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Beetles May Wipe Out Colorado Lodgepoles

Denver, Colorado - Strands of distressed, red pine trees across northern Colorado and the Front Range are a visible testament to the bark beetle infestation that officials said will kill most of the state's lodgepole pine trees within 5 years.

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Frequency of Ohio earthquakes seems on the rise

Cleveland, Ohio -- Experts say Ohio seems to be increasingly prone to earthquakes.

A 3.1 magnitude quake hit Tuesday and there have been 25 earthquakes of magnitude 2.0 or higher over the past two years. That's equal to the number the five years before that.

Comment: Increased frequency of earthquakes, and only the blandest of explanations from the "experts".

"Nothing to see here! Move along! Earthquakes are 3 times more common now because of something that happened 800 million years ago."


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At Least 19 Bald Eagles Die in Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska - At least 19 bald eagles died Friday after gorging themselves on a truck full of fish waste outside a processing plant.

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Boat spills 100 tons of fuel in Vietnam river

More than 100 tons of petrol and kerosene spilled into a Vietnamese waterway after two vessels collided last week, an official said Saturday, in the latest case of growing industrial pollution.

About 40,000 liters of petrol, 70,000 liters of kerosene, and a load of construction material contaminated the Vam Co Dong river south of Ho Chi Minh City after the accident, a local official said.

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Snow falls on Baghdad for first time in memory

Snow fell on Baghdad on Friday for the first time in memory, and delighted residents declared it an omen of peace.

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Thousands flee Zambezi flooding

Some 45,000 people in Mozambique have been displaced by flooding along the Zambezi valley, authorities say.

They say between 150,000 and 200,000 people could be affected over the coming weeks if forecast rains fall in upper reaches of the valley.


Evolutionists at war over altruism's origins

An intellectual war of words has broken out between two of the world's leading evolutionists. Oxford University's Richard Dawkins and Harvard's Edward Wilson have gone head to head over the evolution of altruism in the animal kingdom, and whether it can have come about as a result of something called group selection.

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2 children among 5 deaths blamed on weird weather

Indiana, USA -- Flooded rivers began receding Wednesday across a swath of northern Indiana where three people drowned as melting snow and heavy rain swelled rivers during an unusual January warm streak.

Two of the victims were young children whose mother wasn't able to get them out of an SUV submerged in floodwaters.

Five deaths were blamed on flooding and tornadoes across the Midwest on Tuesday, the second day of severe weather fueled by unseasonable temperatures.

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Gales cause roadblocks, power cuts and travel chaos

A driver had a lucky escape in Broughshane, County Antrim when a tree fell on his vehicle as high winds swept across Northern Ireland. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA

Roads have been blocked by falling trees, ferries cancelled, bridges closed and thousands of people left without power as winds of almost 80mph buffeted Scotland and Northern Ireland today.


Deadly blizzards bring Asia chaos

Heavy snow and bitterly cold weather have caused scores of deaths and major disruption in parts of Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan.

Some areas have seen snow for the first time in years, with people struggling to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures amid power shortages.

In Iran, heavy snow over recent days has seen eight people frozen to death after being trapped in their cars.

Tens of thousands of other motorists were rescued from their vehicles.

Some desert areas in Iran reported snowfalls for the first time in living memory.