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Mon, 24 Jan 2022
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Earth Changes


Dead whale washes ashore in Little Compton, Rhode Island

A property owner in Little Compton was greeted with an unpleasant surprise Saturday: a dead humpback whale had washed ashore.

Mike Healey is a spokesperson for the Rhode Island DEM. Healey says, "It's a young male, 25 feet long, 20,000 pounds, and we don't know how it died."

It's beached near Church Cove in Little Compton, on private property, and that's making it a little more complicated for officials to address the situation.

Healey says, "It's a very rocky beach. It's totally exposed to the surf."

Beached whales are not uncommon in our area, but this time around the whale is young and doesn't immediately appear to have been injured.


Man dies after being attacked by dogs inside house in Lampeter, Wales

dog attack
A man has died in west Wales after reportedly being attacked by three dogs.

The incident happened at a property in Lampeter in Ceredigion on Monday evening.

A man in his 60s, who has not been named, died at the scene and a woman was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

A police investigation into the death is now under way.


Hundreds of thousands left without electricity amid record-breaking heatwave in Buenos Aires, Argentina

buenos aires cafe
© Florencia Martin/picture alliance via Getty Images
People sit in a café at over 40 degrees where the electricity has failed. Greater Buenos Aires

A record-breaking heatwave has hit Argentina, with temperatures soaring to 45C (113F) in some parts of the country. An associated spike in energy demand has caused grid failures, leading to power cuts.

At least 700,000 people were left without power in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, as residents of the Argentine capital endured sweltering temperatures amid a historic heatwave.

Electricity firms blamed the outage on a huge spike in demand for energy, which in turn caused technical failures and power cuts. The outage came as the temperature rose above 41C in the capital.

The 41.1C recorded on Tuesday at 4.05pm local time is the second-highest reading in the capital since 1906, according to city authorities. Temperatures are forecast to remain high on Thursday and Friday before finally abating on Sunday.

Snowflake Cold

Snow storms hit northern, northeastern Japan - foot of snow in just 3 hours

Rapidly developing low-pressure systems are bringing snowstorms to Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido and northeastern region of Tohoku.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says the wintry pressure patterns caused by the two low-pressure systems -- one in the Sea of Japan and the other near Hokkaido -- are bringing heavy snow in northern Japan, Hokuriku and the central region of Tokai.

Otoineppu Village in Hokkaido saw 31 centimeters of snowfall during the three hours to 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

Strong winds are blowing mainly in coastal areas. Gusts of nearly 130 kilometers per hour were recorded in Honbetsu Town, Hokkaido, during the three hours.

Weather officials are warning that blizzards in northern Japan could make driving difficult with nearly zero visibility.


Waterspout in the Bali Strait, Indonesia

It was observed on Tuesday 11th from the ASDP Ketapang harbour, in the city of Banyuwangi, on the eastern tip of the island of Java, Indonesia.


Shallow 6.0 magnitude earthquake in northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

UTC time: Monday, January 10, 2022 23:26 PM
Your time: Monday, January 10, 2022, 11:26 PM GMT
Magnitude Type: mww
USGS page: M 6.0 - northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist
Reports from the public: 1 person
10 km depth


2 powerful earthquakes of magnitudes 6.8 and 6.6 hit Alaska - 3 of such strength globally within 12 hours

6.6 magnitude earthquake 175 km from Unalaska, Alaska, United States

UTC time: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 12:39 PM
Your time: Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 12:39 PM GMT
Magnitude Type: mww
USGS page: M 6.6 - 60 km SE of Nikolski, Alaska
USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist
Reports from the public: 4 people

11 km depth

Comment: These latest powerful quakes follow closely on the heels of another of similar strength off the coast of Cyprus about 12 hours earlier.

Ice Cube

China's winter wonderland of frozen waterfalls and snow-capped mountains

Tourists are flocking to scenic parks across China to take in the picturesque winter vistas. Frozen waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and icy lakes make up just some of the captivating scenery. From the Yuntai Mountains in central Henan province to the monstrous northern Taihang Mountains, China's scenic areas have been transformed into winter wonderlands.

Cloud Precipitation

Schools and roads closed as flash floods hit south-west France

The river Gave d'Oloron overflowed its banks on Jan. 10, as heavy rain soaked France'sPyrenees mountains, causing widespread flooding.

The river Gave d'Oloron overflowed its banks on Jan. 10, as heavy rain soaked France'sPyrenees mountains, causing widespread flooding.
Parts of south-west France have been hit by electricity outages and road and rail disruption today (January 10) as heavy rain causes flash floods and high river levels in several departments.

Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Landes, Hautes-Pyrénées, Haute-Garonne and Ariège are all under a red weather alert for heavy rain and/or flooding, while Gers and Tarn-et-Garonne have been placed on an orange warning for flooding.

At the time of the last Météo France update, a total of 50-80mm of rain was predicted on lower ground, 100-130mm in the Pyrenean foothills and 150-250mm in the mountains.

Arrow Down

Two snowshoers, dog killed by weekend avalanche in Summit County, Colorado

An avalanche that killed two people and a dog on Jan. 8, 2021, in Summit County near Hoosier Pass.

An avalanche that killed two people and a dog on Jan. 8, 2021, in Summit County near Hoosier Pass.
Two Summit County snowshoers and a dog were buried and killed by an avalanche on Saturday.

According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, the party triggered the snow slide around noon on Saturday.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office and volunteers from the Summit County Rescue Group and Flight for Life began searching areas west of Hoosier Pass after the party was overdue for a check-in. Officials found an avalanche on a flank of North Star Mountain, between Breckenridge and Fairplay.

An avalanche rescue dog located the two hikers and their dog, all buried beneath avalanche debris and dead.

CAIC reports that the avalanche broke about 400 feet wide ran about 250 vertical feet.

Authorities will visit the site on Monday for a more in-depth investigation.

Source: The Denver Post