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Tue, 21 Jan 2020
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Overnight snowfall smothers California's High Desert in 8 inches of snow

Joshua Tree and Pioneertown become a Winter Wonderland

Joshua Tree and Pioneertown become a Winter Wonderland
Overnight snowfall left California's High Desert coated in snow on Friday, December 27.

This video shows the sun rising over trees in Pioneertown, a community in San Bernardino's High Desert near the Joshua Tree National Park. The National Weather Service (NWS) recorded eight inches of snowfall in Pioneertown as of Thursday morning.

Local media said a winter storm that swept across California forced the closure of multiple roadways, causing traffic jams and delays for travelers on Friday.

Snowflake Cold

Snow continues to batter Mexico's northern regions

The government of Chihuahua issued a weather warning to residents about the arrival of the fourth winter storm of the year due to Cold Front No. 26.

The cold front, which began to enter the region Friday, will bring sleet and additional snow to the elevated areas of the Tarahumara mountain range. El Servicio Meteorológico Nacional also warned of possible snowfall in the mountains of Baja California, Sonora and Durango.


World Snow Wrap, Dec 27: Snowed-in in Southern California, more on the way in British Columbia

Revelstoke was our pick of the week last week and here’s why. Todd Legare making the most of the epic sno win Revvy this week.
© Daniel Ronnback Photography
Revelstoke was our pick of the week last week and here’s why. Todd Legare making the most of the epic sno win Revvy this week.
It was another good week for many northern hemisphere resorts with more big falls in Europe last weekend, a nice mid-week top up in Colorado, good totals in Revelstoke and Lake Louise. Things are also on the way up in japan with heavy snowfalls in Hakuba at times today and 80cms due over the next week.


Thought we'd start with Japan this week as there is finally some good news coming out of the so-called powder paradise. As we all know it has been a very slow start to the season in Japan, with small snowfalls punctuated by short periods of mild temps and rain. It finally looks like the weather cycle is moving into winter mode with two good storms due across Honshu over the next week, the Grasshopper's latest forecast calling for 30-45cms for Honshu resorts in the next 24 hours. It started snowing to the base in Hakuba and Myoko this morning and this storm will be followed by another early next week with 20-40cms expected from next Tuesday through to Thursday. The snow is definitely needed as the cover is average in Hakuba and Shiga Kogen with limited on piste skiing although there was a little 10cm top up last Sunday night.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe storm hits Rwanda's capital Kigali killing 12

A tow truck rescues a vehicle after heavy rains in Kigali, Rwanda, Dec. 26, 2019. Heavy rains that hit Rwanda on Wednesday night killed at least 12 people
© Xinhua/Cyril Ndegeya
A tow truck rescues a vehicle after heavy rains in Kigali, Rwanda, Dec. 26, 2019. Heavy rains that hit Rwanda on Wednesday night killed at least 12 people, a senior government official said here on Thursday.

Twelve people were reported dead across Rwanda on Wednesday night following heavy rains that swept the entire country, officials said on Thursday.

The Ministry of Emergency Management said more could have died, had government not relocated people from wetlands across the capital Kigali.

It was a tough task for Rwanda Police officers who endured heavy rains that hit almost every corner of the country on the Christmas eve, to work beyond expected and rescue people who were in the middle of deadly floods caused by heavy rains.

Rwanda Meteorology Agency warned more rains are expected between today, December 26 throughout December 28.

The agency said the cause of the heavy rains across Rwanda was due to strong winds that abruptly made a U-turn from the Western part of Rwanda - driving away moisture within the Congo forests towards Rwanda.

Snowflake Cold

Delhi faces second-coldest December in 100 years as northern India shivers in record cold spell

Comment: For several years now, northern India has experienced freezing or near-freezing temperatures in December...

cold wave india
© Prakash Singh / AFP
Indian men huddle around a fire to keep warm on a roadside on a cold foggy morning in New Delhi on December 26, 2019.
A wave of unusually cold weather is sweeping across large swathes of India, from remote Kashmir to Delhi, forcing people to seek shelter and light bonfires on the streets.

Delhi has been hit with what local media described as 'bone-chilling days' this week. In the early hours of Friday, the temperature dropped to almost four degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit). This December is now on course to become the second coldest in terms of daytime temperatures the capital has seen since 1901, with December 1997 holding the top spot.

Black Cat

5 mountain lion attacks on dogs in a week in Idaho with 3 killed

mountain lion
© Pixabay
Mountain lion
Five mountain lion attacks on dogs were reported in the span of a week in the Wood River Valley in Idaho.

Three dogs died as a result of those attacks, according to Idaho Fish and Game Regional Communications Manager Terry Thompson.

The latest attack was reported on Monday, Dec. 23 involving an attack on a Labrador retriever north of Hailey.

"The homeowner reported letting their dog out about 6:15 a.m. that morning, then shortly after, hearing loud noises in their backyard," Thompson writes. "They immediately checked and found a mountain lion attacking their dog in the unfenced backyard. Shortly after the homeowner confronted the lion, it let the dog go."

"The dog received injuries in the attack, but survived and is back home with its owners."

Snowflake Cold

Prolonged cold spell in northern India blamed on 'unusual Western disturbance weather pattern'

Comment: That's what they also blamed the record cold wave in northern India LAST December on. Which means they don't know what they're talking about. Suffice it to say, it's unusually cold in India again this winter, after it was unusually hot again in India this past summer...

cold spell north india
© K M Sharma/BCCL Patna / File
School children shiver due to cold conditions
An unusual and powerful spell of "Western Disturbances", originating in the Mediterranean sea, has made India shiver for the past fortnight. Unfortunately, the spell, striking once in four to five decades, will continue to freeze people on New Year's Eve too.

"It is a long spell, very unique in nature, and would affect entire northwest India," says Dr Rajendra Jenamani, senior scientist at the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The thick cover of smog on the Indo-Gangetic plains and the uneven warming of the Indian Ocean has a role to play in this robust spell of Western Disturbances. The extratropical storms originating in the Mediterranean region are causing sudden winter rain in the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent, which have brought the day temperatures in some Indian cities below 12 degrees Celsius.

Comment: Skymet Weather defines Western Disturbance as "a low pressure area or a trough over surface or the upper-air in the westerly winds regime, north of 20°N, causing changes in pressure, wind pattern and temperature fields. It is accompanied by cloudiness, with or without precipitation."

The term Western Disturbance (WD) was coined by Indian meteorologists for describing the systems moving from the west to east direction.
western disturbance weather pattern india

A Western Disturbance weather pattern from 2015

Snowflake Cold

Winter storm blankets Southern California mountain resorts with up to 3 feet of fresh snow

heavy snowfall shuts down major roads as

Heavy snowfall shuts down major roads
Though mountain resorts in Southern California received several feet of fresh snow Christmas Day into Thursday morning, some skiers and snowboarders hoping to take advantage are out of luck.

In Wrightwood, Mountain High Resort was doused with up to three feet of white powder, but was closed Thursday due to the severity of the winter storm. The resort was expected to reopen Friday.

Big Bear Mountain and Snow Valley Mountain resorts both saw a few inches fall and would be open.

Pine Mountain Club in southwestern Kern County also received nearly two feet of snow and more was expected to fall.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2, injures 3 in Bogor, Indonesia

Five people were struck by lightning in Jasinga, Bogor. On Thursday afternoon, December 26, they were sheltering from the rain in a sawmill when the lightning struck, killing two and injuring the other three.

Jasinga Police Precinct chief Adj. Comr. Lukito Sadoto said that the two people who died were RT (53) and JD (31).

"Both were residents of Kampung Karawang, Cikopomayak Village, Jasinga District," Lukito said on Thursday.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Southern Hemisphere drought connection between Southern Africa and Australia


Flames bear down on Harrington, some 335kms northeast of Sydney, 8 Nov 2019
With all the talk of droughts and fires sweeping the Southern Hemisphere I found a connection to solar activity and drought cycles, which are with wildfire cycles. The connections between Southern Africa and Australia look as if its solar driven the changes. I will let you decide. Do you think this information is on the right track?

Comment: See also: