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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Earth Changes


Snow returns to the Pyrenees in late May

It snowed in the Pyrenees on Tuesday. And Météo-France predicts new falls - mixed with rain - this Wednesday morning in Béarn.

This Wednesday morning, the 0 degree isotherm is around 2000 m.

This did not escape our friends from Météo Pyrénées : the snow made a remarkable comeback this Tuesday in our Pyrenees, especially near our home in Bigorre at Tourmalet or Pic du Midi. Hence the tweets, one of which notes that "after the summer, and the exceptionally hot weather, here is the snow again this afternoon -2 around 2,800 m".


Colorado hit with more heavy late May snowfall - over 6 inches reported

CBS4 viewer Sheila Skaggs measured 6″ of snow in South Park at 7am Tuesday
© Sheila Skaggs
CBS4 viewer Sheila Skaggs measured 6″ of snow in South Park at 7am Tuesday
For the fifth consecutive day, Denver and most of Colorado will stay colder than normal on Tuesday. It will also stay cloudy with more mountain snow and more rain possible in the metro area.

More than 6 inches of snow had fallen in some mountain areas by early Tuesday morning including in Fairplay. The Arapahoe Basin ski area reported 5 inches.

There is a Winter Weather Advisory until 6 p.m. Tuesday for the I-70 corridor between Summit County and Georgetown, US 40 between Winter Park and Empire, and Highway 285 between Kenosha Pass and Chaffee County. Most of these areas will see a total of 5-10 inches of snow from Monday night to Tuesday night. Advisories for snow are not uncommon in late May but it's rare to see so much snow day after day in the high country this late in the season.


Spring snow falling in Red River, New Mexico

While most of Texas is dealing with extreme heat, part of the ABC 7 viewing area is getting Spring snow.

The Storm Search 7 Sky Cam in Red River, New Mexico is showing moderate to heavy snow falling in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range

Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Corbin Voges said this will likely be the last time we see snow falling on any of our Sky Cams until the fall or winter.


Man killed in dog attack in Wrexham, Wales

Cookie the dog was euthanised by a vet at

Cookie the dog was euthanised by a vet at the propertY
A 62-year-old man from Chester has died after being bitten by a dog owned by his daughter-in-law. The victim, named locally as Keven Jones, suffered a cardiac arrest after he was bitten at a house in Wrexham.

Chanel Nicole Fong was with her father in law when he died at her home on Holt Road, which she described as the 'worst day of her life'. Police confirmed that the dog was euthanised.

In a public Facebook post, Chanel said that she had asked her father-in-law to look after her dogs as she would be out for parts of the day. Ms Fong said that Mr Jones was the only person who could handle her dogs apart from herself and her husband Josh, who was in London at the time of the incident, reports North Wales Live.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods hit Recife in Brazil, streets turn to rivers

Floods hit Recife in Pernambuco, Brazil on May 23rd 2022.

Heavy rain caused flash floods in the area of Recife, with residents in low lying areas advised to seek shelter.

Homes were flooded, with roofs, walls and possessions destroyed. Businesses and schools closed as buildings were damaged.

Cloud Lightning

China photographers capture spectacular red elf lightning in Himalayas

Chinese photographers recently captured orange-red tendril-like lightning in the Himalayas.

The red elf lightning is a simple division of "elven lightning" in astronomy, a very rare atmospheric luminescence phenomenon.

This kind of lightning occurs only for a few seconds, making it extremely difficult to capture.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 250 sheep in Kashmir, India - a day after similar event in region

At least 250 sheep were killed after lightning struck a pasture at Hoksar area of Kokernag in south Kashmir during the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday, officials informed on Wednesday.

According to Kashmir Weather, an independent observatory more than 250 sheep perished when lightning struck at a pasture of Hoksar during the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday.

"Out of a total stock of 350, we have lost a herd of over 250 sheep causing loss of crores", one of the owner said and added " It is a very tough time for us we are passing through"

Comment: Details of earlier event: Lightning bolt kills 50 sheep in Kashmir, India


Fresh snow in late May for Himachal Pradesh, India

Snow-covered Dhauladhars after fresh snowfall in Shimla on Monday
Snow-covered Dhauladhars after fresh snowfall in Shimla on Monday
Traffic movement was halted on Tuesday morning on the Manali-Leh highway in Lahaul-Spiti district following fresh snow at Baralacha Pass and its vicinity.

The district witnessed heavy rain and fresh snow in the higher reaches on Monday, forcing the administration to stop traffic movement on a few routes that pass through the high-mountain passes.

According to police, traffic was restored from Manali to Darcha but stopped beyond Darcha towards Leh.


Super tornado strikes Texas as weather officials urge caution: 'absolute monster'

A super tornado has touched down in North Texas and is crawling across the state as weather officials are urging residents to exercise caution by remaining in their homes and adhering to other tornado protocols.

"TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building," a warning from the National Weather Service, after photos and videos of a gigantic tornado near Morton circulated online. The storm has wind gusts up to 70 mph, NWS officials in Lubbock said.

A storm chaser in Texas captured the tornado on video and described it as an "absolute monster."


Rising rivers affect 300,000 in Amazonas State, Brazil

Governor Wilson Lima visits flood hit areas of Anamã and Caapiranga in Amazonas, May 2022.
© Bruno Zanardo/Secom
Governor Wilson Lima visits flood hit areas of Anamã and Caapiranga in Amazonas, May 2022.
Rising rivers in Brazil's Amazonas state have affected over 300,000 people according to state officials.

Rivers including the Negro, Amazon, Jurua, Purus, Madeira and Solimões have been rising for some time.

The Negro River at Manaus, the state capital, reached above severe flood stage (29 metres) in early May 2022. By 10 May the level was 29.10 metres and by 23 May the Negro River reached 29.37 metres. Authorities in Manaus have begun building temporary walkways above the flood waters and disinfecting flooded areas of the city to combat the bad smell and diseases that can be transmitted by the accumulation of standing water.

In a report of 19 May 2022, Amazonas Civil Defence reported flooding has affected a total of 306,861 people from 76,715 families across wide areas of the state. As of 23 May, as many as 35 municipalities had declared a state of emergency.