1,000 km of the Queensland coastline on Thursday.

The 5.8 magnitude quake struck off the coast of Bowen in north Queensland around 2.30pm, triggering evacuations of buildings in Cairns and Townsville but with no reports of serious injuries or damage.

An interview recorded with Greg Williamson, the mayor of Mackay, by the Daily Mercury newspaper captured the sound of a shaking floor when the quake struck, prompting Williamson to ask: "Is that an actual earthquake?"


Rare extratropical cyclone forms over Hudson Bay, Canada

© The Weather Channel
Visible satellite image of the Hudson Bay, Canada, storm on August 10, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. EDT, showing the occluded storm's "apostrophe" shape.
A strong storm in Canada Wednesday was easily the most interesting feature in satellite imagery, grabbing the attention of meteorologists and weather geeks alike.

This extratropical storm intensified Tuesday over Hudson Bay, eventually reaching peak strength Wednesday, before weakening Thursday.

A visible satellite image showed the storm's classic mature phase as a cold occlusion, with relatively cool air completely wrapped around the low center, and a trailing band of clouds ahead of the cold front, resembling an apostrophe or the number 9.

Here is what the frontal structure of this storm looked like Wednesday, courtesy of NOAA's Weather Prediction Center.

Comment: Elsewhere within the past year some record-breaking and rare storm events include:

July 2016: Hurricane drought in Gulf of Mexico hits a new record of three years - the longest streak in the past 130 years, since formal record-keeping began in 1886.

April 2016: Cyclone Fantala became the Indian Ocean's most powerful storm on record

February 2016: Cyclone Winston caused devastation in Fiji as the most-potent cyclone on record in the Southwest Pacific

January 2016: Hurricane Pali became the earliest-forming hurricane in either the Central or Northeastern Pacific, forming unusually close to the equator

January 2016: Hurricane Alex, a rare January storm in the Atlantic and the first storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season

October 2015: Hurricane Patricia became the strongest-known storm in the Northeast Pacific