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Sun, 28 May 2017
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Earth Changes


Sri Lanka floods update: Death toll rises to at least 103 with 113 still missing and nearly 500,000 displaced

At least 103 people have been killed and nearly 500,000 displaced in Sri Lanka following flooding and mudslides triggered by monsoon rains, the government says.

A further 113 people have been reported missing, a spokesman said.

Military boats and helicopters have been sent to help rescue operations.

The flooding is believed to be the worst since May 2003 when a similarly powerful south-west monsoon destroyed 10,000 homes and killed 250 people.

Rescuers had set up 185 camps for displaced people and the town of Matara in the south of the island was being evacuated because of the risk of flooding, the spokesman said.

Earlier, the head of military rescue operations Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe told the BBC that troops had reached all the affected areas and the risk to life had receded.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3 and injures 9 others in Uttarakhand, India

At least three people were killed and nine others injured after being hit by lightning in Uttarkashi.

The villagers informed OSD Dhirendra Pawar about the accident, who informed the district magistrate of Uttarakhand about the casualties.

The deceased have been identified as Amar Singh (52), Lokesh (22) and Meher Singh (50), residents of Mori tehsil of Uttarkashi.

The nine injured were identified as Dinesh, Janak Singh, Jagdish, Kishan, Jitendra Singh, Chaman, Sanju, Akhilesh and Parmanand.

Source: Asian News International


3-week-old infant girl dies following dog attack in Grand Rapids, Michigan

© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
Grand Rapids Police are investigating after a 3-week-old infant was pronounced dead at DeVos Children's Hospital following a dog attack.

It happened at a home in the 1100 block of Kalamazoo Avenue SE at approximately 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

Newschannel 3's Nicky Zizaza spoke with neighbors and police.

Police said a family pet is to blame for the death of a 3-week-old girl who was attacked in a house while her family members gathered on the porch.

A newborn girl was found viciously mauled by at least one of three pit bulls in a Grand Rapids house Thursday evening has stunned police.


Endangered blue whale found dead in Bolinas, California

© The Marine Mammal Center
A 79-foot blue whale carcass rests on the sand at Agate Beach in Bolinas. (May 26, 2017)
A dead whale that washed ashore at Agate Beach in Bolinas earlier this week has been identified as an endangered blue whale, according to officials.

Scientists from the Marine Mammal Center identified the whale as a sub-adult female measuring at about 79 feet in length. The scientists on Friday collected skin and blubber samples for testing, and a full necropsy to determine the animal's cause of death is scheduled for Saturday.

This is just the ninth time in the Marine Mammal Center's 42-year history that their scientists have responded to a blue whale discovery.


Increased UVB effecting insect sight, pollinators disappearing across the world

As the Sun begins it's 400 year cycle of lowered activity, a change in UV out would also be expected with this energy output reduction. It seem that an increase in UV-B is now affecting bees, ants and flies globally altering their daylight activities such as feeding and reproduction. The UV spectrum is becoming so intense that insects that are active during the day are seeking shelter for the intense shift in their visual spectrum. Since they don't see in Infrared they cannot forage at night and are starving because they cannot access a food source. This is not a good sign as we need these insects to pollinate our crops. Without these pollinators crop yield will decrease along with losses due to out so season weather. This is unexpected side effect of the new mini ice age. reduction in pollinators.


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Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes claim 3 lives in Telangana, India

Lightning took the lives of three people of the district on Friday. The deceased were identified as Nannuri Krishna Reddy of Narsingbatla of Nalgonda mandal, Tanneru Raja of Koppolu of Gurrampodu mandal and Osman of Tummadam of Nidmnoor mandal.

Reddy and Raja were hit by lightning while taking shelter under trees, Osman was hit while working in his field. Meanwhile, the untimely rains coupled with strong gales damaged fruit orchards, especially mango and sweet lime.

The rains threw public life out of gear in several parts of Nalgonda, Suryapet and Yadadri districts. Power supply was snapped in many places. However, the showers brought respite to many who were struggling due to rising temperatures.


Black bear attacks jogger near Merritt, British Columbia

Black bear
Access to the Norgaard view point has been blocked off by conservation officers attempting to locate a bear that attacked a jogger on that hill yesterday afternoon (May 25).

Conservation Office inspector Tobe Sprado said the jogger had hiked up to the flagpole and was proceeding back down another trial along the hillside when a brown-coloured black bear began pursuing him.

Sprado said the bear chased the man for about 500 metres.

"While he was confronting the bear he fell down," Sprado said. "The bear made contact with him and swiped at him with his paws, [but] he was able to get up and beat the bear off with sticks and rocks," he said adding that the bear left the man alone after that.

The man then continued down the trial and went to the hospital where he was treated for minor scrapes he sustained from the bear attack, Sprado said.

The attack was possibly predatory in nature, and occurred at about 2:30 p.m.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2 in Saptari, Nepal

Two persons have been killed by a bolt of lightning in Saptari district on Friday, police said.

Police identified the deceased as 25-year-old woman Rubina Chaudhary of Surunga Municipality-4 and 40-year-old man Surendra Mukhiya of Hanumannagar Kankalini Municipality-4 in the district.

Both of them died on the spot, according to police.

It has been learned that both of them were struck by a thunder bolt while working in their field.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 6 people in West Bengal, India

Six people were killed in lightning in three West Bengal districts on Friday evening as a thunderstorm swept across the state's north-western part triggering rain, police said.

While three people lost their lives in Purulia district, two others were killed in Birbhum and one in North Dinajpur district.

In Purulia district's Arsha area, three people were killed and at least nine injured when they were struck by lightning.

"These people had gathered in front of a mosque for their weekly religious rituals when the storm hit. Three people were instantly killed in lightning while nine others got injured and were shifted to the nearby hospital," an officer from Arsha police station told IANS.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes take 5 lives in 2 separate events in Bihar, India

Five people were killed and two others injured today in separate incidents of lightning in Bihar's Katihar district, officials said.

Among the killed were three farmers.

A 62-year-old farmer and his brother in-law were killed by lightning while they were working in a maize field at Laxmipur Bundh tola, circle inspector Sadanand Mandal said.

A 30-year-old woman suffered burn injuries in another incident of lightning in the same locality, he said.

Another 52-year-old farmer was struck by lightning at Jaja village and was declared brought dead when rushed to the hospital, Kadwa police station in-charge Ajit Kumar said.

Yet another man was killed by lightning at Riwaganj village and a 14-year-old boy was struck at Azampur tola.

A 16-year-old youth was also injured at Azampur tola.

Source: Press Trust of India