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Holy Water

Georgia was enduring its worst drought in a century, and it had already asked President Bush and the Supreme Court for relief. So on Nov. 13, Republican Governor Sonny Perdue appealed to a higher power, hosting a statehouse vigil to "pray up a storm," begging God to bring the rain he had withheld for 14 months.


Update: Cyclone toll reaches 1,100 in Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh - A cyclone that slammed into the coast with 150 mph winds killed at least 1,100 people, isolating remote towns and villages swamped by a storm surge or hemmed in by piles of debris, aid workers and a Bangladeshi news agency said Friday.

Cloud Lightning

Central Greece: Tornado rips off roofs, damages cars

A tornado hit a village in central Greece yesterday, uprooting trees, tearing off roofs from houses and felling power poles, according to authorities.

There were no reports of injuries.

Bizarro Earth

Strong earthquake rattles Ecuador - Peru border

A 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck southern Ecuador on Thursday, shattering building windows in the city of Guayaquil while leaving no immediate victims, Ecuadoran and US officials said.

The quake could be felt in at least six provinces in the Andes mountain range, the Amazon jungle and the coast in the Peru border region, said an Ecuadoran Civil Defence source.

Bizarro Earth

Strong earthquake jolts Chile again

A strong earthquake measuring 7.1 degrees on the Richeter Scale jolted northern Chile at 11:06 p.m. Beijing time Thursday.

Cloud Lightning

Thousands left homeless after storm surge sweeps Bangladesh

Bangladesh was battered by a super-cyclone yesterday, with winds of about 150mph (240km/h) - some of the worst on record in the region. At least 28 fishermen were feared drowned.

As Cyclone Sidr slammed into the southwestern coast, destroying thousands of houses, 650,000 villagers fled to shelters. Officials said that another 3 million people would have to be moved. In the coastal districts of Barguna, Bagerhat, Barisal and Bhola thousands of flimsy straw and mud huts were flattened as the cyclone flooded lowlying areas and uprooted trees and electricity and telephone poles. Road, rail and river transport was also affected.

Bizarro Earth

Most of U.S. to have above-normal Dec-Feb temps: Gov't

Most of the United States, including the Northeast heating oil market except for Maine, will see above-normal temperatures from December through February, government forecasters predicted Thursday.

In its 90-day outlook, the National Weather Service said there were equal chances of above-normal and below-normal temperatures in the West, in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and the northern half of Nevada and California.

Bizarro Earth

Update: Big earthquake kills two in Chile and hits mining

A powerful earthquake hit mineral-rich northern Chile on Wednesday, killing at least two people, injuring more than 100 and halting output at some of the world's largest copper mines.

Residents point to a roof that collapsed on a car after an earthquake in Antofagasta, northwest of Santiago, November 14, 2007.

Bizarro Earth

Central Vietnam struggles with new flood disaster

©Hoang Dinh Nam/AFP/Getty

Tens of thousands of homes were submerged in central Vietnam, the fifth major floods since August in which hundreds of people have died, roads and railways inundated, crops damaged and water-borne diseases spread. Relief workers delivered emergency supplies of household kits, clean water containers and mosquito nets in the coastal cities of Hue and Danang and the provinces of Quang Tri, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh.

Evil Rays

U.S. Navy Ordered to Lessen Sonar's Harm

San Francisco - A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered the U.S. Navy to lessen the harm its high-power sonar does to whales and other marine life during exercises off the Southern California coast.