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Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Norma weakens to tropical storm after Mexico landfall, while Tammy bears down on Leeward Islands

Wind map of Hurricane Norma in the Pacific and Hurricane Tammy in the Atlantic.
© CNN Weather
Wind map of Hurricane Norma in the Pacific and Hurricane Tammy in the Atlantic.

Norma weakened to tropical storm strength Saturday after bringing hurricane-force winds, flash flooding and storm surge to Mexico's Pacific coast. Meanwhile, another late-season storm continued to threaten island nations in the Atlantic.

Norma made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 80 mph over the far southern portion of Mexico's Baja California Sur - which includes Cabo San Lucas - Saturday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center said.

Meanwhile in the Atlantic, Hurricane Tammy made landfall in Barbuda as a Category 1 storm Saturday night, churning maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. Tammy has triggered hurricane warnings, with strong winds and heavy rainfall across portions of the Leeward Islands, a chain of several island nations and territories between the Caribbean Sea and the open Atlantic.

Neither storm is a threat to the US mainland.


Japan sees unprecedented pace of increase in bear attack victims

A black bear at a residential area in Kanazawa, Japan on Sept. 29, 2010.
© Kyodo
A black bear at a residential area in Kanazawa, Japan on Sept. 29, 2010.
Japan is seeing the number of people attacked by bears in fiscal 2023 increase at an unprecedented pace, recent government data showed, with people warned of more encounters as the wild animals forage ahead of hibernation in a lean year for nuts.

A total of 109 people were hurt, two fatally, between April and September, mostly in the northern part of Japan's main island Honshu, according to the Environment Ministry's data. The figure is the highest for the same period since fiscal 2007 when the government started such monthly statistics.

The current record for the highest number of people wounded by the animals, which include Asian black bears and Ussuri brown bears, is 158 in fiscal 2020.

Fifteen prefectures saw victims during the six-month period from April, with around 70 percent of cases in northeastern Japan, according to the ministry's preliminary data released in early October.


Impressive waterspout off Piombino, Italy

An impressive whirlwind was spotted in the early afternoon off the coast of Piombino, a municipality in the province of Livorno.

Around 3pm, numerous citizens who were in Calamoresca, where in the meantime the citadel of the Colline Metallifere Rally had been set up, witnessed this spectacle of nature which, if on the one hand attracted the eyes of many, on the other frightened who feared it might advance from the sea.

The whirlwind , which was part of a picture of bad weather, dissipated quickly. The most attentive, however, managed to immortalize it.

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Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 2 in Saudi Arabia's Jizan region amid heavy rain

Lightning struck and killed two persons in the Saudi governorate of Al Edabi in the kingdom's south-western Jizan region.

The incident occurred on Friday night in Al Edabi, located in eastern Jizan, which experienced heavy rains.

Jizan has seen dozens of deaths resulting from thunderous lightning this year amid repeated warnings from competent agencies to keep off strike-prone sites, reports said without giving specific figures.

There was no immediate comment from local authorities.

Cloud Precipitation

Kayaker takes to flooded streets in Midleton, Ireland after Storm Babet dumps a month's worth of rain in a day

The town of Midleton and some surrounding areas of Ireland's County Cork were hit with serious flooding after a month's worth of rain was reported to have fallen during Storm Babet on October 18.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rainstorm hits Greater Caracas, Venezuela

As a result of the heavy rainfall that flooded the Chacao municipality this Friday afternoon, at least 20 fallen trees were reported .

The main affected areas in the municipality are La Castellana and Altamira. Although the storm also caused havoc in other areas of Caracas such as El Paraíso, El Silencio and Catia.

However, Mayor Gustavo Duque reported through his X account that the situation is already being addressed and, fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

Cloud Precipitation

Weather alerts continue in France with schools and roads closed - 6 inches of rain overnight

Over two-thirds of French departments are still facing weather warnings on Friday (October 20), as a number of intense storms continued to hit the country.

In the south-east, the Alpes-Maritimes department faced a red alert (the highest possible) for heavy rain and flooding overnight, as the final thrust of an épisode cévenol storm hit the area.

Alongside this, six other departments in the area are facing tier-three orange warnings for heavy rain, river floods, and coastal flooding.

Elsewhere 66 other departments in France - almost all of the south barring a couple of departments in Occitanie, as well as the capital region, the east and the north - faced 'yellow' weather warnings.

These were mostly for stormy weather and strong winds, but also partially for coastal and river flooding and heavy rain.

Cloud Precipitation

3 inches of rain in a few hours in Rivera, Uruguay

The Departmental Emergency Coordination Center (Cecoed) of Rivera had to intervene this Monday due to rains and floods in the city of Rivera.

The Cecoed coordinator, Gustavo Guedes, indicated that they were warned that it was going to rain: from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. there was an orange alert and then it was yellow. A lot of rain fell, 80 millimeters were recorded in a few hours.

Guedes stated that there were no calls to 911 from people affected by the floods, but that the Cecoed crews visited the points that are already known as conflictive in the capital on rainy days.

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Cow Skull

'It's a wake-up call: US declares 21 endangered species now extinct

© fws.org
The Maui ākepa (left) and Mariana fruit bat are among the species now listed as extinct.
Nearly two dozen endangered species are now classified as extinct by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the latest conservation "wake-up call."

The agency announced that 21 species will be delisted from the Endangered Species Act due to extinction as of Tuesday but will not go into effect until next month.

"Federal protection came too late to reverse these species' decline, and it's a wake-up call on the importance of conserving imperiled species before it's too late," Service Director Martha Williams said in a statement.

The list of species includes the Little Mariana fruit bat, also known as the Mariana flying fox, which was first classified as endangered in 1984 and last seen in 1968. The bat is the only mammal recently declared extinct on the list, which features 10 birds, two fish and eight mussels.

Cloud Precipitation

Large hail hits Colonia Rio Verde, Paraguay