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Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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At least 2 dead as swollen rivers flood streets in northern Spain - 5 inches of rain in a day (UPDATE)

A rescue team help a woman in her home in a flooded area near the Ebro River in Tudela, northern Spain, Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021.
© AP/Alvaro Barrientos
A rescue team help a woman in her home in a flooded area near the Ebro River in Tudela, northern Spain, Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021.
Swollen rivers burst their banks in north and northeastern Spain, with the flooding blamed Sunday for the death of at least one person.

Emergency services said they retrieved the body of a 61-year-old man from inside the cab of his submerged van in a river in the Navarra region.

The man was reported missing on Friday and his vehicle was spotted the following day, but the fast-flowing river made a rescue operation impossible, officials said.

The combination of a heavy, dayslong storm and thawing snow brought a surge in the River Ebro and its tributaries, Spanish meteorological services said.

Comment: Update: Floodlist reports on December 13:
Spain - Rain Triggers Deadly Floods and Landslides in Navarre

At least 2 people have died after heavy rain caused floods and landslides in the Navarre region of northern Spain.

Floods in Pamplona, Spain, 10 December 2021.
© Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Floods in Pamplona, Spain, 10 December 2021.
Parts of northern Spain have seen heavy rainfall since late November 2021, when floods prompted rescues in Asturias and Cantabria and later the Basque Region.

Further heavy rain accompanied by the thawing of snow at higher altitudes fell from around 09 December 2021, triggering floods in the Navarre (also Navarra) region. On 09 December the region's government activated the pre-emergency level due to the threat of floods from rising rivers including the Ebro, Ega, Bidasoa and Arga.

As of 10 December, the government reported that the swollen Bidasoa river caused flooding in Elizondo, Baztan and Sunbilla and that some riverside communities along the Arga river were also affected, including the Pamplona neighbourhoods of Rochapea, San Jorge and Txantrea, and the towns of Huarte, Villava and Burlata. Dozens of people were evacuated from a care home in the municipality of Aranzadi in Pamplona, after the Arga broke its banks on 10 December. By 11 December the swollen Ebro river had caused flooding in Tudela.

Floods in Pamplona, Spain, 10 December 2021.
© Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Floods in Pamplona, Spain, 10 December 2021.
Flooded roads left some communities isolated. Floods affected two main highways - the N-121-A at the height of the Belate and Almandoz tunnels; and the N-135, in the Puerto de Erro. Likewise, around thirty secondary roads were blocked by floods, landslides or snow.

One fatality was reported after a landslide in the village of Sunbilla. One man was reported missing and later found dead after being swept away by the flooding Bidasoa river in Elizondo.

On 12 December, President of Navarre region María Chivite said a total of 74 municipalities have been affected and announced she will request the central government to declare a natural disaster which would allow access to the aid granted by both the Spanish government and the European Union.

Rivers and Rainfall

According to figures from Spain's Meteorological Agency (AEMET), in a 24 hour period to 09 December, Bera in Navarre recorded 126.2 mm of rain and Roncesvalles 92.6 mm. The following day Roncesvalles saw a further 134.2 mm, while Luzaide recorded 91.8 mm and Esteribar 82.8 mm.

The Arga in Pamplona reached 4.80 metres 10 December, while the Ebro River in Castejón reached 7.94 metres as of 11 December. The government of Navarra said the Ebro at Tudela reached 6.17 metres on 12 December, higher than during the floods of 2015 where it reached 5.85 metres.

As of 13 December, red alerts remained in place for the Ebro at Castejon and the Arga at Larraun. An orange alert was in place for the Ebro Alto at Logroño in La Rioja region, and further south at Zaragoza, capital of Aragon region where levels stood at 4.71 metres and rising, as of 13 December.

Cloud Precipitation

One woman dies as torrential rain floods large parts of Greece

Trees stand on a flooded field after Alfeios river overflowed its banks due to heavy storms, in Ancient Olympia, Sunday.
© Reuters
Trees stand on a flooded field after Alfeios river overflowed its banks due to heavy storms, in Ancient Olympia, Sunday.
One woman has died in Greece after her car was swept away by torrential water near Katerini in Macedonia, Ekathimerini reports.

According to reports, the body of the woman was found more than 1.5 kilometers away from her car.

This news comes as Greece faced severe weather over the weekend which caused widespread flooding and serious infrastructure damage in the western parts of the country.


FEMA administrator on extreme weather: 'This is going to be our new normal'

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell on Sunday said extreme weather events like the storms and tornadoes that swept through a number of states this weekend "is going to be our new normal," pointing to the effects of climate change.

"This is going to be our new normal and the effects that we're seeing from climate change are the crisis of our generation," Criswell told co-host Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union."

Severe storms and tornadoes tore through states in the South and Midwest late Friday into Saturday, leaving devastating damage, tens of thousands of homes without power and nearly 100 people dead.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said more than 80 individuals have died in his state as a result of the storm, while warning that the number is expected to grow larger than 100.

Comment: See also: Record-breaking tornado outbreak hits US: At least 3-dozen tornadoes form, including monster that dragged 4 states - At least 100 killed


Absolutely terrifying' reality of Australia's urea shortage used in almost EVERY item in your fridge - forecast to run out in just weeks

© FNQBeersBullsBoars/TikTok
Matt Ferguson-Tait, cattle farmer and pig-hunter from Far North Queensland
An Australian farmer fears the urea supply crisis could halt normal life within weeks if it is not resolved.

Matt Ferguson-Tait, a cattle farmer and pig hunter from Far North Queensland, posted a viral TikTok in which he said Australia could 'come to a standstill' because of the shortage of the essential chemical.

Urea has hit the news because it is needed to produce a key fuel additive for the millions of diesel vehicles that move goods across Australia - including to supermarkets. But the farmer claimed the 'worldwide' shortage of urea is even more 'frightening' than we realise because it is has so many uses beyond transport.

Urea is an organic compound used by cattle farmers to add nitrogen to feed which promotes growth. The substance is also a cheap fertiliser for fruit and vegetable crops. Stockpiles of urea are running low globally after China this year banned exports in a bid to contain fertiliser prices.

Mr Ferguson-Tait claimed most of what is in Australian fridges and cupboards - including meat, vegetables, grains and beer - needs urea for commercial production.
"Go and have a look in your cupboard and go and have a look in your fridge and I guarantee just about every single item there, at some point, urea has been used to produce that item, whether it's a steak or a salad or a can of baked beans. That is terrifying in itself."

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Crystal Mountain avalanche kills 1, traps 5 in snow at Washington state ski area

An avalanche swept through part of a Washington state ski resort used to access backcountry skiing on Saturday, killing a 60-year-old man and temporarily trapping five others.

The avalanche was reported about 10:50 a.m. in the Silver Basin area of Crystal Mountain, which is located about 85 miles southeast of Seattle, said Pierce County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Darren Moss.

The identity of the man who died hasn't been released, but authorities say he wasn't breathing after being pulled out of the snow and didn't survive despite CPR efforts by another skier. The other skiers in his group rescued themselves with the help of two witnesses who saw them get swept up by the snow. All were wearing avalanche beacons.


Heavy snowfall wreaks havoc in Serbia and much of Balkans

Cars on the street during snow storm in Belgrade, Serbia, Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021.
© AP
Cars on the street during snow storm in Belgrade, Serbia, Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021.
Heavy snowfall covered Belgrade and much of the Balkans on Sunday, hampering traffic, canceling flights at the Serbian capital's main airport and disrupting public transportation.

Many areas across the country reported power cuts and damages to buildings due to falling trees. The icy conditions saw trucks skidding across the roads and getting stuck while ploughs were being used to pull them out.

Much of western Serbia was without electricity as authorities warned against unnecessary travel and appealed to people in Serbia to conserve power.

In the capital, several trees fell under the weight of the heavy snow, damaging cars and buildings. Some people had to be rescued after being trapped in their damaged vehicles.

Cloud Precipitation

Firefighters rush to rescue residents in southwest France as homes are drenched in 3 weeks of rain in just 12 HOURS

Pictured: Bayonne, southwestern France,

Pictured: Bayonne, southwestern France, where cars were submerged by water in flooded streets on December 10, 2021. The flooding comes after heavy rains lashed a large swath of southwest France overnight, leading to evacuations of dozens of residents and rivers overflowing their banks
Firefighters rushed to rescue residents in France today as homes were drenched in three weeks of rain in just 12 hours, causing landslides and swollen rivers.

Heavy rains lashed a large swath of southwest France and northern Spain overnight, leading to evacuations of dozens of residents and rivers overflowing their banks. One person was reported dead in Spain.

Warm southern winds that have melted snowbanks in the Pyrenees mountains in recent days also contributed to the flooding, which could persist for several days.


Stray dogs maul 15-year-old to death in Uttar Pradesh, India

dog attack
A day after her sister's wedding, Pinki Singh (15), a class VIII student, swept the house clean and carried the trash to dump in a thicket not far from her house. But she did not make it there - a pack of stray dogs surrounded and mauled her.

By the time, villagers heard her screams and reached the spot, it was too late. The pack disappeared leaving the bleeding girl. She was taken to a private hospital where she succumbed to injuries.

The attack took place on Friday at Husainpur village under Saidnangali police station area of Amroha.

When contacted, Dr Narender Singh, additional chief veterinary officer, said, "We have not received any information about the death. In case it is true, we will take measures to catch the dogs."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 2 miners in Zimbabwe

TWO miners suffered a tragic end to their lives after they were struck by lightning on Tuesday at a mine in the city's outskirts.

The duo had been sheltering under a tree during a thunderstorm.

They were identified as Malvin Ncube and Prince Ncube, both 18, who worked at Thula 3 Mine at Nkenyane Settlement near Bulawayo.

"Police attended a scene where two male young adults were found dead under a tree. Indications are that they suffered lightning strikes," Bulawayo police spokesperson Abednico Ncube said.


Shallow 6.5-magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island - USGS

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 jolted west of Macquarie Island at 08:58:08 GMT on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 10.0 km, was initially determined to be at 60.6915 degrees south latitude and 154.1065 degrees east longitude.