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Bali suffers climate change effects

Bali's tourist pulling-power may be a thing of the past.

In the West Bali National Park, the once common sight of vibrantly-colored clown fish swimming among healthy pink anemones is becoming rare. And larger fish are increasingly uncommon.

Rising sea temperatures are aiding the bleaching process on coral reefs.

Experts say climate change is hitting Bali's coral reefs hard, turning once vibrant diving locations into bleached shadows of their former glory.

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Cyclone Gonu heads for Oman

Cyclone Gonu packing winds of up to 260km an hour advanced on Tuesday towards the oil-producing Gulf state of Oman where it was expected to make landfall within 24 hours.

The sultanate's weather service said the cyclone formed in the Indian Ocean and reached the Gulf of Oman on Monday, some 280km off the east coast of Oman.

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Update! 180,000 displaced after strong quake hits SW China city

About 180,000 people have been displaced and 90,000 houses have collapsed following the earthquake in Yunnan Province, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

At least three people, including a four-year-old boy, were killed and 313 injured in the quake which hit the tea-producing Pu'er City and its surrounding area early on Sunday morning, when most people were in bed. Twenty-eight seriously injured people arestill receiving treatment in hospital.

Comment: Though it doesn't get much attention in Western media, it still has affected many people.

Imagine for instance if an earthquake in the US displaced 180000 and collapsed 90000 houses. It would be covering the news for weeks round the clock.


Magnitude 5.3 quake jolts Philippine capital, no damage or injuries reported

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 shook the Philippine capital's seaside tourist district and outlying rural regions late Sunday, but was not strong enough to cause any injuries or damage, officials said.

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Greenland ice melt speeds up

NASA scientists reading signals from a satellite in orbit, and flying aboard a low-flying plane over Greenland, are finding fresh evidence of melting snows and thinning glaciers in vast areas of the massive island.

Their observations confirm the climate's warming trend in the far northern reaches of the world, they say, where changes in the circulation of waters feeding into the Arctic Ocean are altering crucial patterns of ocean currents there with effects that are increasingly uncertain.

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Russia: Three die, 52 injured in violent storms on the weekend

Raging storms that started on Friday killed three people and injured 52, including three children, in Russian regions from the Volga to the Urals over the weekend, a local emergencies spokesman said.

"A storm front and gusts of wind of up to 30 meters per second swept across a number of regions in the Urals and the Volga area, including Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Mordovia and the Chelyabinsk Region," the source said.

One person was killed in Bashkortostan, and two died in the Chelyabinsk Region. Fifteen people were hospitalized.

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3 mild earthquakes rattle New Hampshire

After people called to report hearing explosions, emergency officials initially thought there had been underground methane gas blasts. But it turns out that New Hampshire actually had three small earthquakes over the weekend.

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Lightning damages Jesus statue

Don't look for any religious symbolism here - it was only a freak act of Mother Nature, says Sister Ilaria.

The nuns at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden were thanking God on Sunday that no one was hurt when a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and struck their 33-foot statue of Jesus.

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The statue, damaged Saturday, was sent from Italy in sections in 1954. No one was hurt by the falling pieces.

The lightning bolt broke off one of Jesus' arms and a hand and damaged one of his feet, sending marble plummeting to the ground during a Saturday afternoon storm.


Magnitude 4.2 earthquake shakes Riverside County

A small earthquake shook Riverside County on Friday, although there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The magnitude 4.2 quake struck at 10:11 p.m., about 11 miles north of Indio and about 18 miles east of Palm Springs, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Mudslide fully changes terrain in Kamchatka's Valley of Geysers

A powerful mudslide has fully changed terrain at one of Kamchatka's most remarkable sites, the Valley of Geysers, eyewitnesses who observed the area from aboard a helicopter just minutes after the slide told Itar-Tass.

No one was killed or injured in the calamity. At the moment when the mudslide went down into the valley, a group of 19 tourists and six members of auxiliary personnel were there.

Eyewitnesses said the stream of mud and rocks destroyed two outbuildings in the lower part of the valley.

Mud fully covered a part of the area where the world-famous geysers are located.