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Wed, 23 Aug 2017
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Earth Changes


Large sinkhole closes road in Lynchburg, Virginia

© Brandon Dunn
Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services says there is a water main break on Fort Avenue near Fenwick Drive, which is down from Crown Sterling and next to the pumpkin patch.

DES said the eastbound lane is closed as they try to maintain the sinkhole.

The water main break caused a pretty big sinkhole in the eastbound lanes of Fort Avenue and was growing while crews were on the scene.

The owner of Crown Sterling said the water main break was caused by a car accident and now the restaurant will have to close since there is no water.

As 12-inch valve ruptured underneath the road which caused the sinkhole; Dept. of Water Resources crews responded to turn the water off, but the sinkhole had already developed.

Cloud Precipitation

Six dead as Typhoon Hato smashes into Macau and Hong Kong

Typhoon Hato left 5 dead in the gambling hub of Macau on Wednesday, August 23, as it brought chaos and destruction to the enclave after sweeping through neighboring Hong Kong, where one man also died.

Local media showed severe flooding had left cars underwater and people swimming in Macau's city streets, with the territory's mega-casinos running on back-up generators.

The Macau government said one of the men died after being injured by a wall that blew down, another fell from a fourth floor terrace and another was a Chinese tourist hit by a truck. Details on the two others who died were not immediately available.

Apple Daily showed footage of people swimming through muddy water in what are usually roads, and being swept off their feet by winds.


Atacama desert in Chile erupts in floral beauty after unexpected rain falls in driest place on Earth

View of flowers in the Atacama Desert, Chile, on 17 August 2017
Deserts are meant to be dry and lifeless places but this one in Chile has just had a dazzling bloom of flowers.

The plants grew in the Atacama Desert following unexpectedly heavy rainfall in the north of the country during the winter months.

Flowers usually grow there once every seven years (because it's the driest place on Earth) but the extra rain meant it occurred just two years after the last bloom.

Atacama is one of the most arid places in the world so visitors were shocked when they stumbled across the bloom of more than 200 floral species and endemic fauna.

It was so baffling the desert is now attracting thousands of tourists who are eager to see the flowers.

And we don't blame them for wanting to witness the rare spectacle.


Thousands of millipedes appear outside a subway station in Hangzhou, China

The millipedes were spotted outside a subway station exit on August 7 in Hangzhou, China
For those who aren't so fond of bugs you might want to avert your eyes from these millipedes in eastern China.

Footage posted online shows a large number of black millipedes at a subway station exit in Hangzhou, China.

There were rumours spreading that the miilipede appearance could be a sign of earthquake, but was later refuted by professionals.

According to Zhejiang Daily, the millipedes were spotted at the exit of Yingfeng Road station on Hangzhou metro's line no. 2, in Xiaoshan district on August 7.

Footage shows hundreds of black millipedes crawling on the floor, covering the tiles in a huge pile.


Dozens of wildfires break out along the Adriatic coast of Croatia

A fire rages in Trogir, Croatia, as firefighters battle several large blazes along the Adriatic coast
Croatian firefighters and armed forces were fighting dozens of wildfires on Monday (Aug 21) along the Adriatic coastline and on the popular tourist islands of Hvar and Brac, officials said.

The situation was most severe in the mountains around the mainland city of Zadar, where 32 fires have broken out since late Sunday, according to Slavko Tucakovic, chief commander of Croatia's firefighters.

The authorities closed part of the highway linking the capital Zagreb with the second largest Croatian city of Split. Local media reported that some drivers, fearing the fire, turned their cars around and drove in the opposite direction.

A dozen jets and helicopters were trying to bring the fires under control, with some 100 soldiers along with firefighters from other regions sent to help. Strong winds were making the job more difficult, Tucakovic said.


Eruption at Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico

Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano spewed ash at low intensity 432 times on August 21, later followed by emissions of water and vapor, according to reports.Authorities warned the public not to approach the volcano or crater due to risk of falling "ballistic fragments."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2 and injures 25 in Savar, Bangladesh

Two people were killed and several others were injured by lightning in Katlapur area of Savar early yesterday.

The deceased are Rofiq Mia Shohag, 25, of Mymensingh and Abul Hossen, 27, of Bogra. Rofiq was a garment worker while Abul worked at a furniture factory.

Police said a thunder bolt struck them when the two with around 150 people were crossing the Bonshi river by a trawler.

Rofiq and Abul with around 25 other injured were taken to Savar Upazila Health Complex. The doctors there declared them dead.

The condition of one of the injured is critical and rest are out of danger, said doctors at the hospital.

Officer-in-Charge of Savar Model Police Station Mohshinul Kadir said the bodies were handed over to their family.

Comment: Elsewhere recently lightning killed a farmer and his 2 oxen in India while another died after being struck in the Philippines.

Bizarro Earth

Receding ocean, huge waves and lenticular 'fireball' cloud in South America

© Twitter/folhadoestado
Lenticular 'fireball' cloud over Teixeira de Freitas, Brazil
In the second week of August, South America experienced colossal movements of water, where the Brazil / Uruguay side ocean levels receded as much as 30 meters, while on the Chile side waves of 5-7 meters magically appeared out of nowhere. Add into this rain delayed sugar crops and strange lenticular cloud formations and we really need to look at century long cycles to explain this.

Comment: See also:


Human mood & DNA changes with 19% increasing cosmic rays in Solar Cycle 25

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
As Santa Ana winds and a host of others across the planet from Foehen, Sharav, Oroshi to name a few, can effect human behavior from an electron splitting off an O2 molecule, there by creating a bad "positive ion". If these terrestrial winds can effect behavior and mood, what will another 19% increase in galactic cosmic rays and a weakened magnetosphere do to our electrical bodies during the grand solar minimum?

Comment: Is Solar and Cosmic Radiation Playing Havoc With Life on Planet Earth?


Irregular waterspout spotted on Black Sea near Sochi, Russia

© typodar / Instagram
At least two tornadoes have been spotted at sea just off the southern Russian city of Sochi. One of the whirlwinds attracted huge attention from online users thanks to its highly irregular form. The tornadoes did not inflict any damage.

Several tornadoes were seen along the coast near Sochi on Tuesday, flooding social media with numerous photos and videos.

The peculiar weather occurrence was not completely unexpected, as the emergency services in the Krasnodar Region issued tornado warnings ahead of the whirlwinds.

Some social media users reported that they observed as many as five tornadoes.

One particular tornado attracted much attention due to its highly irregular form, with one of the segment of the whirlwind moving almost parallel to the ground.