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Sun, 18 Apr 2021
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TV series Luther's lack of black culture 'doesn't feel authentic', says BBC diversity boss

Idris Elba Luther
© Des Willie/BBC/PA
Idris Elba stars in Luther.
Miranda Wayland said TV bosses must ensure characters have an environment and culture around them that is 'absolutely reflective' of their background.

The creative diversity chief of the BBC has suggested the TV series Luther "doesn't feel authentic" because the lead character has few black friends and does not eat Caribbean food.

Idris Elba, 48, stars as haunted rogue detective DCI John Luther in the critically acclaimed police drama, which has run for five series since 2010 on BBC One.

Comment: The diversity director of the BBC is complaining that the main character on one of their own shows is not conforming to enough black stereotypes. Welcome to clown world.

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Poll: DC worst place in country, Americans say

washington dc
Americans said in a recent poll by YouGov that Washington, D.C., is the worst place in America.

The poll paired two states in head-to-head matches and states were then ranked on their "win percentage." The poll included all 50 states plus D.C.

D.C. came in last place, only winning 35 percent of its match-ups. Surveyors said that D.C. lagging at the bottom could be due to the political nature of the city or the fact it is not a state.

Comment: Could it have anything to do with this?:


Jason Whitlock suspended by Twitter after criticizing Black Lives Matter leader, refuses to bow to social media giant to get his account back

Jason Whitlock
Conservative journalist Jason Whitlock was suspended by Twitter after he criticized Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors for her $1.4 million home purchase in "1.4 percent" black Topanga Canyon in Southern California.

But Whitlock insisted Monday he has no intention of bowing to the social media giant in order to get his account unblocked: "I'm not running to go post Twitter bail when I did nothing wrong."

Khan-Cullors was sharply criticized last week over numerous reports that she had purchased the pricey home — particularly given her self-described Marxist ideology. What's more, reports noted that Khan-Cullors had purchased three other homes since 2016 for a grand total of $3.2 million in real estate.

Comment: It's hardly surprising that leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement are hypocritically cashing in to live in luxury. It's equally unsurprising that Twitter would act as a gatekeeper in order to keep that information from becoming widely known. What is surprising is that Twitter doesn't seem to realize that, much like the famous Streisand effect, there's little doubt this story will get more traction based on attempts to cover it up.

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Big corporations now deploying woke ideology the way intelligence agencies do: As a disguise

air jordan customers
© VCG/VCG via Getty Images
Customers wait in line in an attempt to purchase limited-edition Air Jordan 1 'Light Smoke Grey' outside a Nike store on July 25, 2019, in Yichang, Hubei Province of China.
The British spy agency GCHQ is so aggressive, extreme and unconstrained by law or ethics that the NSA — not exactly world renowned for its restraint — often farms out spying activities too scandalous or illegal for the NSA to their eager British counterparts. There is, as the Snowden reporting demonstrated, virtually nothing too deceitful or invasive for the GCHQ. They spy on entire populations, deliberately disseminate fake news, exploit psychological research to control behavior and manipulate public perception, and destroy the reputations, including through the use of sex traps, of anyone deemed adversarial to the British government.

But they want you to know that they absolutely adore gay people. In fact, they love the cause of LGBT equality so very much that, beginning on May 17, 2015 — International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia — they started draping their creepy, UFO-style headquarters in the colors of the rainbow flag. The prior year, in 2014, they had merely raised the rainbow flag in front of their headquarters, but in 2015, they announced, "we wanted to make a bold statement to show the nation we serve how strongly we believe in this."


Official publication of the British surveillance agency GCHQ, May 17, 2015
Who could possibly be opposed to an institution that offers such noble gestures and works behind such a pretty facade? How bad could the GCHQ really be if they are so deeply committed to the rights of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people? Sure, maybe they go a little overboard with the spying sometimes, and maybe some of their surveillance and disinformation programs are a bit questionable, and they do not necessarily have the highest regard for law, privacy and truth. But we know that, deep down, these are fundamentally good people working within a fundamentally benign institution. Just look at their flamboyant support for this virtuous cause of social justice.

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Mission accomplished: The Corbett Report removed from YouTube

youtube banned
I posted Episode 398 of The Corbett Report podcast, "Science Says," around 10 PM Japanese Standard Time on Friday, April 9th, 2021, and then went to bed. Sometime shortly after midnight, the main Corbett Report channel was removed from YouTube.

And, just like that, 14 years of work — some 1700+ videos, 569,000+ subscribers and 90 million+ video views — was erased from the digital ether. . . . Well, the GooTube portion of that digital ether, anyway.

Given that I've been promoting YouTube alternatives since at least 2009, and given that I have made video after video after video after video after video warning my audience that I would be banned from GooTube, and given that I even delivered a presentation last year noting that The Library of Alexandria is on Fire, it's safe to say that this news did not catch me off guard. Learning about the banning after waking up on Saturday morning, my only thought was, "Well, that took longer than I expected."

Indeed, it was not surprising in any sense that this was the report that led to GooTube purging my main channel. When you release a video on an account that already has two strikes for information that "contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities' medical information about COVID-19" and that video itself contains information calling those very authorities' pronouncements into question, you better believe the thought that this might be your last YouTube upload crosses your mind when you push that publish button. Heck, the "offending" podcast even centers around an op-ed comparing COVID skeptics to terrorists and calling for the UN to mount a "counteroffensive" against them. Of course this video was going to be censored.

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200 police descend on church to stop worshipers attending Sunday service in Alberta, Canada

canada police church
Around 400 protestors reportedly gathered outside GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada on Sunday after it was closed last week for violating local COVID-19 health orders.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) said it "physically closed" the building and will be preventing access to it until GraceLife "can demonstrate the ability to comply with Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health's restrictions."

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers barred congregants' access to the church Sunday.

Comment: Notably, back in September, 700 UK church leaders declared that they would refuse to abide by more lockdowns, despite this more lockdowns were enforced, and with little to no (publicized) defiance from the majority of those leaders. However, if recent raids and arrests on clergy and churches - from the UK, to France, and Canada - are anything to go by, a resistance by the faithful seems to be building: This kind of tyrannical behaviour is nothing new; for an idea of how people of faith managed before, check out SOTT radio's: MindMatters: Interview with Rod Dreher: How to Survive the Coming Soft Totalitarianism

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An old green colonial trick: Israel masking land grabs as environmental conservation

Palestinian on balcony
© Mussa Qawasma/Reuters
A Palestinian man cut off from his family by the Israeli wall, looks out of his house at the Jewish settlement of Gilo, in Al-Walaja. February 18, 2020.
For decades, a Palestinian village on the southern tip of Jerusalem has lived on and cultivated the land. But a series of recent efforts by Israel is not only threatening their way of life but potentially displacing them from their homes.

On January 25, the Jerusalem District Planning Committee rejected the residents of Palestinian village al-Walaja's plan to legalize their homes and further develop the community. Instead, the committee declared their land an ancient agricultural area in need of environmental conservation that should be transformed into a national park.

The notion of environmental integrity struck Amy Cohen, director of international relations and advocacy at Israeli non-profit Ir Amim, as contradictory.
"The planning committee and the [Israel] Civil Administration within the West Bank [have] been promoting and advancing plans within the same area for Jewish settlers. It shows massive discrimination in how [Israel] treats Palestinian areas in order to suppress the residential development."
The committee's decision paves the way for the lifting of the demolition freeze on 38 al-Walaja homes. On April 26, Israel's Supreme Court will convene for a hearing on al-Walaja's 2018 petition over its resident-initiated outline plan.

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Monty Python star John Cleese mocked Hank Azaria's Apu guilt with 'apology' to 'English people'... but some didn't get the joke

john cleese apu Simpsons hank azaria
© Koen van Weel / ANP / AFP; 20th Century Fox Television, Gracie Films; Amy Sussman / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP
(L) John Cleese (C) 'The Simpsons' Apu (R) Hank Azaria
British actor John Cleese has been both cheered and chastised for ridiculing voice actor Hank Azaria over his apology to "every single Indian person" for his portrayal of Simpsons character Apu.

Azaria drew a mixed response this week when he said sorry for his portrayal of the long-running cartoon's Indian shopkeeper Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, whose stereotypical identity, the actor said, had helped maintain "structural racism."

Cleese issued his own humorous take on the political correctness row after many Simpsons fans said Azaria's comedy did not require him to apologize and accused the actor of trying to be "woke."



James O'Keefe: Project Veritas suing CNN for defamation, new video will expose network's 'fraud' related to Covid-19

CNN logo street
© REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe has announced that he intends to take CNN to court for making false statements about his conservative media organization. He says more sensational revelations about the network are to come.

O'Keefe made the provocative statements while speaking to Fox News' Sean Hannity on Tuesday, following Veritas' release of an undercover video showing CNN technical director Charlie Chester explaining how the broadcaster allegedly used "propaganda" to help oust Donald Trump from the White House.

"CNN considers themselves the most trusted name in news, but here they are admitting that they are trying to help certain political candidates and they're trying to hide that," he told the Fox host.


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University of Virginia med student suspended from campus after he questioned microagression panel

University of Virginia
© Mark Lagola
Kieran Bhattacharya is a student at the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine. On October 25, 2018, he attended a panel discussion on the subject of microaggressions. Dissatisfied with the definition of a microaggression offered by the presenter — Beverly Cowell Adams, an assistant dean — Bhattacharya raised his hand.

Within a few weeks, as a result of the fallout from Bhattacharya's question about microagressions, the administration had branded him a threat to the university and banned him from campus. He is now suing UVA for violating his First Amendment rights, and a judge recently ruled that his suit should proceed.