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Thu, 02 Dec 2021
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Cloud Precipitation

Black sea coastal city Batumi in Georgia flooded again as a result of heavy rain

The streets of the Georgian seaside town of Batumi have flooded again due to heavy rainfall.

Footage from Adjara TV station shows traffic has been seriously affected due to torrential downpour, which has flooded the first floors of houses in Batumi damaging furniture and other household items.

Landslides have intensified in the Adjarian village of Tsablana in Khulo municipality where seven families have been evacuated temporarily.


Heavy rain affects over 16,000 people in northeast China

Rescuers evacuating residents in a flooded area after heavy
Rescuers evacuating residents in a flooded area after heavy Dazhou city, in China's northwestern Sichuan province.
More than 16,000 people in China's Liaoning province have been affected by heavy rainfall beginning Saturday, local media said.

Most areas of Liaoning were battered by moderate to heavy downpours, with some areas hit by extreme rainstorms and hail, Xinhua news agency reported citing the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said Monday.

The agency stated that a total of 16,583 people have been affected so far.

The province has relocated 4,513 people to safety. The affected area of crops has equalled 2,533.13 hectares of land, leading to a direct economic loss of about USD 26 million.

Source: ANI


Northern Hemisphere 'snow mass season' opens 250 gigatons above 1982-2012 average

This first observations for the FMI's "Total Snow Mass For The Northern Hemisphere" chart have just been plotted, and as occurred in previous years, the season has opened well-above the 30 year average.

The opening data-point for the 2021-22 season is approximately 250 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 average, proving once again that IPCC prophesies of decreasing snow cover were formed on flawed foundations:


Red 'un-circled' dot indicates opening of the season, at 250 Gts above the average [FMI].

Comment: Seen in addition: In these days of "Catastrophic Global Warming," the South Pole just suffered its coldest 'Winter' in recorded history


Fourth dead whale shark in 11 months found on beach in Odisha, India

The whale shark carcass found on Ramtara beach in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha.
© Ashis Senapati
The whale shark carcass found on Ramtara beach in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha.
The carcass of a 20-feet-long whale shark washed ashore October 4, 2021, on Ramatara beach under the Kujang forest range near Bhitarkanika forest division in Odisha's Jagatsinghpur district.

This was the fourth whale shark found dead along Odisha's coast in 11 months.

The carcass of a 12-feet-long whale shark had washed ashore December 31, 2020, near the mouth of the Baradia river, three kilometres off the coast of Balasore district.

Fishermen found the carcass of a whale shark March 5, 2021, at Chandipur beach in Balasore district. A 15-feet-long whale shark died after getting trapped in a fishing net in the waters off Paradip August 12, 2021.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flooding hits Marseille, France - 2 months of rain in 2 hours

Parts of Marseille have suffered flash-flooding after it was reported that two months' worth of rainfall fell in the space of several hours, as seen in footage filmed on Monday in Boulevard Michelet.

Parts of eastern Marseille were most severely affected by the inundation, including the areas of Valmante, Les Olives, La Valentine and La Pomme.

The department of Bouches-du-Rhone has been placed on red alert due to the flooding, with officials stating that almost two months of rain have fallen in the space of two hours.

On Monday, Marseille Mayor Benoit Payan ordered residents to stay at home, amid concerns that further rainfall may intensify flooding.

Cloud Precipitation

New European rainfall record: Italy's northwest sees over 900mm (3 FEET) of rain in 24 hours - 7 inches in 1 HOUR

Heavy rain has battered a northwest region of Italy bordering France and caused flooding and mudslides. No casualties were reported. The hardest hit city in Liguria on Monday was Savona on the coast.

Towns in the region's hilly interior also suffered flooding and landslides as some streams overflowed banks. A bridge collapsed in the town of Quiliano. And Italian news reports said the COVID-19 vaccine center in Campobasso was shut down as a precaution.

The port city of Genoa shut schools and ordered the closure of parks and cemeteries. Rain let up at midday. But more downpours were forecast for later Monday.

Comment: This weather event actually affected the whole country. After forming in the Mediterranean Sea off Italy's northwest, it proceeded to scour peninsular Italy from top to bottom:

From Floodlist on Oct 5:
Staggering amounts of rain fell in northern Italy on 04 October 2021, causing floods and landslides in Liguria and Piedmont Regions. Liguria's environment agency reported a record 181 mm of rainfall in just 1 hour and over 900 mm in 24 hours.

Severe weather was reported across northern and central areas of Italy on 04 October. Red Alerts (highest level) were issued for the regions of Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy.

The worst of the flooding struck in Liguria Region and in particular the province and city of Savona. In a statement during the evening of 04 October, President of Liguria Giovanni Toti, said "At the moment almost all emergency situations are concentrated in the Savona area, in the Bormida valley and in the hinterland of Genoa in the Stura valley."

The president said the situation was critical and could worsen, especially given the extreme levels of rainfall. As much as 604 mm of rain fell in 12 hours in Rossiglione and 540 mm in 12 hours in Savona, Toti said.

The region's environment agency, Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambiente Ligure (ARPAL) reported 1 hour rainfall totals of 145.2 mm in Cairo Montenotte, 178.2 mm in Urbe and 181 mm in Vicomorasso, which is a new national record. Furthermore figures from ARPAL show the station at Rossiglione recorded more than 900 mm of rain in 24 hours.

Over 900 mm of rain fell in Rossiglione, Liguria,
Over 900 mm of rain fell in Rossiglione, Liguria, Italy in 24 hours
Several rivers broke their banks in the region. The Erro flooded areas of Pontinvrea; the Bormida river overflowed in Cairo Montenotte; and the Letimbro caused flooding in the city of Savona.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 3 in Zambales, Philippines

Three persons including a two-year-old girl died when they were hit by lightning in Palauig, Zambales on Sunday.

Jake, 28; John Daryl, 15, and Princess, 2, all surnamed Generalo, were declared dead on arrival at the Zambales Provincial Hospital in Iba town.

The victims were having a picnic with their relatives in Barangay Locloc when the incident occurred at around 4:30 p.m., according to Col. Romano Cardino, chief of the Zambales police.

Snowflake Cold

Global Warming? South Pole just underwent its coldest 'winter' in recorded history

pole south
Contrary to the MSM's agenda-driven narrative, the South Pole has been suffering unprecedented cold this year.

Between the months of April and September, the South Pole averaged a temperature of -61.1C (-78F).

Simply put, this was the region's coldest 6-month spell ever recorded, and it comfortably usurped the previous coldest 'coreless winter' on record — the -60.6C (-77F) set back in 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

This incredible and AGW-destroying reality is confirmed by Antarctica climatology journalist Stefano Di Battista who has closely watched and published research on Antarctic temperatures for many years:


Early heavy snowfall in parts of Anchorage, Alaska causes outages - up to 20 inches of snow (UPDATED)

A downed tree blocks a lane of traffic on Hennings Way in East Anchorage on September 24, 2021.
© Marc Lester/ADN
A downed tree blocks a lane of traffic on Hennings Way in East Anchorage on September 24, 2021.
Snow across the Anchorage area Friday forced school closures, made roads slippery and caused power outages.

By Friday morning, unofficial snow totals included 13 inches on the Upper Hillside and about 4 inches in Eagle River, while much of the west side of Anchorage saw next to nothing, said Alan Shriver a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.

The snow was continuing on the east side Friday morning, Shriver said, and was expected to continue mixed with rain throughout the day before tapering off by 8 p.m.

Power outages across the city were caused by the heavy, wet snow falling early in the season while many trees still have leaves -- heavy branches had fallen on lines, said Julie Hasquet, spokeswoman for Chugach Electric Association. Crews were working to restore power Friday morning.

Comment: Update: On September 28 came this (extracted) report from FasterSkier.com:
An autumnal survey of who's got early snow is somewhere between a trope and a cliché in these pages. Consider, for example, "Early Season at Hatcher Pass: A Photo Essay," "Early-Season Snow: A Photo Roundup," or "Alaskans Revel in October Skiing at Hatcher Pass, Birch Hill" (with photos). You may sense a theme here.

But the earliest on-snow dates in these articles are October 6, October 14, and October 15. How would you like to read that same article, but set in - *record scratch* - September?

All of which is to say, it snowed in Anchorage over the weekend. A lot. Like, up 16 to 20 inches a lot. Like, knee-deep on Reese Hanneman a lot. As the local National Weather Service office explained, "moisture from [Cook Inlet and the] Gulf of Alaska was pushed against the Chugach Mountains in what is called upslope flow. The cooling of the air as it moves up the terrain, combined with a steady influx of moisture and upper level support, created the large spread in snow totals over the eastern side of town and into the Chugach Front Range."



Heavy snow leaves power outages across Interior Alaska

Heavy, wet snow knocked down power lines overnight across Interior Alaska, with 4,483 ratepayers affected and the numbers on the rise, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) reported Sunday morning.

Trees leaning and falling on power lines caused power losses in neighborhoods across the region, the utility said.

By 8 a.m. Sunday, 4,483 customers had reported outages, with about 200 contacting the utility in the last hour, according to a GVEA dashboard. In addition, the utility warned greater Fairbanks residents to expect sporadic outages throughout the day.

"All available crews are working to restore power, but due to the number of outages and the conditions, please be prepared for lengthy delays. Crews will continue working until all power is restored," GVEA said.