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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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2013: At least 8000 people - 90% civilians - killed in Iraq


Iraqi men inspect the site of a bomb attack that went off outside a cafe in Baghdad's Bayaa neighborhood.
At least eight people have been killed and more than 20 others wounded after two bomb attacks hit a northern Iraqi town, security sources said.

According to Iraqi security officials, the explosions targeted a livestock market in the town of Tuz Khormatu, located 175 kilometers (110 miles) north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Friday.

Reports say at least 25 people were also wounded due to the new terrorist attack. No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly assault so far.

The Friday blasts took place a day after three bomb attacks led to the death of more than 35 Shia pilgrims and injured scores of others in areas south of Baghdad.

Comment: The U.S government has poured money into the military defense budget for years in waging its bogus 'war on terror' based on lies. After so many years of unrelenting 'shock and awe' psyops, how much is really left to destroy in Iraq, other than the Iraqi people themselves? This fake 'war on terror' has only created terror. Terror, death and destruction. Shall we call these 'strategic, surgical strikes' too?


Radiation in Fukushima groundwater skyrockets 3,500+ times over weekend

Radiation in Fukushima groundwater skyrockets 3,500+ times over weekend - Just 5 meters from Pacific Ocean - Nothing being done to stop it flowing into sea
© AFP/Jiji Press

Tepco, Dec. 17, 2013: As a result of the measurement, it was found that the gross-β density in the groundwater observation hole No.0-3-2 obtained at the east of the Units 1-4 Turbine Buildings on December 16 [was] 63,000Bq/L [...]


Will Fukushima-contaminated water cause 'Tritium rain'? Expert says radioactive rainfall occurs near nuclear plants during NORMAL operations

AP: 'Tritium rain' to result from disposal of Fukushima contaminated water? Expert: You may be interested to know radioactive rainfall occurs around nuclear plants during normal operations (VIDEO)

© Activist Post
Associated Press, Dec. 3, 2013: Experts on [the Japan government's contaminated water] panel also proposed establishing a special team to focus on how to deal with massive amounts of tritium, the only isotope that cannot be removed chemically by existing technology. [...] U.S. officials evaporated tritium water at the Three Mile Island plant following the 1979 accident, but the method is not recommended for Fukushima, where there is too much and it is likely to come back as tritium rain.


Official: Fukushima fuel melted "on unprecedented scale" - Parts of the coriums have been dispersed: It's location and condition are unknown

Official: Fukushima fuel melted "on unprecedented scale" - French Gov't: Parts of the coriums have been dispersed - AP: It's location and condition are unknown
© Economic Undertow.com
NHK WORLD, Dec. 17, 2013: [...] The International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning [established by Japan's government] [...] held a session in Tokyo on Tuesday [...] They are seeking technologies to examine the condition of the melted fuel [...] They are also looking for possible ways to remove fuel debris [...] The institute's managing director, Kazuhiro Suzuki, said the fuel melted on an unprecedented scale but that he believes there are numerous technologies in the world that can be applied to this work. [...]


A map of the weirdest sex laws in the United States

© IO9
Is your sex life against the law? Better make sure. We've painstakingly compiled a map of all the most biarre and unnecessary laws regulating what you do, with whom, and where. Check out our complete map of all the weirdest laws regulating sex in America below.

You've probably seen lists of freaky sex laws before - they're all over the place. And guess what? Most of those are urban legends.

When you see laws like "It's illegal for one partner to reach climax before the other," or "It's illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone," or "Only sex in the missionary position is legal," or "No sex in an ambulance responding to an emergency call," or "No dancing with a hat on," or "No sex in a meat freezer," or "Legistators may not make laws wearing a penis costume," they're probably just made up or grossly distorted. Sorry to burst your bubble.

And yes, that one about "a man may not shoot a pistol when his female partner has an orgasm" is also made up, as far as we could tell.

So here's our complete map. Click to enlarge!


After 30 hours of work, Mita Diran collapsed and died

Mita Diran
© Facebook
On Saturday copywriter Mita Diran tweeted about working for 30 hours straight at her Indonesian agency job.

Mita 1
The next day the 24-year-old was dead.

Not long after writing what would be her final tweet, Mita collapsed, fell into a coma and didn't wake up.

She suffered heart failure and died.

Comment: The inhumane workaholic culture to which many people fall prey in our world today is a creation of psychopathic greed: more slaves to them equals more money, so that they continue to have the power and the control. For us, it equals to stress, unhealthy habits to cope with an already unhealthy system, that can deteriorate us on all levels and lead to our untimely death.

Mita's request was very simple, very humane. To just sit with another and share their lives. But who listened? It's natural for psychopaths to be and act as they are; What is so tragic is that they are able to mold us through life-long conditioning into their "image"!


Canadians wary of 9/11 explanations - and of US officials

Rubble of 9/11 WTC7
7 World Trade Center has drawn the focus of the 'truthers' who watch video of its collapse and conclude it must have been felled by explosives
An advertising campaign in Canada raises questions about the US government's official account of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Are Canadians more sympathetic to anti-American conspiracy theories than Americans themselves?

The posters, displayed on buses in Ottawa, show an image of a World Trade Center building collapsing in the inferno of the terrorist attack that morning.

The advertising campaign is supported by a Lafayette, California-based organisation called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The office tower, 7 World Trade Center, may have been destroyed in a controlled demolition, members of the organisation purport, rather than in a fire.

Frank Greening, a nuclear scientist who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, knows the people behind the organisation - truthers, as they are known - well. He first met them years ago.


Philippines mayor shot dead in airport attack

Ukol Talumpa, who had survived previous assassination attempts, and his wife among four killed at Manila terminal

© Romeo Ranoco/Reuters
Ukol Talumpa, a mayor in the Philippines, was shot dead at Manila's airport.
A mayor from the southern Philippines, his wife and two others including a boy less than two years old have been fatally shot in a daring attack at a Manila airport terminal that also wounded four other people.

Manila airport general manager Jose Angel Honrado said men on a motorcycle fired at Ukol Talumpa, the mayor of Labangan in the country's south, and his wife as they stepped out of terminal 3 on Friday.

They were declared dead on arrival at a nearby air base hospital along with two others, including a boy aged about 18 months. It was not immediately clear if they were related to the mayor. The gunmen escaped.

Philippine airports are typically packed with people during the Christmas season.

Talumpa won a hotly contested electoral contest for mayor of Labangan in last May's elections, the AFP news agency said.

News reports in the Philippines said Talumpa had survived several other attempts on his life, including a September 2012 grenade attack in Pagadian city where he was vice-mayor, and a 2010 shooting in Manila that left he and a nephew wounded.

Source: Associated Press

Che Guevara

End austerity, Brussels protesters tell EU leaders

anti-austerity protest in Brussels
© Unknown
Anti-austerity protesters block a main road in central Brussels on December 19, 2013.
Hundreds of people have demonstrated in the Belgian capital Brussels to demand that EU leaders meeting in the city put an end to government spending cuts blamed for mass joblessness and a growing social crisis in parts of Europe.

On Thursday, the demonstrators used tractors and bales of hays to block traffic around the site of the EU summit to protest many of the policies the 28 leaders would discuss during the meeting.

"The idea is to block access to the European summit," said Nic Goertz, a spokesman for the demonstrators, noting that 1,500 protesters had gathered in the Belgian capital.

The protests were organized by Alliance D19-20 which includes trade unions, farmers and groups from across Europe that are unhappy with EU cuts and a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership free-trade agreement that is being discussed with the US.

Opponents of the controversial trade deal argue that agreement is nothing more than a ploy by corporate lobbyists to ensure that new laws and regulations benefit large corporations.

Airplane Paper

Getting expensive! US may fly supplies out of Afghanistan due to protesters

Pakistani tribesmen protesting
© Unknown
Pakistani tribesmen in Peshawar shout slogans against US drone strikes in tribal areas.

The United States may have to fly military equipment out of Afghanistan at an additional cost of $1 billion since the land route through Pakistan has been blocked due to anti-US protests in Pakistan, American officials say.

The US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said flying the military equipment out of Afghanistan to a port would cost five to seven times as much as it does to truck it through Pakistan, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

An unnamed defense official said sending the cargo through the routes in Pakistan would cost around $5 billion through the end of 2014, adding flying the equipment to ports in the Middle East would cost about $6 billion if it continued through next year.

Around one hundred trucks are at the border, and hundreds more are loaded and kept in compounds waiting to leave Afghanistan while dozens of Pakistani protesters have gathered on the overland route.