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Mon, 23 Sep 2019
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Secret History


Exploded skulls and vaporized bodies: Pompeii finds reveal horror of Vesuvius eruption

pompeii skull
© Petrone et al. / PLOS One / CC BY 4.0
Red and black mineral incrustations detected in Herculaneum victims' skulls.
In 79 AD, thousands of Romans were killed when Mt. Vesuvius erupted over a period of two days, covering the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum and burying outlying villas like Stabiae and Oplontis. A new study suggests that the proximate cause of death for many people may have been immediate vaporization of body fluid with resulting skull explosions due to the intense heat of the volcano.

Writing last week in the journal PLOS One, a team of Italian researchers, led by Pierpaolo Petrone of the Federico II University Hospital in Naples, Italy, has revealed that numerous skeletons recovered from the waterfront chambers at Herculaneum were covered in mysterious red and black mineral residues. Based on mass spectrometry and microspectroscopy, the team hypothesizes that the residues represent iron from human blood that was exposed to extreme heat.

The so-called boat houses at Herculaneum where approximately 140 skeletons have been found were not excavated until the 1980s, as the massive site was buried underneath 20 meters of volcanic deposits. These skeletons were removed for laboratory analysis, and the bodies that tourists today stop to examine are actually fiberglass reproductions.

Comment: The evidence shows that Pompeii wasn't an isolated case, because similarly catastrophic events happened elsewhere at that time, as well as before, after, and, if current events are anything to go by, are likely to be reality for many of us in the very near future: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?

Star of David

To Zionists, the 'two-state solution' has always meant more ethnic cleansing

David Ben-Gurion
© Arnold Newman
David Ben-Gurion
A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists. Therefore, the notion of partition in any form of historical Palestine was only ever endorsed by Zionists as a political-diplomatic means towards overtaking more territory and dispossessing more Palestinians.

To demonstrate this, I shall first go back to an early partition plan - that of the British Royal Peel Commission of 1937, to gradually reach our present day.

The British Peel Commission partition plan

The British Royal Peel Commission was constructed in order to determine the origins of the great tensions between what they would regard as "Jews and Arabs", following the onset of the Great Arab Revolt by Arab Palestinians of 1936 (which lasted until 1939).


Declassified memo: US general prepped to nuke Vietnam behind President Johnson's back

Vietnam soldiers
© US Army/Reuters
Soldiers in Vietnam War
The commander of US forces in Vietnam had devised a secret plan to use nuclear warheads against the communist North during the Vietnam War, before President Johnson halted the ongoing preparations, declassified documents reveal.

General William Westmoreland, who commanded American military operations in the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968 had authorized a nuclear weapons transfer to the Southeast Asian nation, before national security advisor, Walt W. Rostow, notified the White House, prompting President Lyndon Johnson to immediately cancel the secret deployment of weapons, which could have sparked World War III, the New York Times reports, citing declassified documents.

Finding themselves in a stalemate against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) in the middle of the months-long Battle of Khe Sanh, Gen. Westmoreland devised a contingency scheme to use nuclear weapons should US forces be overrun by their enemy. The secret plan codenamed Fracture Jaw required the US nukes to get transferred from Okinawa, Japan to South Vietnam by the US Pacific command, under the leadership of Admiral Ulysses Simpson Grant Sharp Jr. The secretly planned operation was to be set in motion under a memo sent by Westmoreland to Sharp on February 10, 1968.


Dressing for the ages - ancient Egyptian style

tarkhan dress oldest woven garment
© UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
The Tarkhan Dress likely was worn by a young or slim female member of the royal court, and then placed in the tomb as a funerary object. Although the bottom does not survive, it may once have been full-length.
Over the two-plus years Alice Stevenson has been curator of the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, she has looked at the delicate cream-colored garment hundreds of times, wondering at both the fineness of its workmanship and its extraordinary age. Thought to date from nearly 5,000 years ago, the "Tarkhan Dress" was once part of a large pile of dirty linen cloth excavated by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1913 at the site he named Tarkhan after a nearby village 30 miles from Cairo. In 1977, researchers from the Victoria and Albert Museum, while sorting through the pile of textiles as they prepared to clean them, discovered the dress, remarkably well preserved. They conserved the fabric, sewed it onto a type of extra-fine, transparent silk called Crepeline to stabilize it, and mounted it for display. The dress came to be known not only as Egypt's oldest garment, but also as the oldest woven garment in existence. Yet in the absence of a precise original archaeological context - the mudbrick tomb in which the linen had been found had been plundered in antiquity - the exact age of the dress remained a subject of contention.

Star of David

The myth of the generous offer: Distorting the Camp David negotiations

Ehud Barak,  Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat at Camp David

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, President Bill Clinton and Palestinian Authority chair Yasser Arafat at Camp David.
The seemingly endless volleys of attack and retaliation in the Middle East leave many people wondering why the two sides can't reach an agreement. The answer is simple, according to numerous commentators: At the Camp David meeting in July 2000, Israel "offered extraordinary concessions" (Michael Kelly, Washington Post, 3/13/02), "far-reaching concessions" (Boston Globe, 12/30/01), "unprecedented concessions" (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post, 12/4/01). Israel's "generous peace terms" (L.A. Times editorial, 3/15/02) constituted "the most far-reaching offer ever" (Chicago Tribune editorial, 6/6/01) to create a Palestinian state. In short, Camp David was "an unprecedented concession" to the Palestinians (Time, 12/25/00).

But due to "Arafat's recalcitrance" (L.A. Times editorial, 4/9/02) and "Palestinian rejectionism" (Mortimer Zuckerman, U.S. News & World Report, 3/22/02), "Arafat walked away from generous Israeli peacemaking proposals without even making a counteroffer" (Salon, 3/8/01). Yes, Arafat "walked away without making a counteroffer" (Samuel G. Freedman, USA Today, 6/18/01). Israel "offered peace terms more generous than ever before and Arafat did not even make a counteroffer" (Chicago Sun-Times editorial, 11/10/00). In case the point isn't clear: "At Camp David, Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians an astonishingly generous peace with dignity and statehood. Arafat not only turned it down, he refused to make a counteroffer!" (Charles Krauthammer, Seattle Times, 10/16/00).

This account is one of the most tenacious myths of the conflict. Its implications are obvious: There is nothing Israel can do to make peace with its Palestinian neighbors. The Israeli army's increasingly deadly attacks, in this version, can be seen purely as self-defense against Palestinian aggression that is motivated by little more than blind hatred.

Comment: See also:


115,000 year old neanderthal child's bones 'eaten by a giant bird' found in Poland

neanderthal bone bird
© Jacek Bednarczyk/PAP
The remains were found mixed with other animal bones several meters below the contemporary floor of the cave. It was only after detailed analysis that archaeologists realised they belonged to a member of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.
Archaeologists have discovered the oldest hominid remains ever found in Poland.

"The bones discovered by our team at Jaskinia Ciemna [a cave in the southern Małopolska region] are the oldest hominid remains from the area of Poland," Professor Paweł Valde-Nowak of the Jagiellonian University of Kraków told PAP.

The discovery of finger bones from the hand of a Neanderthal child that died roughly 115,000 years ago are more than twice as old as the previous oldest find of hominid bones in the area.

Previously, the oldest Neanderthal remains were three teeth dated to 52,000-54,000 years.

Comment: The Out of Africa theory has been proven to be incorrect by a number of different disciplines already, but, as is often the case, scientific dogma lags behind. And, in recent years, an increasing number of finds are pointing to a much more complex story of the history of humanity:


Secrets of child's sock from ancient Egypt revealed with new imaging tool

ancient child sock egypt
© The British Museum
Stripy child’s sock dating from 300AD was found in a rubbish dump in Egypt.
Non-invasive technique devised by British Museum sheds light on dyeing and weaving process

The ancient Egyptians famously gave us paper and the pyramids, but were also early adopters of the stripy sock.

Scientists at the British Museum have developed pioneering imaging to discover how enterprising Egyptians used dyes on a child's sock, recovered from a rubbish dump in ancient Antinoupolis in Roman Egypt, and dating from 300AD.

New multispectral imaging can establish which dyes were used - madder (red), woad (blue) and weld (yellow) - but also how people of the late antiquity period used double and sequential dying and weaving, and twisting fibres to create myriad colours from their scarce resources.

Bad Guys

James Comey and the Bush Torture Scandal

The vast regime of torture created by the Bush administration after the 9/11 attacks continues to haunt America. The political class and most of the media have never dealt honestly with the profound constitutional corruption that such practices inflicted. Instead, torture enablers are permitted to pirouette as heroic figures on the flimsiest evidence.

Former FBI chief James Comey is the latest beneficiary of the media's "no fault" scoring on the torture scandal. In his media interviews for his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, Comey is portraying himself as a Boy Scout who sought only to do good things. But his record is far more damning than most Americans realize.

Comey continues to use memos from his earlier government gigs to whitewash all of the abuses he sanctified. "Here I stand; I can do no other," Comey told George W. Bush in 2004 when Bush pressured Comey, who was then Deputy Attorney General, to approve an unlawful anti-terrorist policy. Comey was quoting a line supposedly uttered by Martin Luther in 1521, when he told Emperor Charles V and an assembly of Church officials that he would not recant his sweeping criticisms of the Catholic Church.


Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old pre-Viking sword from Vidöstern Lake, Sweden

pre-viking sword Sweden
© Jönköpings Läns Museum
Experts at the local museum believe it may date to around 1,500 years ago.
An eight-year-old found an ancient pre-Viking-era sword while swimming in a lake in Sweden during the summer.

Saga Vanecek found the relic in the Vidöstern lake while at her family's holiday home in Jönköping County.

The sword was initially reported to be 1,000 years old, but experts at the local museum now believe it may date to around 1,500 years ago.

"It's not every day that you step on a sword in the lake!" Mikael Nordström from the museum said.


Fragments of 20-million-year-old elephant tusks unearthed in Iran

elephant tusk fossil Iran
© Ardabil Department of Environment
The remnants of two Proboscidean fossils including two elephant tusks have been unearthed in Iran's northwestern city of Ardabil, said the General Director of Ardabil's Department of Environment.

Mohammad Khodaparast said the remnants date back to the Miocene, the first geological epoch of the Neogene period, from about 23.03 to 5.333 million years ago.