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Sun, 24 Jul 2016
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2 men riding on a motorbike in the Philippines

Two workers of a multinational firm in Surallah, South Cotabato were killed when they were struck by lightning on Sunday.

Chief Inspector Joel Fuerte, Surallah town police chief, identified the victims as Danny Danao, 23 of Barangay (village) Kusan, Banga town and Nestor Feller, 38, of Barangay Dajay, Surallah town, both in South Cotabato.

Both were workers of Sumifru Corporation, a banana production firm operating in South Cotabato.

The two were heading home from the day's work at 6:30 p.m. and appeared to have braved the rain and a thunderstorm.

Citing investigation report, Fuerte said the two were riding on a motorbike when lightning struck them.

Cloud Precipitation

Vicious hailstorm pounds parts of Pennsylvania

© Emily Saare
York County Pennsylvania resident Emily Saare said her street was hammered by cherry-sized hail.
It's May. Right?

I only ask because Red Lion, Pennsylvania looks like it's reliving a nightmarish winter right about now.

"Holy hail storm!! It's like a river down Main Street!!" said on Facebook, where she posted three photos of the aftermath.

© Em Saare
Holy hail storm!! It's like a river down Main Street!
"It got dark like a thunderstorm, and then it started hailing like crazy. It probably started around 3 [p.m.], and probably lasted for 20-30 mins.," Saare said. "Cars were all pulling over because they all couldn't see. Wind was wicked. Cherry size hail balls."

© Emily Saare

Cloud Grey

Coolest May temperatures since 1882 recorded for Washington DC; record number of rainy days

Washington Post tries to explain it away.

So far this May, Washington, D.C. has had "the coolest high temperatures since 1882," admits the Washington Post.

"This May's afternoon highs are running an incredible 15 degrees cooler than last May's," says the article. "And they still haven't hit 80 degrees."

This May's average high temperature is just 66 degrees (18.9 C), the second coldest on record month-to-date.

Month-to-date, the only cooler year on record is 1882, which boasted an average high of 65.5 degrees.

All 22 days have had highs below 80. The only other year not to have an 80-degree day this deep into May came in 1935.

And there's more!


Sharks attack 2 people off Florida coast

© Ryan Pierse/Getty Images
The second incident took place 200 miles from the first

Sharks attacked two people, including an 11-year-old girl, in separate locations in Florida over the weekend.

The girl had been swimming in waist-deep water at Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville on Saturday when a shark bit her back, arm and hand, her family told Action News Jax. The young victim, whose identity was not released, needed stitches on her hand and fingers and is expected to undergo surgery this week, according to the news outlet.

On Sunday, a 57-year-old woman named Mary Marcus was bitten in the leg by a shark in Vero Beach, which is about 200 miles south of the first attack, according to the Associated Press. She was able to swim back to shore and was taken to the hospital, where she will undergo surgery, ABC News reports.

Ice Cube

Strong hailstorms wallop Czech Republic

© VK.com
Insane thunderstorms packed with strong anomalous hailstorms swept across the Czech Republic on May 23, 2016. A hail attack that wil continue for the next few days, say meteorologists.

It looks like snow, but it's hail...

Severe thunderstorms accompanied by strong hailstorms and gusty winds paralyzed central Bohemia and the Highlands on Monday 23, 2016 resulting in ice flooding, making villages unreachable and destroying cars.

© VK.com
Weather complicated the traffic at the airport Vaclav Havel, where aircrafts could not land.

In some places hail formed a continuous layer of several centimeters. In some villages, snow plows were even used to take away the snow... Sorry hail.
© VK.com

Comment: Extreme anomalous hailstorm hits Apulia, Italy


Activity continues at Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz volcano; recent eruption closes airport

© Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Manizales
Seismicity under Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz continues at elevated levels, and the volcano is experiencing frequent ash emissions since May 17, 2016.

An eruption at about 10:40 UTC on May 22 sent ash 2.3 km (7 545 feet) above the crater (7.5 km / 24 606 feet a.s.l.) and temporarily closed La Nubia airport in Manizales, the capital of Caldas state.

Similar explosions were also observed on May 17, 18, 19 and 20 when ash fall was reported up to 30 km (18.6 miles) NW of the volcano.

The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Manizales, which is part of the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC), said in a statement the seismicity under the volcano remains elevated at fluctuating levels but has been showing a slight decrease overall during the past weeks. It continues to be dominated by internal fluid movements which reflect the interaction of water and magmatic gasses at a shallow depth that occasional results in explosions and more often in a strong degassing plume reaching up to 2 km (6 561 feet).


'Tornado' rips off roofs as severe storm batters west Germany

A property damaged by a tornado in Minden on Sunday evening.
Five houses had to be evacuated in Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, after a tornado swept through the town on Sunday.

Thirty-three people had to leave their homes in the town, after the storm ripped off roofs and toppled trees dangerously near to houses.

Police described the storm as a tornado, but a German Weather Service (DWD) spokeswoman said that "we are now investigating but can't yet say for certain" whether it was a true twister.

Several towns in the area were affected by the storm which brought torrential rain and hail in its path.

Cloud Grey

Anomalous iridescent cloud suddenly forms in sky of Rizhao, China

What is this mysterious cloud in the sky of Rizhao on May 22, 2016?

This strange cloud looking like Goku flying in the sky appeared between the clouds over the Shandong Province, China. This anomalous cloud suddenly formed in the sky of Rizhao, Shandong Province, China during the afternoon of May 22, 2016.

Pictures went then viral on Facebook and Twitter.
I first thought it was a dragon flying in the sky.


Shake, rattle and roll: Earthquakes continue worldwide; 40 volcanoes erupting right now

© Via Comisión Nacional de Emergencias Facebook
Turrialba Volcano erupts on Friday, May 20, 2016.
Have you noticed that our planet has begun to shake, rattle and roll? Over the past few days we have seen major volcanic eruptions in Costa Rica and Indonesia, and according to Volcano Discovery 40 volcanoes around the planet are erupting right now as you read this article. Meanwhile, earthquakes continue to shake the globe with alarming regularity. Just last week, Ecuador was hit by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake and a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in rapid succession. Overall, there have been more than 3,000 earthquakes of magnitude 1.5 or greater within the past month globally. So yes, I write constantly about the rapidly accelerating deterioration of our financial system, but the coming "collapse" is not just about money. I am convinced that we are entering a "perfect storm" in which a confluence of factors will absolutely cripple society and bring about changes that most of us would not even dare to imagine right now.

Let's talk about the volcanic eruptions that we have seen in recent days. The eruption down in Costa Rica took authorities completely by surprise, and a thick layer of dust and ash is coating vehicles and buildings 30 miles away in the capital city of San Jose...
A volcano has erupted in central Costa Rica, belching smoke and ash up to 3,000m (9,840ft) into the air.

Hundreds of people have gone to hospital, complaining of breathing difficulties and skin problems.

Some schools were shut and some flights into the country cancelled or diverted.

People in the capital San Jose, about 45km (30 miles) west of the Turrialba volcano, said layers of ash had coated buildings and cars and there was a fierce smell of sulphur.
Leading up to this eruption, there were "swarms of small earthquakes" in the vicinity of the volcano, but scientists assured the public that these earthquake swarms were "not signs of an imminent eruption."

Keep that in mind, because later in the article I am going to show you something.

Comment: For more coverage on recent earthquakes, volcanoes and more planetary upheaval, check out our latest SOTT Earth Changes Summary for April 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs.

Cloud Precipitation

Jumbo-sized hailstones pound buildings in Myanmar (VIDEO)

Hailstones the size of tennis balls caused chaos in what is believed to be Myanmar as they crashed into houses and trees, while frightened residents sought shelter from the bad weather in their homes.

The terrifying barrage was captured on video by a panicked resident.

At first, a few hailstones are seen hitting the ground here and there, but as the storm picks up, they get heavier as scared onlookers start to shout in the background.

At one point, the video zooms in to show the severity of the resulting damage. The hailstones are so big that many bounce off the ground, leaving huge holes in the soil. Thudding noises are heard as they smash into homes nearby.

Comment: For the second month in a row, Myanmar in southeast Asia, has been pummeled by powerful hailstorms producing huge hail.

Eight killed as 'golf ball' hailstones, storms hit Myanmar