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Mon, 25 May 2020
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NYC man arrested in Hawaii for breaking quarantine rules for tourists after social media snitches turn him in

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach is nearly empty due to the business downturn caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. April 28, 2020.
Hawaii officials arrested a man from New York on Friday for violating the state's 14-day quarantine rule for tourists. Tarique Peters, 23, of the Bronx posted photos on Instagram showing him outside his hotel room after he arrived in O'ahu on Monday, according to a news release from the office of Hawaii's governor.

According to the news release Peters allegedly left his hotel room the same day he arrived "and traveled many places using public transportation."

"Authorities became aware of his social media posts from citizens who saw posts of him — on the beach with a surfboard, sunbathing, and walking around Waikiki at night," reads the release. "This morning agents were able to confirm with hotel personnel that had seen Peters leave his room and the premises on numerous occasions this week."

Comment: There was never any curve to flatten, and the only groundwork being laid here is for more totalitarian control over people's lives.

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For those keeping count, Colorado had negative 272 COVID deaths Friday

Mark Baisley letter to Brauchler
The Colorado Department of Health has been caught inflating COVID 19 deaths. A state lawmaker has requested a criminal investigation.
He also provided another letter dated April 17 from the Someren Glen senior care center to its staff, residents, and residents' families. The Centennial facility's letter said CPDHE had overruled the cause of death findings by attending physicians in order to list seven deaths as being caused by COVID-19.


Police have dispersed thousands of visitors from Scotland's rural beauty spots in recent weeks

river Leven
© Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian
The river Leven as it enters Loch Lomond at Balloch.
Politicians and police have urged the public to stay away from Loch Lomond after it emerged thousands of people had breached the lockdown around the beauty spot in recent weeks.

Police data shows the district which includes the villages of Balloch and Luss on the banks of the loch had the highest number of lockdown breaches of any in Scotland, with police ordering 2,291 people to go home in just 30 days.

Shopkeepers in Balloch, the centre of the loch's tourism industry, said there was a rush of visitors at weekends and on sunny days. "It's been really mad," said John Gray at Lomond Stores, close to the village's railway station.

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Pain in Spain as two largest cities - Madrid and Barcelona - see draconian lockdown extended for THIRD MONTH

protest lockdown spain
For the past five days, millions of people in Spain have once again been able to indulge in moments of luxury that would have been mundane routines just two months ago.

Across half the country, they have been able to meet up with friends and family, and to sit outside bars and sip a café con leche or a cold, refreshing caña (beer). But not so in Madrid or Barcelona.

On Friday the Spanish health ministry denied the Madrid regional government's second request to join the 70% of the country in the next phase of relaxation of some of the strictest lockdown measures in Europe.


Phrenology is back, wrapped up with facial recognition in a 21st century pre-crime package by university researchers. Too soon?

facial recognition, human skull
© Reuters / Chris Helgren / Thomas Peter
The focus of US policing is shifting from enforcement to prevention as mass incarceration falls out of favor. 'Pre-crime' detection is the hot new thing, accomplished through analysis of behavior and...facial features?

Researchers at the University of Harrisburg announced earlier this week that they had developed AI software capable of predicting - with 80 percent accuracy! - whether a person is a criminal just by looking at their face.

"Our next step is finding strategic partners to advance this mission," the press release stated, hinting that a New York Police Department veteran was working alongside two professors and a PhD candidate on the project.

That statement had been pulled by Thursday after controversy erupted over what critics slammed as an attempt to rehabilitate phrenology, eugenics, and other racist pseudosciences for the modern surveillance state. But amid the repulsion was an undeniable fascination - fellow facial recognition researcher Michael Petrov of EyeLock observed that he'd "never seen a study more audaciously wrong and still thought provoking than this."

Comment: A dangerous tool that no one should possess.


The Ever Changing Rules: UK quarantine for travelers to now include French arrivals

Downing Street rolls back on idea of exempting people from France from 14-day isolation
Eurostar passenger in UK
© Xinhua/Rex/Shutterstock
Eurostar passengers arrive at St Pancras station in London.
Downing Street has rolled back on the idea of exempting travellers from France from incoming quarantine rules, with only freight drivers and experts working on anti-Covid-19 efforts being able to avoid the 14-day isolation period.

Boris Johnson used his TV address last Sunday to announce that quarantine restrictions would soon be imposed on people entering the UK, but only mentioned those arriving by air. It later became clear that the rules would also apply to arrivals by road, rail and sea.

Later on Sunday, after a call between Johnson and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, Downing Street said "no quarantine measures would apply to travellers coming from France at this stage".

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Covid-19 may be laying grounds for second American Civil War

bipartisan us parties

Lines are between states that uphold the freedom of their citizens, and nanny state governments
This story has been brewing for several weeks. We saw a few weeks ago how Michigan's governor Whitmer imposed excessive and ludicrous guidelines on her citizens in the name of "keeping them safe" from the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. New York, California and New Jersey are among the nation's most restrictive and most irrationally-run states when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presently, this map shows the status of the American states in their opening process (or not) as of May 16, 2020 at 4:04 AM Greenwich Summer Time:

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UK police hunt lorry driver for kissing woman on cheek as a thank you

UK police
© Flickr / Andy Thornley
FILE PHOTO: Police clash with protesters in London's Parliament Square, November 2013
A lorry driver who kissed a woman on her cheek to show gratitude for her assistance is now hunted by police in the UK. After asking for help to identify the 'criminal,' law enforcement received a massive eye-roll from the public.

In the sleepy Derbyshire town of Matlock, a most heinous crime took place on April 28. A lorry driver pecked a 70-year-old woman on the cheek, after she helped him free his stuck truck from under a bridge by directing traffic.

The man thanked her with a kiss, and now he's wanted for sexual assault. Seriously.

Nearly three weeks after the incident, Derbyshire Police appealed to the public for help tracking down the suspect.

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More fake anti-semitism: ADL leader's announcement that Jewish site in Iran set on fire appears to be made up

jonathan greenblatt

Fake fear peddler, Jonathan Greenblatt
Jonathan Greenblatt is the leading authority on antisemitism, in the eyes of the mainstream media, as the CEO of the pro-Israel organization the Anti-Defamation League, and yesterday morning he reported that a Jewish holy site in Iran had been "set afire."
Disturbing reports from #Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight. We hope that the the authorities bring the perpetrators of this #antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran.
There was no link to a news report in the tweet. But the rightwing pro-Israel echo chamber went to work. The Jerusalem Post published a story, headlined "Holy Jewish site of Esther and Mordechai set ablaze in Iran — reports," and cited Greenblatt as the lead source.

Greenblatt "announced" that the tomb had been "torched," the Post said:
BERLIN - National Director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt announced Friday on Twitter that the tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran was torched.
That article was authored by Benjamin Weinthal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the neoconservative thinktank that has been propagandizing about Iran's supposed aggressive threat to the world in order to instigate an American attack.


The next crisis: 27M more Americans without health insurance due to lock-down and jobs loss

empty wheelchair
© Misha Friedman/Getty Images
A staff member pushes a wheelchair at St. Barnabas Hospital on March 23, 2020 in the Bronx borough of New York City.
Roughly 27 million Americans and their families have lost their health insurance after sweeping layoffs and business closures during the coronavirus lockdown. Nearly 80 percent of Americans who lost their employer-backed health plans might be eligible for coverage from state-administered Medicaid plans and other plans through the Affordable Care Act, but such could prove unlikely for a number of reasons.

Millions of others — including dependents who relied on plans from another member of their family — are ineligible, leaving them without any insurance options, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, The Independent reported.

Roughly 6 million people who lost their employer-provided insurance won't be eligible for subsidized coverage, including nearly 4 million others whose family's income falls above eligibility limits and thousands of others who don't meet citizenship or immigration requirements, the report says.

Few Americans will fall into the so-called "coverage gap" after losing their job because of wages earned before they were laid off combined with unemployment benefits and a temporary $600-a-week boost from supplemental relief, which could push the annual income for many newly unemployed Americans into a threshold making them ineligible for Medicaid marketplace subsidies in states that didn't expand them.