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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Australia Asylum: Christmas Island Unrest Continues

© Reuters
Asylum seekers have held roof-top protests in Sydney and on Christmas Island
Australian police have clashed with asylum seekers at the Christmas Island detention centre for a second night, firing tear gas and "bean-bag bullets".

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said up to 40 detainees had "engaged in vandalism and violence" at the centre.

Refugee rights groups said about 10 asylum seekers had held a roof-top protest, setting fire to sheets.

The UN has criticized Australia for holding all asylum seekers while their applications are assessed.

The migrants are held for months at the Christmas Island center, about 1,500 miles (2,400km) from the Australian mainland, and other facilities.

Many have expressed frustration at long delays and overcrowding.

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Serbia Arrests Its Last Fugitive Accused of War Crimes

© Politika Newspaper, via European Pressphoto Agency
Goran Hadzic was arrested in Fruska Gora national park, close to the village of Krusedol, Serbia, on Wednesday.
The last Serbian fugitive wanted by a United Nations war crimes tribunal was arrested in a Serbian forest early Wednesday, a quiet event that appeared to remove the final major obstacle blocking the nation's access to Western money and European Union membership.

The suspect, Goran Hadzic, 52, is a former Serbian rebel leader who is accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was arrested near the village of Krusedol in northern Serbia as he was about to meet "with a helper, who was supposedly bringing him some money," said Vladimir Vukcevic, the war crimes prosecutor in Belgrade, Serbia's capital.

Mr. Vukcevic said investigators had caught up with Mr. Hadzic recently because he had apparently run out of money after seven years on the run and was trying to sell a painting by Modigliani. "He was penniless," Mr. Vukcevic said.

Investigators in Belgrade said the painting was believed to be "Portrait of a Man," one of several Modigliani works listed as stolen. But it was not clear if the painting was authentic or a fake.

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UK: 34,000 Police Jobs to be Axed

© Press Association
More than 34,000 police staff will lose their jobs by 2015
More than 34,000 police staff will lose their jobs by 2015 as part of Government cuts.

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said that about 16,200 police officers will be axed by 2015 amid fears crime could go up by 3 per cent.

Up to 1,800 community support officers and 16,100 police staff will also go as part of an overall reduction of 14 per cent, the study of 43 forces across England and Wales said.

Protecting frontline policing will be "very challenging" over the next 18 months, inspectors found.

"Forces will have to transform their efficiency if they are to protect frontline services," the report added.

Roger Baker, of HMIC, said it "went without saying" that forces were facing their biggest financial challenge in a generation.

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US: Texas Executes 9/11 "Revenge" Killer

© Ho/AFP/Getty Images
Mark Stroman died by lethal injection despite last-minute representations by his lawyer at the US supreme court.
Mark Stroman shot dead two convenience store workers he believed to be Arab in Dallas shooting spree in 2001

A man who embarked on a shooting spree in what he claimed was retaliation for 9/11 has been executed at a prison in Texas.

The lone survivor of Mark Stroman's attack on convenience store workers in late 2001, Rais Bhuiyan, originally from Bangladesh, unsuccessfully sued to stop the execution, saying his religious beliefs as a Muslim required him to forgive the man. The courts denied his request.

Stroman, 41, had said hate in the world needed to end and asked for God's grace shortly before the fatal drugs began flowing into his arms. He was pronounced dead less than an hour after his final court appeal was rejected.

Stroman claimed the shooting spree that killed two men and injured a third targeted people from the Middle East, though all three victims were from south Asia. It was the death of 49-year-old Vasudev Patel, from India, that put Stroman on death row. He was also charged but not tried in the shooting death of Waqar Hasan, 46, a Pakistani immigrant who moved to Dallas in 2001 to open a convenience store.


US: Con artist sentenced to 5 to 10 years for earthquake-relief scam

© DNAinfo.com
Marcus Payen arrives for arraignment in July.
A career con artist will do hard time for passing himself off as a United Nations rep to run a Haitian earthquake-relief scam, a judge ruled today.

Marc Payen, 29, was sentenced to serve five to 10 years in prison by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber, who also ordered him to pay $17,179.05 in restitution.

Payen had been previously busted for claiming to be an immigration lawyer. In this latest scam, Payen used bogus UN stationery to raise funds for medical and humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

He was convicted of two counts of grand larceny, forgery and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

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US: Ex-Cop Who Called 911 About Girlfriend's Shooting Now Charged with Her Murder

A 911 call reporting the drive-by shooting of a Chicago woman was made by her ex-cop boyfriend who is now being charged with her murder.

Devin Bickham Sr., 39, his son, Devin Bickham Jr., 20, and a third man, Cardell Taylor, 35, have all been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly orchestrating and committing the murder of Chervon Alexander, Bickham Sr.'s girlfriend.

Bickham Sr. was a former North Chicago police officer, according to local reports. Last Monday, he pulled into a River Forest parking lot that authorities say was darkened after an electrical outage. The State Attorney's office said that he and Alexander were in a romantic relationship. According to local police Bickham was married.

"Bickham Sr. thought that the victim was interfering with his life and wanted her out of the way, allegedly," said Chief Deputy Craig Rutz from the River Forest police department. "[Alexander] had told others that she was going to be getting married in August."


Pennsylvania, US: Church Bingo Game Robbed In Braddock Hills

A masked man with a gun barged into bingo at Sacred Heart Church in the Good Shepherd Parish in Braddock Hills Tuesday night.

The robber demanded money and wound up grabbing about $300 out of a cash drawer before taking off.

People waiting to play bingo down the hall heard a commotion, but never actually saw the robber.

As soon as Rev. Thomas Burke discovered what had happened, he ran outside and asked a parishioner to drive down the hill to follow the robber.


US: No Felony Charges For Longmont Woman In TSA Groping Case

No felony charges will be filed against the Colorado woman who allegedly sexually assaulted a Transportation Security Administration agent in Phoenix.

On Tuesday the Maricopa County district attorney decided to turn the case of Yukari Miyamae, 61, of Longmont over to city prosecutors. She could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Police say Miyamae grabbed the female agent's left breast, squeezed and twisted it with both hands on July 14 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Miyamae was getting ready to board a flight from Phoenix to Denver.

Miyamae's attorney Judd Golden says his client was violated, endangered and threatened by the actions of TSA agents. She denies doing anything wrong.

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Arizona College Student Killed & Tortured In Nogales, Mexico

A southern Arizona student and father expecting his first child has been found dead in Nogales, Mexico, with what authorities say are signs of torture.

Sonora State Police say the body of 21-year-old Juan Carlos Navarro of Nogales, Ariz., was found wrapped in a blanket on a roadside in the upscale Colonia Kennedy neighborhood.

The Nogales International reports Navarro had been shot once in the head. He was a 2008 graduate of Nogales High School and was taking college courses with an eye toward a degree in business administration.

Family members tell KGUN-TV Navarro was in school to give his girlfriend and their unborn child a better life.

Source: The Associated Press


Billionaire Sheikh Carves His Name in Desert so Big it Can be Seen from Space

A desert sheikh has carved out a big name for himself - by having his moniker etched in capital letters visible from space.
© News Group Newspapers
A big name in the desert ... Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan's handywork

Workmen scoured "HAMAD" into the sand on the orders of Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

The name is two miles across - with letters a kilometre high. It is so huge that the "H", the first "A" and part of the "M" have been made into waterways.

The mega-rich sheikh, 63 - a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi - in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates - boasts a £14billion fortune that is second only to the Saudi king's.