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Tue, 27 Sep 2022
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The two wings of postmodernism...

postmodernism cartoon
There is an old saying that "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist." The basic idea is that it is very difficult to fight back against an enemy that you do not even know is there. If you can be convinced that something is not there, it becomes impossible for you to defend yourself.

This is what is happening with postmodernism.

The people who are making and using postmodern ideas to tear apart our society have created a situation where it is very difficult to point out to people that we are living in a postmodern world. This is, I think, by design. I think postmodern thinkers, advocates, and activists leverage certain features of postmodernism in the service of making it very hard to get a hold of. After all, if one cannot point out, highlight, explain, or other wise show people what postmodernism is, it becomes very difficult to fight against the effects of postmodernism.

So let's discuss the difficulty of defining postmodernism, and then provide a way to explain and describe postmodernism that regular people can grasp.

Red Flag

Culture war erupts in Texas town over drag bingo event hosted by Christian church

conservative demonstration
Outside a drag bingo event hosted by a pro-LGBT church in Texas, a microcosm of America's culture war played out with liberals and conservatives screaming at each other across a boulevard on Saturday.

About 300 Texas conservatives lined an entire block to protest the First Christian Church in Katy, which sponsored a sold-out family drag bingo event to raise money to benefit its "Transparent Closet."

The clothing boutique was for "trans and exploring teens, youth and young adults," according to the church's website. Its parking lot was full of cars as the family drag bingo event started around 5 p.m. The adults-only portion of the drag show was scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

The conservative crowd dwarfed some 100 liberals who showed up to champion the church, which openly supports LGBT people. Protesters and counter-protesters alike were armed.

Extremist groups from both sides of the political spectrum showed up, including far-left Antifa members dressed in black from head to toe carrying umbrellas, few members of neo-Nazi groups, and the Proud Boys, a pro-Western fraternal organization who were wearing Buc-ee's masks.

Bad Guys

Doctors pledge to "treat" trans children immediately with total affirmation: Genital mutilation and promotion of mental illness

Doctors gender affirming

Doctors at University of Colombia Medical Center
Hospitals across the country have established gender clinics for children and adolescents with the idea of "helping" minors transition into a new, assumed gender identity. Columbia University Medical Center's Gender Identity Program focuses on the psychological aspects, making the claim that the primary stresser faced by gender non-conforming youth is due to a lack of societal acceptance. The practice for children and teens "offers services ranging from psychotherapy and medication management to hormone therapy and surgery."

Comment: The state-sanctioned mutilation of children will go down in history as one of the greatest evils, and if there were any justice in the world, those promoting this sick agenda would be imprisoned for crimes against humanity.

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DOJ: 47 in Minnesota's Somali community charged with stealing $250M in COVID-19 funds from child nutrition program

somalis charged fraud
© Twitter via @LouRaguse
Forty-seven individuals, primarily in Minneapolis, Minnesota's large Somali community, have been charged for their roles in allegedly stealing $250 million in COVID-19 federal funds meant for a child nutrition program.

According to federal prosecutors, the 47 individuals charged across six indictments and three criminal informations committed conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery, and money laundering when they defrauded millions from the Federal Child Nutrition Program during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, the 47 individuals allegedly used COVID-19 changes to the Federal Child Nutrition Program to oversee the massive fraud scheme via the Minneapolis-based Feeding Our Future and the for-profit restaurants as well as the food distribution services sponsored by the nonprofit.

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Mr. Potato

Unhinged videos show Hunter Biden dancing shirtless, slipping down a waterslide naked and entertaining hookers at debauched pool party in $4,140-per-night Malibu rental

hunter biden water slide

Videos obtained by DailyMail.com show Hunter Biden stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into a pool in Malibu hills in 2018.
New photos and videos show Hunter Biden's wild and debauched parties at a luxury Malibu AirBnB.

In the videos Hunter is seen riding across the lawn on a bicycle, stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into the $4,140-per-night property's pool.

Other pictures show him having group sex and entertaining hookers in his luxury rental's hot tub in 2018.

The videos were stored on Hunter's abandoned laptop and obtained by DailyMail.com.

Comment: For more censored pics, go to the original article.

We didn't really need more evidence that Hunter Biden is an absolute train wreck, but now we have it. And yet not a peep from the authorities about his illegal activities, caught on video, no less.

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Eye 1

Cannibal killer pleads guilty in murder of Kevin Bacon

mark david latunski cannibal
© Jake May | MLive.com
Mark David Latunski, 52, has pleaded guilty in the December 2019 murder and partial dismemberment of Swartz Creek resident Kevin Bacon.
Mark David Latunski, the Shiawassee County man accused of killing and dismembering 25-year-old Kevin Bacon in December 2019, has pleaded guilty.

Latunski, 52, appeared before Judge Matthew J. Stewart of the 35th Circuit Court Thursday, Sept. 22, and pleaded guilty as charged to open murder and mutilation of a body.

Open murder contains both first- and second-degree murder.

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Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano BLASTS Biden's FBI for armed SWAT team raid of pro-life activist in front of young family

Doug Mastriano Houck family
Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor and current Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano released a blistering statement on Saturday, condemning Biden's FBI for an armed SWAT raid of a pro-life activist in front of his family, including seven young children.

"The continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution of Biden's DOJ against ordinary Americans is an outrage," the statement read.

"This morning, a heavily armed SWAT team of dozens of FBI agents raided the home of Mark Houck of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and terrified children inside over a case that was long thrown out by the District Court in Philadelphia. Mark and Ryan-Marie Houck's seven children were traumatized and in tears as they witnessed their parents held at gunpoint and their father hauled away in handcuffs.

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Small number of huge companies dominate global food chain, study finds

© Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters
Syngenta is majority owned by the Chinese government through Sinochem and ChemChina.
The dominance of a small number of big companies over the global food chain is increasing, aided by the rising use of "big data" and artificial intelligence, new research has found.

Only two companies control 40% of the global commercial seed market, compared with 10 companies controlling the same proportion of the market 25 years ago, according to the ETC Group, an eco-justice organisation.

Agricultural commodity trading is similarly concentrated, with 10 commodity traders in 2020 dominating a market worth half a trillion dollars.


News crew comes under Ukrainian fire with US HIMARS in Kherson, former member of national parliament killed

ukraine drones
© Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times
FILE PHOTO: Ukrainian soldiers operate a drone near the Kherson front in Ukraine on Monday.
Ukraine shelled a hotel in the southern Russian-controlled city of Kherson, where an RT news crew was staying, early on Sunday morning. A former Ukrainian politician and another person were killed in the attack.

The missile destroyed the rooms where RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev and cameraman Mikhail Kondakov were sleeping. Both are unharmed.

The latter was buried under rubble but was pulled out shortly after the strike.

"It's like I've been electrocuted, I'm shaking," Kondakov said after the rescue, surrounded by debris and pointing to a hole in the wall near where his bed was. "I was sleeping here, and it's where the [missile] has struck. I don't know how I survived."

Arrow Down

Thousands of firms in Italy on brink of closure - media

small business
© Getty Images/Gary Yeowell
Italian small businesses doomed to close
Over 100,000 businesses in Italy are in danger of closing down due to soaring energy bills, the news outlet Corriere della Sera reported on Saturday, citing Carlo Sangalli, head of the Italian business association Confcommercio.
"Already today many companies are reorganizing or reducing services... Between now and the first half of 2023, at least 120,000 small businesses in the service sector are at risk... This is a cautious estimate that does not take into account the largest companies."
According to the official, the situation could lead to the loss of more than 370,000 jobs. Sangalli noted that energy prices in Italy are much higher than in other countries, which puts a strain on small and medium-sized businesses.
"In terms of energy costs, our hotels, bars, restaurants and stores will pay 40-60% more on their bills this year than in Germany, and three times that than in France."

Comment: Tough going ahead? Eurozone recession is on the way:
The Eurozone's economic downturn deepened in September, with business activity contracting for a third consecutive month, a new survey by S&P Global showed.

The report found that manufacturers across the 19-country union were hit hard by skyrocketing energy costs, with the purchasing managers index (PMI) sinking to its lowest level since 2013. The PMI, which is seen as a good gauge of overall economic health, fell from 48.9 in August to 48.2 in September.

Surging energy prices and the rising cost of living are "not only hitting demand but also limiting manufacturing production and service-sector activity in some cases," S&P Global economist Chris Williamson said in a statement seen by Bloomberg.
"A Eurozone recession is on the cards. Germany is facing the toughest conditions, with the economy deteriorating at a rate not seen outside of the pandemic since the global financial crisis."
Overall demand in the Eurozone plunged to its lowest mark since November 2020, when the continent was in the grips of the second wave of the Covid pandemic. The business expectations index also declined, slipping to 53.8 from last month's 56.6, its lowest reading since May 2020.

S&P Global expects the euro area's economy to shrink by 0.1% in the third quarter.